How to treat pressure sores in patients at home?

How is the treatment of bedsores? This question bothers many, and not only those who are directly faced with this problem, but also those who care for the sick. The formation of pressure ulcers in critically ill patients, as a rule, considerably complicates the situation. Most often this problem faced patients who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, spinal paralysis, spinal injury, serious limb fractures and other pathology that causes a person a long time to remain in one position. TOOOhe Treatment of bedsores requires a competent approach, this mandatory procedure should be carried out regularly, otherwise it threatens severe consequences of a severely ill patient.

Special massage for the treatment of pressure sores

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Bedsores called pathological changes that occur to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, bones and other tissues. The cause of their formation is disturbed innervation of the circulation of any area of the body that becomes the result of prolonged contact of body with hard surfaces. As already mentioned, the treatment of pressure sores is a prerequisite (if any). The lack of action can lead to the development of patient-derived neurotrophic necrosis, sepsis, gas gangrene. Noteworthy: extremely rapid formation of the described phenomena is often observed in critically ill patients who are in a depleted state. The place of localization of bedsores are usually protruding parts of the body of the patient.

a Little about early symptoms

One of the first signs of bedsores consider loss of sensitivity in the affected area of the body, which can be compared to the numbness. To visible signs produced pressure ulcers include venous erythema, characterized by bluish-red color (of different intensity). It is not characterized by clear boundaries, a place of localization is the body part that is in prolonged contact with any surface. In case of detection of such symptoms in the supine patient, it is very important to take timely action. When the formation of bubbles with purulent contents in certain areas of the patient's body, requires regular skin treatment technique which is slightly different from the treatment of mechanical damage.

Medical treatment for bedsores

is it Possible to avoid the formation of pressure sores

Bedridden patients are often faced with the described problem. To prevent the formation of bedsores, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations. First of all, it is very important to periodically change the position of the body lying patient (if no contraindications). For these purposes it is very convenient to use specially designed for such cases, the pillow. Care should be taken that the head does not exceed the level of the rest of the bed. To regulate the humidity of the skin in critically ill, it is recommended to apply special hygiene products. Allowed warm baths, hot water is contraindicated. To conduct such procedures must be at least 2 times a day. To remove excess moisture from the skin use a special absorbent wipes or pads.

A severely ill person requires a daily change of bed linen. Intensive massage for these patients is inappropriate, but light stroking of areas of the skin, on which there are "congestive" symptoms, will benefit. Special conditions and skills for such procedures are not required, so you can do them at home, the main thing – to proceed with caution. Technique of the massage will help to master the attending physician. Bedsores in bedridden patients tend to develop quickly, if not handle or perform procedures incorrectly, the patient formed foci of necrosis. I should add that this pathology is very difficult to treat, so it is important to take all necessary measures to prevent its development.

The Second stage of the pressure ulcers in bedridden patients is characterized by a beginning suppuration of the affected areas. Most complications pathology are accompanied by significantly increased body temperature and other symptoms, which are very difficult to transfer seriously ill person.

the Stage of development of pressure ulcers

pravilno How to treat skin

seriously Ill people with bedsores need special skin care, which includes hygiene, preventive and curative treatment. First among these is aimed primarily at maintaining the physiological properties of the skin (we are talking about moisturizing, softening and improving its elasticity). In the preventive purposes the skin in bedridden patients treated to stimulate local circulationto prevent cracking, restore sensitivity.

Medical treatment both in hospital and at home – performed using special medications, which are produced in the form of gels, ointments, creams, sprays, solutions, powders, powders, etc.

How to treat bed sores at home? Means on care of a skin down to a patient is presented in a fairly wide range. Special attention should be given to solutions which today has lost its former popularity. The funds, which are issued in this form, proved as a highly effective and virtually indispensable in the development of complications. So, in the case of the first signs of a bedsore the patient's skin it is recommended to treat ammonia, camphor alcohol, salicylic alcohol. The number of procedures shall be no less than 2 times a day.To treat already formed bedsores in the medical purposes can solution of chlorhexidine digluconate, hypertonic NaCI solution with the addition of chymotrypsin, a solution of MgSO4. Also treat affected areas of the body at home recommended solution of metronidazole.

It is Worth noting that the choice of means for the described procedures must be taken seriously. It is wrong to treat the sores with a solution of potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, brilliant green.

Treatment of tailbone, buttocks and heels

Most Often, critically ill patients lying on our backs, in such cases, the sores as a rule, are formed on the buttocks, the tailbone and heels. Several less frequent lesions are observed on the shoulder blades of the patient. About the heels. The heels defeat the sores is quite common among seriously ill people. Often bedridden patients complain of loss of sensation of heels, they may experience a feeling of tingling in this area. These symptoms are only the harbingers of the formation of pressure sores on the heels. How to treat sores in heels? Overall, regardless of the location of the affected area, apply the common technique of execution procedures. The account of anatomical features is still necessary. A little about bedsores in the buttocks. Seriously ill people who have a long time to lie on his back, often suffer from bedsores in the buttocks. It is worth noting that in such cases it is essential to approach the issue, and how to handle the affected areas of skin, especially responsibly. The fact that the localization of the stagnation in this part of the body dangerous consequences.

Lesions of the skin in the buttocks it is better to treat it with special wipes. These funds are suitable including in the flow of a purulent process. How to treat bed sores on the buttocks in advanced forms? In such cases, the procedure requires an individual approach, special attention is given to anatomical parts of the body. In General, the treatment differs little from methods used for treatment of purulent wounds. Lesion of the coccyx. Not less frequently bedridden patients are faced with a problem like bedsores on the tailbone. The defeat of this zone is very dangerous, because that's where the important nerve of the plexus is damaged which disturbed innervation of the lower body. How to handle a stagnation in the coccyx area? In this case, the treatment does not differ from procedures performed in lesions of the skin on the buttocks.