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Types, symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and consequences of the syndrome of the curve of the neck

Treatment of torticollis should begin with the early stages of the disease. The longer maintained hypertonicity sternocleidomastoid muscle, the harder it is to treat the pathology. Asymmetrical deformity of the skull and face usually occurs immediately after birth that allows you to begin therapy for "curved" necks.

There are cases when the disease is diagnosed at the late stage and the baby can help only surgical resection of the pathological muscles. Without surgery will occur vertebrobasilar syndrome with impaired cerebral blood supply.

the baby has torticollis

Conservative treatment of torticollis is combined methods:

  • physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • correction of the position of the head collar.

data About the torticollis treatment methods will be discussed in the article.

First pathological signs

The Initial signs of torticollis in infants require immediate correction, physical therapy, massage, electrophoresis with iodine. Additional methods used in the presence of the baby secondary disease, which also need to get rid of.

Independently, the child can't do physical exercise, so they need to learn and parents to practice daily with the child.

How to treat Krivoshey physiotherapy (physical therapy):

  1. Lay the baby on a firm mattress without a pillow. Under his head he put a rolled up blanket or diaper. Come to the baby from the defeat, will give him attractive toys. The child, observing interesting objects, will automatically stretch the damaged muscle;
  2. Fix a baby's head in the crib with the use of heavy canvas bags filled with salt. Using a cotton-gauze bandage, secure the position of the upper limbs through the axilla.

Make sure that the torso was symmetrical. The above exercises should be done daily. After them it is advisable to have a massage or electrophoresis with iodine.

Note: if when laying on your side, baby spits up, you must lift his head. More careful selection of exercises performed by a doctor depending on the type and severity of pathology. Not all forms of conservative treatment effectively.

Types and treatment of the disease

torticollis the child

The Main types of torticollis by reason:

  • Congenital
  • Acquired.

Type of disease it is necessary to determine immediately after birth. The only way it can properly treat. For example, in congenital curve for the neck is assigned a long cycle of treatment procedures that you must perform every year courses for 30 days. If they do not bring the therapeutic effect when the child turns 3 years, surgical treatment. Before then doctors prescribe wearing a special collar that parents can make at home.

during the entire period of preparation for surgery, the disease is cured by a neurologist and orthopedist.

According to the morphological characteristics stands out:

  • Bone torticollis;
  • of spastic Muscular form;
  • Fibrous
  • Infiltrative.

Bony shape appears in the deformation of the cervical spine in the background anomalies of the vertebrae:

Cleft arches, abnormal articulation at the occipital joint (the junction of the neck with the back of his head). Spastic type of disease observed in congenital defects of the muscles (myasthenia gravis, myodystrophy).

When fibrous type of damaged muscle fibers grow in the tissues of non-functional fibrous fibers that fill in the cracks and tears. As a result, the muscles losing the ability of elasticity and tensile strength. With this type of pathology curved neck develops in accordance with the amount of fibrosis of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.Than it is, the stronger the tilt of the head toward the lesion.

If the overgrowth of fibrous tissue good effect is produced by alternating massage and electrophoresis with iodine. At infiltrative form in muscle fibers fluid retention. It can be determined by palpation at palpation of the damaged muscles. To treat this form, you must apply massage, physiotherapy, electrophoresis and anti-inflammatory baby cream.

Other causes that need correction, can determine only a doctor, but it should be treated immediately upon the detection of precursors of disease in the child.

Correction through exercise therapy

the treatment of torticollis in the infant with physical therapy

Correcting the "curve" of the neck with the help of physical therapy requires regular and constant perform the following exercises:

  1. Place your hand under the nape of the baby. Lock position, then quickly remove your hand. The baby's head should be maintained in the correct position independently. Repeat the exercise several times to become accustomed to the correct position
  2. Curved neck occurs because of the asynchronous muscle tone on both sides.In order to treat it, you need to lay the baby on the healthy side and raise the head so that the sternocleidomastoid muscle is stretched. Then remove your hand so the kid some time, he fixed the position;
  3. Tilt the baby's head to a healthy shoulder. Make sure that the right ear of the child touched the shoulder joint. This allows you to stretch the Sterno-clavicular muscle. Then turn your head to the opposite side. Repeat 6-8 times;
  4. Gently rotate baby's head to the affected side. Save the position for 5 minutes, then turn in the opposite direction. With every movement make sure that the baby's chin touches your shoulder joint.

Who and how to cure spastic Krivoshey

Spastic torticollis is a disease that is difficult to treat. It is characterized by a stable pathological changes, and therefore requires the use of medication. Correction of torticollis using the pharmaceutical preparations produced in the conditions of a neurologic hospital.

Attention! When running "twisted" neck vertebrobasilar syndrome occurs characterized by lesions of the brain tissue due to the lack of blood supply.

The Spastic tone of the muscle system is eliminated:

  • Central anticholinergic;
  • Agonists
  • with botulinum Toxin type A.

If the causes of the disease acquired and are accompanied by a severe damage to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, you should consult a neurologist regarding medication support therapeutic exercises. The pharmaceutical combination of relaxation and physical therapy speeds up the efficiency of treatment of the disease.

The Symptoms of torticollis in children is sometimes formed so rapidly, that do not allow for application of conservative methods of therapy. In this situation the surgery is performed on Krivoshei to normalize the tone of the Sterno-clavicular muscle, from the side of the lesion.

Spastic "curve" of the neck requires the use of:

  • Massages
  • Post isometric relaxation
  • Manual therapy
  • Corporal and auricular acupuncture.

If a qualitative diagnosis of torticollis and you turn to the competent doctor, you can count on the fact that during the year it will be possible to get rid of the disease. If the designated operation, it is often performed before a child turns 3 years.

The Syndrome of "twisted" neck requires the consultation of several doctors:

  • podiatrist
  • pediatrician
  • neurologist
  • TOOOhe surgeon

When looking for a specialist to whom to turn, we also recommend you to visit a qualified chiropractor who will be able to determine the displacement of the cervical vertebrae.