How to treat bed sores when they occur on the buttocks?

The Question of how to treat bed sores on the buttocks, worries many who are faced with this. Because the problem requires not only medical treatment, but correct home care for the patient.

the Problem of pressure sores on the buttocks


Bedsores on the buttocks is dead skin, which appear because of compression of blood vessels and circulatory disorders for a long period of time. Appear, as a rule, after a long interaction of the skin with rough surfaces. They can be the result of a variety of neglected diseases. It is not surprising that this disease occurs in the elderly and seriously ill, because they have a long time to stay in bed. Sometimes they occur even in patients with the attentive care of the medical staff.

To Cure a pressure sore is quite easy in the first stages of appearance, but do not bring to sad consequences. In the future can go purulent-inflammatory process, which in turn may be a consequence of the development of blood poisoning. Moreover, the causes lie in external factors, such as humidity or, conversely, excessive dryness of the skin or air. They can occur anywhere, not only on the Pope but on the elbows, the coccyx and the back of his head.

People in the risk factor and requires special attention and care: older people with fractures, patients with tetraplegia, patients in intensive care and bed-ridden patients at home, patients with diseases that trigger loss of sensitivity (stroke, spinal cord damage). But the first category should be paid special attention, as often found in elderly problems with blood vessels, and poor circulation is the cause of the bedsore.

Treating pressure sores on the buttocks using a medicine

But even with frequent changes in position, the patient may receive a bedsore. Turn the patient carefully: even with a small friction, if the skin is sensitive and tender, you may receive this unwanted disease. Treatment of pressure ulcers today is quite a topical issue. Every day, new medications to resolve this problem. But bedsores can be the result of disease, and the cause of them. The patient may be ill contact osteomyelitis, purulent arthritis or other diseases.

Symptoms of pressure sores

A Tingling sensation on certain areas of the skin, the appearance of numbness after a long stay in one position – here the initial symptoms of bedsore development. Signal the appearance of the disease in the initial stage is spustenie areas of the skin, may cause purulent tumors or bubbles. You can change the color of the skin. This is due to the difficulty of the passage through the veins and blood vessels natural fluids and compression of the bone protrusions. Compression occurs all the stronger, and the result is a break in the skin or a wound.

Treatment of folk ways

There are a lot of antiquated ways to get rid of this scourge, but that does not mean that they are all equal useful and effective. Treatment of folk remedies are in any case advised after inspection at the doctor. Good help to treat herbal infusions. For example, you can dissolve 2 teaspoons of marigold in two cups of boiling water and leave to infuse for about 20 minutes. After straining out a good solution to wash the sores.

Calendula to treat pressure sores on buttocks

Or you can make lotions, is able to quickly clean up the sore. The leaves of white birch and black elder, as well as the oak bark is crushed and pour boiling water in the ratio of 2 teaspoons to 600 ml. And then allowed to stand for about 3 hours. Strain again and insist in a twice longer time than the first time. At night to the affected area can be applied a compress from fish oil or potato cleanings. No less popular remedy is to sprinkle the place of ailment starch.

General treatment

There are many ways to treat the sores, but the most effective combined approach. Various tinctures and recommendation of physicians is certainly good, but the patient is obliged to monitor their condition. For example, to provide a stagnant part of the body with oxygen and to try to make even small movements. After removing dead skin to carefully handle the wound and prevent the ingress of dirt and other infection. At home for washing any good antiseptic solution and traditional peroxide of hydrogen.

The Treatment may be surgical or conservative. Conservative treatment is stepped. Each step represents a specific metric: improve blood circulation, cleansing of pus, improving the functionality of the body and increasing saeplast. Your doctor may prescribe a medicine from bedsores, which helps to remove harmful bacteria from the body.

to consult a doctor for treatment of leg ulcers

Useful are drugs that improve blood flow to the body. After the sores should use a healing ointment such as Vinylinum. Eventually to cure this disease will help special procedures: baths, massage, shower, electrostatic, UV rays and more.

In the surgical treatment applied autografting. That is a kind of transplantation of skin. But even such a desperate approach does not always help to overcome the disease: a new skin may be difficult to assimilate, and the inflammatory process will go worse still, the seams may diverge, which contributes to rotting. As a result, the patient is not only dependent on the bedsore, but also a fistula.

Remember: the most useful and reliable approach how to cure bedsores, will give a doctor. Self-treatment can lead to much more dire consequences.

Cosmetics series Menalind

Good proven cosmetics series Menalind. These may include: foam, lotion, or cream. They are designed to quality care for Mature, dry and sensitive skin patients and for the prevention of bedsores. These products exhibit an antiseptic effect, prevent the flaking and itching that can keep long time moisture, soften and increase elasticity of the skin. Remedies improve metabolism, blood flow and muscle tone in patients with long-term bed rest.

It is recommended that Foam be applied from a distance of 20 cm from the contaminated skin. After applying the spray you have to wait two minutes, then the body should be wiped with a cotton or disposable paper towel. Moisturizing lotion Menalind is designed for the complete washing of the patient. For this to cooked wash the added capacity added to the calculation: 3 liters of water 1 cap of lotion.

Cream of Menalind applied to clean and dry skin. Each subsequent time before application of the skin cream is recommended to wash and to pay special attention to dry and irritated areas. To the series means to care for the sick even include wipes and shampoo Menalind.

Prevention of disease

not to worry and not to think then, how to cure the disease, prevention should be mandatory. Firstly, closely monitor the patient's skin and treat them with creams. Keep clean linen and change the sheets on time: even a small crumb can damage the skin. If the patient is lying, watch his position. Every 2-3 hours turn and change its position, before consulting with a doctor about the allowed positions.

Follow the diet. The products should be high in protein. And don't forget water, your body must be provided with plenty of fluids. Keep personal hygiene, especially thoroughly it do if already visible early stage of development of the bedsore. Wear special underwear that prevents the stagnation of blood. It is not recommended to do a tight bandage that prevents good oxygen pass, and also apply a softening cream.

When cleaning a patient not get carried away with antibacterial soap (it kills not only bad bacteria but also need). In this case, a more useful plain soap. Make sure that the bandages and wipes for the treatment of ulcers of the patient were sterile. Well specialty mattresses and beds are created by manufacturers in the prevention of pressure sores. Bedsores in the buttocks are considered a sensitive issue that brings discomfort to the patient and considerable trouble caring person. Therefore, they are easier to prevent than later to treat. Be healthy!