Treatment of bursitis of the knee joint with the help of folk remedies at home

When bursitis of the knee treatment at home can be considered one way of fighting the disease. However, some home methods the disease is not curable. For maximum effect, methods of traditional medicine should be used in combination with drug treatment.

Symptoms of bursitis of the knee

Causes and symptoms of the disease

Bursitis is the inflammation of periarticular bags. The fluid contained in this bag, nourishes the cartilage and reduces pressure on the joint. The knee joint has 3 bags: knee, suprapatellar, located under the patella, and a goose, which is on the inner side at the bottom. To provoke the appearance of bursitis can a strong load on the knee, damage to the skin and open wounds, sepsis, obesity and related chronic diseases: psoriasis, rheumatism, gout.

A Patient suffering from inflammation of the knee, feels a constant pain and a significant decrease in mobility. There is swelling of soft tissues and deformity of the knee. The skin redden and become hot to the touch.
Bursitis of the knee

The Severity of symptoms depends on the location of inflammation. For example, suprapatellar bursitis of the knee accompanied by considerable swelling of the upper part of the knee and severe pain. Most often this type of disease occurs because of sepsis and is accompanied by deterioration of General condition, fever and other organs. If not treated acute bursitis, he will grow into a chronic form. Advanced disease may cause disability.

Effective popular recipes

Folk remedies used to treat bursitis, help to eliminate pain and to remove swelling. After use, improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the joint, restores mobility. However, to cure the inflammation will only help a combination of traditional methods and medicinal therapy.

there are many ways of dealing with bursitis in the home, including the most simple. Effectively remove accumulated in the joint fluid helps salt compress. For cooking 1 tsp salt diluted in 0,5 l of water. In the solution wetted the cloth out of flannel and applied to the affected area. The top is covered with the film. The compress should keep at least 8 hours, so its better to put for the night. Repeat the procedure daily for 7 days.

Propolis for the treatment of bursitis

Some patients speak highly of the tincture of propolis, which is used for lotions. It helps to relieve swelling and reduce pain. The procedure is repeated daily during the week. The same effect has and tincture of horsetail: 250 g of dry grass pour into a glass jar with a capacity of 0.5 l and filled to top quality vodka. The resulting mixture should infuse in a dark place for 7 days. Compresses of tincture apply to the affected knee every night.

The Most famous folk remedy that helps to combat bursitis – the leaves of white cabbage. A large sheet should be hit with a wooden mallet until the juice appears. Sore knee smeared with honey and covered with a cabbage leaf. Up compress is placed film and thick fabric. Honey and cabbage juice – the best anti-inflammatory agent.

On the basis of honey you can prepare another effective remedy is an anti – inflammatory ointment. This would require 2 parts honey, 3 parts ethyl alcohol to 1 part aloe juice. Components are thoroughly mixed, the resulting ointment is applied on the affected area. The procedure is repeated every day for 3 weeks. If the disease has developed into chronic form, in a water bath is necessary to melt an equal amount of honey and soap shavings. The resulting mixture was spread on a clean cloth, put the finely chopped onion and close this wrap a sore knee. Top wrap a warm cloth and leave overnight. To repeat the procedure within 2 weeks.

To compress, you can use other traditional products, such as potatoes. Fresh vegetable cut into thin slices and lay them on the affected joint. Effectively fights disease a tea from celery seed. 1 tbsp of raw materials should pour 250 ml boiling water and infuse for 1.5 hours. Before use tea strain. Take 0.5 Cup 2 times a day. Suprapatellar bursitis of the knee can be effectively treated with the help of the pine bath and massage with olive, eucalyptus, lavender or paraffin oil. After completing the procedures a joint needs to be warm, so the best time for their evening.

Restoration phase

while treatment of bursitis at home, the patient often experiences pain and discomfort in the affected joint, because in this period there is an active formation of scar tissue.

Treatment of folk remedies shouldend of rehabilitation activities.

Their purpose is to restore normal mobility of joints, muscles and tendons that surround it. Activities include massage and simple exercise. The exercise intensity is increased gradually. Timely treatment and properly conducted rehabilitation helps to overcome the disease.

However, the best way to combat disease is prevention. To avoid injuries, dislocation and sprains. During heavy exercise or when playing sports need to follow simple safety rules and fix the joints with an elastic bandage.