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Effective exercises exercise therapy for Krivoshei in adults and children

exercising during Krivoshei is a basic therapy of the disease. Its purpose – improvement of metabolic processes, increasing blood circulation, elimination of contractures, increased muscle tone, prevention of deformation of the neck.

exercises in Krivoshei in adults

exercise therapy for curve of the neck in adults serves the following purposes:

  • to Eliminate the defeat of the sternocleidomastoid muscles;
  • to Reduce inflammatory changes in the muscles;
  • to Restore the muscle tone on both sides of the neck;
  • to Prepare the muscle tissue for surgery (if necessary).

In children physiotherapy is used for the normalization of the symmetric tone of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on both sides.

exercises are

Therapeutic exercises should be carried out immediately after the disease is recognized. Before them it is necessary to conduct massage (toning or relaxing).

Gymnastics is carried out carefully so as not to form the additional tone of the affected muscle fibers.

Gymnastic exercises also enhance blood flow and improve metabolism in skeletal muscles, increase of reflex impulses from the lesion in the brain.

Corrective gymnastics for children is provided 3-4 times a day for 10-15 minutes. To improve the effectiveness of the procedure, combine it with the therapy position of the head.

At the age of 7-8 months for fixing the position applied neck collars Trench. Since 9 months, for the correction of its provisions were used special bags with sand or buckwheat. You can cook by yourself, but it is better to purchase pharmacy specialty models.

Before turning to a more detailed description of exercises used in Krivoshei, we remind readers once again that physiotherapy should be adjusted in small courses for 10-15 minutes in the amount of 20-25 sessions throughout the month.
exercises in Krivoshei in children

Views and goals of physical therapy

Physical therapy to correct the curve of the neck is divided into 2 types:

  • Stimulation
  • Tonic.

Stimulation of exercise therapy is aimed at elimination of pathological movement patterns in the neck. Tonic gymnastics is performed:

  1. Normalization of breathing;
  2. proper posture
  3. relax the muscles in a state of hypertonicity.

Readers should understand that preventive and therapeutic physical training are different concepts. In the home can be supporting gymnastics. Therapeutic procedures are prescribed solely by the physician individually in each patient.

Principles of physical therapy have a month old baby

Gymnastics at the month of the child is conducted smoothly in the following principles:

  • Slow conducting fingers along the spinal column;
  • Tickling the toes of the sole.

When performing the above procedures should be followed unconditional reflexes, which in children is well expressed. Palpation along the spine the kid needs to straighten his back. Tickling soles accompanied by leg extension.

If the above reflexes are traced, you can count on the normal innervation of extensor muscles and a good result from exercising procedure.

Due to the anatomical features of the child's body, before performing physical therapy, the kid has to perform a stimulating massage.

All gymnastic exercises the children are divided into:

  1. Active;
  2. Passive.

Active exercises, the children themselves do not know how, so they should help and educate.

Passive exercise is carried out the parents after the training, qualified rehabilitation therapists. It involves turning your head towards the affected and the healthy side according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor.

In children 7 years of complex physical therapy is complemented by corrective exercises aimed at correcting the pathologic position of the head.

sample list of classes

Krivoshei exercise therapy for children

After massage in children of different ages, you can perform the following exercises:

  • Place your baby on his back, his head up on the pillow. Shoulders fixed. Clasps your hands over the baby's head slowly and with a slight vibration pokazyvaem it from side to side;
  • On the back, the therapist holds smooth and gradual flexion and extension of the head;
  • Lay the baby in a healthy way. Support his head with his palm, and lift your torso above the legs. Spend raising the legs higher than the body 5-10 times a day;
  • Lying on your side, keep the baby's head in the correct position. Use your fingertips to perform the effleurage of the neck muscles along the spine first, and then, through the sternocleidomastoid muscle. The exercise is done 5-8 times;
  • Laying on your stomach, lift your hands up baby and pull them aside. Then bend your arms and bring them to the side of the body;
  • Maintain your infants hand under the abdomen in the supine position. Liftlower torso up to the baby and relied on the extended hands. Using toys try to get him to move on his outstretched hands.

The Above complex exercise therapy does not refer to a number of medical as specialized exercises are prescribed by a doctor. It is recommended for General strengthening of the body and prevent further progression of pathology.