The treatment of degenerative disc disease with bee stings (apitherapy)

how Effective is the treatment with bee stings in osteochondrosis, particularly in lesions of the cervical spine? To answer this question, we must briefly talk about the disease and about apitherapy.

The Osteochondrosis is dystrophic-degenerative lesion of the intervertebral joints of the spine. The emerging change is that breaks the normal physicochemical structure of the cartilage and adjacent to the joint divisions of the bone.

the treatment of osteochondrosis bees

Bone loses density, cartilage resiliency. Because of this deteriorating mobility of the intervertebral joints, intervertebral articular slits can be impaired nerves. Pinched nerves in the cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral departments leads to the appearance of pain, motility of the upper or lower extremities, worsening skin sensitivity.

Treatment of acute exacerbation of degenerative disc disease involves administering anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Also apply massage, physiotherapy. Sometimes surgical intervention is necessary. After stihaniya acute manifestations of the disease you must make changes in your lifestyle: carefully monitor your posture, not to lift weights regularly to exercise.

The Term "apitherapy" denotes the set of all therapeutic methods that use bee products. Among them – medolechenie, the use for therapeutic purposes propolis, Royal jelly, etc. The Treatment with bee stings is also one type of apitherapy.

Treating bee stings