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When you are assigned and that shows an MRI of the thoracic spine?

MRI of the thoracic spine show that the study is quite a difficult question to answer which can only specialist. The patient to influence the final verdict. All you need to do is just to decide the procedure and with dignity to reschedule. Hurt during the study, of course, will not, however, a few minutes to be still patient still have.

to consult a doctor when pain in the spine

When to prescribe an MRI?

MRI of the thoracic – this is quite a serious procedure, which can be assigned exclusively by the doctor. Of Course, the patient can decide on her own, however, is the use of such procedures will not be too large.

The thing is that the conclusions of the laboratory for diagnosis will be too small, because the final verdict makes it is the attending physician.

In addition, tomography is the main method of detecting tumors that may not be visible to the naked eye. Analysis of the width of the spinal cord, one of the subtypes of this type of survey that allows you almost to unmistakably identify intramedullary tumors.

And the probability that any other examination will reveal such disease is approximately 30%. Here on the basis of the data about the width of the spinal cord can help determine the disease in early stage of development.


usually the primary indications for this procedure are:

  1. Pain resembling a heart. Often, patients complain of severe pain that they are mistaken for heart problems. In fact, the heart may be completely innocent. However, in order to check this, it is necessary to conduct the MRI procedure.
  2. pain in the back. Back problems, on average, occur every 4 person on the planet who used to close her eyes. Of course, this cannot continue indefinitely and resort to the diagnosis of still have. And the most informative way to get a full picture of the disease is imaging of the thorax.
  3. a cross into the intercostal space. Intercostal neuralgia is quite common, with which may encounter a person of absolutely any age. With it you can successfully fight. But only if you have previously conducted a comprehensive examination of the MRI.
  4. numbness in the chest area. This symptom may indicate problems associated with disorders of the cardiovascular system, however, it is possible that the problem will be hidden in something else. To dispel the doubts in this matter will only MRI.
  5. Osteochondrosis. The disease was popularly called "chameleon", mainly due to the fact that he cleverly disguised as a functional disruption of other organs. The basic examination, even the best doctors can't give the full picture, which is able to demonstrate MRI of the thoracic spine.

MRI is a totally scary procedure, it does not take very much time. However, the neglect of it is one of the key errors that may prevent the patient. Because no existing type of research shows and not 50% of what MRI is.

the Diagnostic value of MRI

MRI can be described as an in-depth study of all anatomical structures located in the thoracic spine.

Some of them according to doctor's prescription may be covered in more detail, but in most cases he is content and picture, which is quite enough for a definitive diagnosis. In particular, in the process of MRI will be evaluated by the size and shape of the vertebrae. Ideally, they should be absolutely smooth contours, to match the standard size and placed exactly in the middle. Any deviation from existing standards are the reason for visiting the doctor. MRI also shows areas where there is a high possibility of hemorrhage into the spinal cord. Such surveys can not only identify damaged areas, but also to prevent the onset of troubles.

Deficiency of calcium and the deposition of salts is not a new problem, the negative impact of which affects almost every person over 45 years of age. A similar phenomenon is extremely unpleasant but it is treatable. Just in time to decide on survey which accurately shows exactly where is the hearth. And then everything will be very simple: treatment, including medication and physiotherapy, as well as the strictest adherence to all the prescriptions of the doctor. The results will be visible very soon. However, we should start with the MRI.