Causes, symptoms and ways of treating lipoma on the back of the neck

Lipoma neck great danger to human health, since this tumor has a benign nature of origin. Moreover, in the process of growth of a lipoma on the tissue adjacent organs. The main signs of cervical lipomas are fairly simple. First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the lipoma is not connected with neighboring tissues and has a soft texture. The result of this feature, it does not cause pain in the process of probing. The Wen starts growing on areas of the neck, where there is a thin lipid layer. Most often this area is on the back of the head, in the neck .

lipoma on the neck

causes of lipoma

Lipid a tumor on my neck has another name – Wen. The exact causes are still not established. Currently, doctors have only a few basic assumptions about education Wen:

  • the violation of the sebaceous glands;
  • hormonal disorders of the body;
  • mechanical tissue damage;
  • abnormal lipid metabolism.

In addition, it is possible to note large deposits of salts and toxins in the body, diabetes and diseases of the Central nervous system. Often to trigger the appearance of lipomas can infectious inflammation of the body. Fatty tumor on his neck has a spherical shape, the size can vary from 2 to 100 mm. While a similar ball moves easily and is constantly increasing in size that a lot of inconvenience to its owners. Moreover, the neck will have an unsightly appearance. Lipid tumors can appear together at several places, in the future merging into one big tumor.

the location of the fatty tumor on back of neck

Nausea when lipoma on the neckAs noted above, the posterior cervical region is the commonest site of occurrence of benign fat formation. This placement allows us to detect at the stage of formation. Quite often people can take for the lymph node that increased in size. To avoid this, it should be remembered that the inflammation of lymph nodes accompanied by a fever up to 38°C. The Inflamed area will hurt when pressed on it, causing dizziness and nausea. Making sure that the tumor is not related to inflammation of the lymphatic system, and is a fatty tumor, it is possible to delay going to the hospital. Because if this entity does not cause great discomfort, it is possible to remove it at any convenient time.

Large lipomas, especially those that cause not only anxiety but also cause pain, should be removed immediately.

But it is necessary to remember that it is recommended to consult an oncologist or surgeon. Cervical lipomas can also appear in children. They appear as a result of the contraction of their blood vessels and nerve endings that causes a violation of focal metabolism. In such situations it is necessary to conduct a full examination of the child's body, which will determine the future course of treatment of the disease.

Particular treatment

As noted above, as long as the growth of lipomas is in the inactive phase, to urgent treatment may not be necessary. Although to delay this process for a long time is not worth it. This is because advanced disease causes a disturbance of blood supply to the damaged area with subsequent necrosis. Currently medications that help get rid of a neck lipoma, does not exist. It can only be removed with surgery. This is part of the surgical incision with a scalpel on the affected area. A similar procedure is performed only in the hospital for further treatment of the damaged tissues. This is because after performing this operation on the surgery site may form a scar, which can spoil the appearance of the neck.

To avoid scarring, and modern medicine is a method of cryotherapy or laser treatment. Cryotherapy is done using liquid nitrogen and allows to perform the operation on an outpatient basis. Laser treatment for lipomas is the most gentle and effective. The structure and colour of the skin remain unchanged. Over time, the resulting tumour may not only lead to a shift of the neighboring tissues, but to squeeze the nerve endings. In that case, if the Wen would be subjected to mechanical damage, it could lead to a significant acceleration of its growth and compaction of its structure.

Using this method allows you to completely avoid the occurrence of side effects. While further recovery will take place as quickly as possible. Some patients are trying to get rid of lipomas on their own, with the help of popular recipes. One such treatment methodsis to use chicken eggs, which heated the damaged area 2-3 times a day. Some as a treatment for alcohol use compresses made on the basis of ivy. It should be noted the fact that any kind of treatment it is necessary to conduct under the supervision of a doctor. This will not only help to find the most effective method of treatment, but also will allow to avoid occurrence of complications.