How is the treatment of bedsores on the sacrum

decubitus ulcer of the sacrum is formed when a person is a long time in a fixed position. When lack of motion stagnates the blood, tissues do not receive nutrients and oxygen, so cells gradually die. If the condition continues for a long time, sooner or later have to amputate the affected limb.

The Formation of pressure ulcers can occur in patients with neurologic diseases: paresis, paralysis and strokes. When working with this category of people, doctors convinced of the importance of normal innervation of peripheral tissues.

the treatment of bedsores on the sacrum

The First symptom of a pathology may be numbness in the limbs after sleep. If you experience this symptom, one must carefully examine the condition. If necessary, proceed immediately to treatment.


Treatment of bedsores on the sacrum is a primary factor in the prevention of necrosis and hypoxia of tissues. The first way to prevent illness is to change the posture of the patient. This requires a third-party care.

The Rules of taking care of bedridden patients:

  • Swelling and redness results in the gradual exfoliation of epithelial cells. In the area of inflammation is highlighted sanious fluid. The skin surface becomes wet. This environment is ideal for the reproduction of pathological bacteria. To prevent congestion, it is necessary to form a comfortable and soft bed for bedridden patient. Such manipulations should be carried out only in the absence of contraindications. For example, after spinal fracture, the doctor prescribes a rigid bed.
  • Linen man should be clean and dry. This prevents the reproduction of bacteria. Well fix the bed sheets as the folds contribute to congestive changes in the skin.
  • Treatment of pressure ulcers is soft pads, which are laid under the area of damage. Products are rubber wheels with adjustable density filling the air.
  • every 2 hours a person needs to turn from one side to the other. It is impossible that the patient was in one position for more than 2 hours.
  • Permanent prevention of pressure sores is performed with the help of massage and improve blood flow in those places where there is high blood pressure.
  • So that the skin remained dry, should be done airing. It involves the abandonment of outdoors places of damage. For 30 minutes, the skin dries and the fresh air eliminates the hypoxia cells.
  • patient Apparel should perfectly match the climatic conditions in the room. It should not be hot or cold.
  • it is Very important that all of the above procedures are followed regularly and continuously.

For the care of bedridden patients it is better to hire a qualified professional with medical knowledge.

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