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How to eliminate (cure) or a salt Buffalo hump on the neck

A hump on the neck – pathology, which appears due to the accumulation of fat cells at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra (C7). It occurs most often in women after 40 years. In this education people is called "widow's or Buffalo's hump".

women who for some reason were left without husbands often there is excessive accumulation of fat cells in the neck because of the excess sex hormones.

hump on the neck

There are other causes of illness that affect the treatment strategy. In most cases, to remove a neck hump, use a combination of methods: shock wave therapy, massage, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical drugs.

causes of growth

The Main causes of cervical hump:

  • Lipid deposition
  • Traumatic injury of the vertebrae;
  • Degenerative diseases
  • hormonal Disorders
  • Infectious and inflammatory diseases (tuberculosis, syphilis);
  • ankylosing spondylitis (deposition of calcium salts into the ligaments of the spine);
  • Menopause in women.

If the doctor knows the causes of disease, curing the disease becomes easier. In most cases, the treatment is carried out at home. Only when damage to the seventh cervical vertebra sometimes surgery is needed to restore the physiological spinal axis.

Methods of redemption

To get rid of the hump on the neck, you must follow the following principles:

  • Position the body during sleep so that the bulge posteriorly rested on a rigid base. For these purposes it is necessary to eliminate soft bedding. Pillow and mattress should be of medium hardness
  • Several times a week visit a pool;
  • Massage and physical therapy to the cervical area will help to remove the education if to use procedures at least 3 times a week;
  • If the cause of protrusion is a lipoma, it should be removed surgically.

A lump on the neck in the area of C7 (seventh vertebra) in rare cases, occurs when insufficiency of the adrenal cortex. To get rid of it, hormone replacement therapy.

How to therapeutic massage

how to eliminate the hump on the neck

Massage "the neck" it is better to combine with exercise. He causes the seal of skeletal muscle. It is used for sucking the hump.

Before performing a massage treatment we recommend you to take a bath. It will help to improve blood supply to the skeletal muscles, which will increase the efficiency of manipulation.

The Main objective of bath procedures – "softening" fatty tissue, then removed it becomes easier. Additionally for the treatment of inflammatory changes recommend adding in a bath of the leaves of chamomile.

There are a series of preparation for massage:

  1. for the first 3 weeks, take soda bath;
  2. the Second period (next 3 weeks) – bathe in chamomile extract
  3. the Final stage – before the massage, apply on the skin around the formation of mustard.

during the day apply to pathological formation of compresses of linen, wrapped a woolen scarf. Useful physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory treatment.

In General, if you fulfil the above recommendations, the massage will definitely bring a positive effect.

A hump on the neck of small size disappears after 3-10 sessions, and large education for 11-15 massages.

Shockwave therapy

Remove the fat layer on the neck by using shock wave therapy. The mechanism of therapeutic action of the method consists in the destruction of adipose tissue by high intensity ultrasound.

On average the course of treatment of the disease consists of 5 sessions, which are held in 6-7 days. The average duration of one session is 40 minutes.

To get Rid of the large "widow's" hump using shock wave therapy is not always successful, so doctors recommend combination treatment with the addition in the scheme of manual therapy, massage, remedial gymnastics.

What is a widow's hump and how to get rid of it

 the treatment of salt and Buffalo hump on the neck

"Widow's" hump large size some people call "Buffalo horn". Such a definition of local convexity posteriorly in the cervical spine appeared due to the fact that a major fat deposition has a pointed front part. It looks like Buffalo horn.

step by Step instructions – how to get rid of Buffalo horn:

  • If increasing cervical bulge at the rear due to excessive deposition of fat cells, refrain from quilts and lush pillows
  • If overweight, normalize weight;
  • In house conditions it is possible to influence locally on the area of pathological inflammatory compresses (chamomile, sage)
  • At home effective yoga and gymnastics to restore the cervical spine. Exercises helpto return the vertebrae in physiological position and eliminate subluxations, which often cause bulges in the back;
  • If there is salt hump (spondylosis), it is necessary to enrich the diet with calcium. For these purposes it is recommended dairy products.

What you need to do the exercises

If there is a hump in the cervical spine, it is necessary to do exercises to prevent curvature of the spine. Working on the muscles do not arise fat. Even if you level back, gymnastics will allow you to "pump up" the muscles and prevent the increase of the lesion size.

When exercise should pay attention to the muscles that hold the scapula in the correct position. They fixed the upper part of the vertebral axis in the physiological position.

The Approximate set of exercises in cervical hump salt:

  • Lying on his stomach, legs up at a right angle and spread them to the sides, and the forearms point forward. When performing exercises do not change the position of your body and focus your attention on the mixing blades. Hold the position for about 4 seconds, and then lower your arms down. Perform the exercises in a quiet pace, several times a day;
  • Lie on your stomach and rest against the floor with hands placed shoulder width apart. On the exhale, slowly pinch shoulder blades, down the upper torso. Move the forehead to the floor. At the exit go up. The number of repetitions – 8
  • Lie on the floor belly and rest in his hands. Move your shoulder blades and lower down your upper body. Do not touch the floor hips and pelvis. Climb up. Repeat the exercise 4-6 times.

The Above exercises will get rid of a disease only when combined with other therapeutic treatments such as massage, manual therapy, physical therapy.

A hump on the neck (widow, Buffalo) is not only a cosmetic defect, but also disrupts the blood supply to the brain. If it grows too large, you may experience pain in the upper extremities. To avoid such problems from pathology better time to get rid of.