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How to keep correct posture at computer Desk

Correct posture is determined not only by the condition of the spine and the tone of the skeletal muscles of the back. Its formation is influenced also correct gait, especially sitting on a chair, bed organization, and a number of other factors.

Nature has created man in such a way as to ensure comfortable conditions for living in the woods. However, currently most people live in cities. In such circumstances, the body is constantly exposed to stress.

it is Important to keep the correct posture at the computer

Modern humans don't have opportunities every day to do gymnastics or to run fast. Because of this, the muscular system does not receive enough energy. Over the years, it atrophies, which leads to curvature of spine and pathological changes in the spinal column. It turns out that physical activity is very important for the proper formation of the spine. Its absence is detrimental to health.

unfortunately, the natural features of anatomic structure of human rights still prevail over social aspects. Skeletal muscles continue to "fear" external threat and always "ready to urgently fight or flight".

Why is bent back

In the technological era man spends more time behind a Desk or at a computer. It is constantly evolving intellectually, and modern technology increases the comfort of the learning process. Unfortunately, it does not promote physical health.

The consequences of prolonged sessions at the computer and Desk:

  • the Formation of the familiar non-physiological posture of the back;
  • Asynchronous tone the muscular system;
  • Accumulation of psychic energy;
  • Negative emotional
  • Muscle "clips".

Over time, the above features coalesce into a single pathological system, against which there is not only curvature of spine, and neurological disorders. Vicious pathological circle increases with age, lead to new violations, and to get rid of it is becoming increasingly difficult.

How to resolve muscle spasms with prolonged sitting

With prolonged sitting at a Desk or computer muscular clips are formed. There are 2 basic ways of removing them:

  • Physical
  • Regulatory.

Neurologists can prescribe for relaxation tranquilizers, but they do not solve the problem. On the background of mental calm with the help of pharmaceutical drugs muscle spasms are not eliminated.

Relaxation method Niche after prolonged sitting or standing allows you to eliminate negative emotions, bad mood and chronic fatigue. It can help cure what conventional medicine denies – pathological accumulation of energy in the back and abdomen (you can see their psychics and people with 6 sense).

How to create the correct posture method Niche:

  • Before the procedure, empty your bladder
  • wear loose clothing
  • Remove metal objects and jewelry;
  • Wear thin cotton socks
  • Close the door and make the room in silence;
  • Take a comfortable sitting posture and fully close your eyes for 40 minutes;
  • Try not to think;
  • Normalize breathing. It should be smooth and deep;
  • don't move and hold the state for 5-10 minutes. Increase the duration gradually until you can relax for 40 minutes;
  • it is Very important that in the process of relaxation your consciousness remained active.

The Relaxation on the Niche you need to perform daily in the evenings to eliminate all pathological "clips" that have accumulated in the body during the day.

the Principles of correct posture at your Desk

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How to sit properly physiologically

Correct posture – symmetrical arrangement of all the bodies. To save it you must first subconsciously develop a "reflex correct pose". To do this:

  • Stand with your back to the wall. Keep the back of the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels are pushed to the wall. The abdomen should be drawn inwards, which will reduce the distance between it and the vertical plane;
  • Repeat the exercise daily and your body will learn to choose the best position during prolonged standing.

Sitting at a computer or Desk too properly. It is very important to form a reflex at an early age in children, to ensure the harmonious development of anatomical structures in the growth process.

what is the best way to sit:

  1. the height of the chair so choose according to the length of the tibia. His seat should be firm;
  2. Buttocks should occupy at least 2/3 of the chair;
  3. the seat Back should optimally match the curvature of the spine;
  4. Lean back over the back of the chair so that the spinal column is tightly adjoined thereto along the entire length;
  5. make Sure thatthe blades were pivoted, the shoulders are positioned at the same level, and the abdomen was distended;
  6. do Not place one leg over the other, as it will lead to disruption of the blood supply in lower limbs
  7. Make the movement smoothly, so that the vertebral column did not hit the back of a chair;
  8. Take such a position that the weight of the body were the thigh and the head was directed forward and upward;
  9. do Not rush to change position if you feel that uncomfortable to sit. Let the muscles get used to the correct posture. Some of them gradually to relax, which will form the familiar poses, but it will not happen immediately.

It is Important to sit with a straight back, even if it is inconvenient. Only in this position, the vertebral axis is a physiological condition which provides the maximum blood flow and the supply of nutrients.

Sit down and stand up from a chair should be gently and smoothly. The only way to prevent trauma to the musculo-ligamentous structures. At sharp movements cracks will appear in the intervertebral discs, which over time will lead to their rupture of the fibrous ring and the formation of hernia.

Experts do not recommend long to sit in an easy chair. In it relax muscles, and the load of the body is shifted to the intervertebral discs. Under pressure they flatten and collapse.

When sitting at the Desk should not forget the need to place the backlight to the right person. In such a situation the light will not overlap with the movement of hands when writing or working at the computer, which will prevent the automatic bending of the back, to more clearly view the object.


  1. Correct posture requires a daily tracking of the position of the body;
  2. to relieve muscle tension accumulated during the day, you should relax. For these purposes, are great methods of yoga, or relaxation in the Niche
  3. Before you learn to stand or sit on a chair properly, subconsciously, to develop the reflex of correct posture

At the computer or Desk should monitor body position and permanently prevent it from deformation.