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Distinctive features and effectiveness of magnetic posture corrector

Magnetic posture corrector is an excellent tool for the prevention of curvature of the back. Some doctors recommend its use in the treatment of diseases of the back in combination with other methods of treatment of pathology.

Men's and women's posture corrector

Why magnetic corrector is effective when the curvature of the spine

Curvature of spine accompanied not only by defects of the skeletal system. Simultaneously with displacement of the spinal column is a breach of the blood supply to the damaged area and spasmodic contraction of skeletal muscles.

Magnetic corset to correct posture has several built-in magnets (4 to 12). The supporting portion of the product is made of elastic material. Thus, improving the therapeutic properties of the product in comparison with the traditional posture corrector.

Magnetic field relieves inflammation and back pain by improving blood circulation and supporting properties of the model prevent further deformity of the spine.

Indications for use of magnetic correctors:

  • Restore the vertical axis of the spine during posture
  • Improve blood and limonaire in skeletal muscles of the vertebral column;
  • Strengthening of weakened muscles;
  • Recovery of muscle corset;
  • release tension in the thoracic region;
  • eliminate the pain,
  • Removal of the inflammatory and edematous changes;
  • restores the functionality of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Construction and application

Design posture corrector with magnets

The Classical model belong to the group of reclination high degree of rigidity. These products are equipped with plastic or metal inserts, which are integrated into the design. They created a supportive and corrective effects.

The Model for the thoracic spine is fitted with auxiliary elastic straps, located at the lower part of the chest. They are used to maintain the lower part of the breast when it is sagging.

due to the high stiffness long-term use of the product occurs the muscles to relax, so usually doctors recommend its use to no more than 4 hours a day.

use a concealer that contains magnets, involves fixing it to the body with special straps. When you commit breast models will need to throw straps over the shoulders and fasten.

The Main thing when using the product for posture correction – the degree of tension of the belts, so it is desirable that the size adjustment was performed by orthopedist. Each month you should adjust the compression.

Wash the corrector should be done in a mild detergent solution. It is better to dry in ventilated place or outdoors.

the Basics of magnetic therapy in pathologies of the spine

The Therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy is based on favorable effect of low frequency magnetic fields on the human body:

  • "magnetization" of water molecules to form ions.

"magnetization" of water molecules is accompanied by the formation of positively and negatively charged ions. They bind with toxins and neutralize their effect.

  • Changes in the concentrations of biological substances in cells.

In clinical experiments found that the effects on cells of magnetic fields in their cytoplasm redistribution of concentrations of substances. Increases the number of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids. Decreases the concentration of toxic substances.
Women corrective posture model with magnets

  • the Destruction of free radicals.

Inflammatory reactions in the cell accumulates a large amount of destructive peroxide radicals (formed as a result of destruction of oxygen molecules in chemical reactions). Charged hydrogen ions are able to neutralize them effectively.

  • vasodilatation;
  • reduce inflammation.

vasodilatation magnetic therapy increases the speed of nutrient delivery in the skin. If a person applies magnetic posture corrector for thoracic or lumbar spine for a long time, regenerate the damaged tissue, relieves inflammation.

  • Elimination of edema
  • tissue repair.

The Product also has a reflex effect due to the stimulation of active points of the skin at the site of application. Consequently, there is a calming effect of the corrector by reducing impulses in the Central nervous system.

Thanks to the improved blood flow and the removal of nerve impulses is achieved relaxing effect on skeletal muscles. The mechanism of action of the magnetic field when the incorrect posture has the disadvantage of prolongedimpact.

Therapeutic task in the curvature of spine to strengthen the muscular system, so she could keep the axis of your spine in the correct position. Relaxation relieves pain, but also leads to a weakening of the muscle corset back. Consequently, it is not advised to use the product for more than 4 hours a day.


Some people have a meteosensitivity, as it is sensitive to any changes in the magnetic field of the planet. Such people apply posture corrector experts do not recommend.

Other contraindications for magnetic therapy of the spine:

  • Vegetative-vascular disorders;
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Pregnancy
  • Availability of artificial pacemakers and pacemakers.

Especially dangerous is the use of thoracic corrector magnets in heart disease. The product is able to "knock down" the normal rhythm of the heartbeat that requires immediate medical therapy or installation of a pacemaker.

Magnetic posture corrector is a great invention for the recovery of the vertical axis of the body. To most people magnetic field acts favorably. If you have contraindications to use, consult your doctor.