How to apply the tincture of fly agaric, rice, clay in the treatment of degenerative disc disease

The Treatment of degenerative disc disease of interest to many. This disease suffers from a large percentage of the population. Tincture of fly agaric, therapy rice and clay will help in solving this urgent problem.

degenerative disc disease is not SARS, a week never get free of it. Medical observation and medical courses compulsory, particularly during the manifestation process. But to achieve long periods of rest help folk recipes.

Tincture of fly agaric

tincture of fly agaric helps with degenerative disc disease

In order To prepare the tincture take of the cap of Amanita red. The tincture should be prepared with the usual precautions. If mushrooms are taken by hand, after the process is complete be sure to thoroughly wash them.

The Recipe. 5 the average diameter of the cap to wash, chop with a knife into pieces of 1 cm. Folded in a container of dark glass. Add vodka. The level of the liquid component should be about 1-1,5 cm above the level of the flesh of the fly agaric. Insist in a dark and cool during the month.

The Tincture should not be put in the fridge to products. Capacity to sign a "Tincture of fly agaric, outer" to prevent accidental use of the inside. Before applying strain.

Application of funds in the form of rastirok and compresses relieves pain syndrome, stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation. Be sure to wash hands after rubbing the tincture into the sore area, the skin must be free of damage.

need to Carry out the procedure shortly before bedtime. The compresses applied for up to one and a half hours. After the skin cleaned with water. Then heat wrap the affected area overnight. To do 10 days. Patients feel relief after the first 2-3 sessions.

This treatment is not indicated to pregnant women and nursing mothers, and children under 12 years.

Treatment of rice and clay

Irrational set of products in the daily menu of a person does not improve the course of osteoarthritis. Intervertebral discs without the necessary set of microelements and adequate fluid lose their elasticity and are easily injured. It is believed that the rice diet "cleaning the body", promotes weight loss, removes deposits of salts and improves the elasticity of cartilage. This is confirmed by the experts of “credible medical portal“.

Treatment of clay is especially effective in early disease and is available many. Advanced cases are also incurable, but the result is worse. There are almost no complaints of side effects.

In the treatment of the popular red clay. The duration of a course of stage 10-14 daily or every other day.

Clay in an amount of 3 kg of hot water is brought with constant stirring to a state of soft clay. Then connects with 100 ml of warm kerosene. The mixture should be heated to 42-46 degrees. She made the cake and placed it on the affected area of the spine for 2 hours. From above to cover with a cloth, then with a blanket. Save on the body to cool.

The temperature of the mixture should be 3-4 degrees above body temperature. For once you can do 3 sets. Cake new every time.

diet Recipes

  1. 6 full weeks for Breakfast only eat a specially cooked rice. 5 hours should refrain from drinking liquids and eating. Rice is prepared in 6 tanks with 30 g each of rice, add water, so she poured the cereal. A day pic from the first can cook 5-6 minutes, the Bay with fresh water. Again fill the jar with rice, and water in a row it becomes the last. And so alternate the bottle diet 42 days. The water in the jars changed daily.
  2. 3 tablespoons grits cook 3 minutes. Then you need the rice drain in a sieve, rinse. Again cover with water and boil for 3 minutes. So repeat 4 times. This dish for Breakfast. Food and drink in 5 hours. The course of 25-30 days.

After 19 hours in all methods useful cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks.

These diets are not strict and have few restrictions for use. But they are still there. Not necessary thus to treat degenerative disc disease, if the patient has kidney disease in the chronic stage, acute infection, constipation.

Traditional methods help, they are comfortable, apply home. But medical supervision is not superfluous.