Magnotherapy (therapy magnets) in osteochondrosis of the cervical and other vertebrae

Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis is an effective procedure aimed at improving blood circulation in the spine and improve metabolism. Manipulation based on the use of "therapeutic" magnetic fields.

for a long time Scientists have been studying the effect of radiation on human health. According to Eastern teachings, the magnetic meridians influence the internal organs of a person and his emotional state.

magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis

When used properly, magnetic therapy for the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine can be achieved disappearance of the pathological symptoms of the disease: pain, vertebral and myofascial.

The Nervous system is susceptible to magnetic fields. As a result, with proper selection of intensity and duration of magnetic therapy you can get a good therapeutic effect in diseases of the nervous system and spinal column.

action Description

Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis is chosen individually for each patient. It is divided into General and local. The first is a variant of strengthening of the General state of the organism and the immune system. When the second (used in degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine) the magnet is usually applied topically to the area of pain.

On the choice of treatment influences the appearance of the device that is used to generate magnetic fields in the physiotherapy room. The equipment can be low frequency and high frequency. Electromagnetic pulses are variable and static. They have a different shape, length, frequency, and amplitude.

depending on the depth of the impulses differently penetrate into human tissue. Their intensity and frequency is controlled by a medical professional, or a computer. These characteristics are determined by the doctor depending on the anatomical features of the patient and degree of degenerative disc disease.

On average, a magnet for pain in the cervical spine is applied to the area of pain for 20-30 minutes, and the total duration of therapy is 15 sessions.magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis

Beneficial effects

Treatment for neck magnets used for the following purposes:

  • normalization of blood supply of the neck with damage to the intervertebral disks, venous outflow and lymphatic drainage;
  • to reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings
  • reduced tone of the smooth musculature of the large veins, arteries;
  • recovery of cerebral blood supply;
  • removal of intestinal spasms
  • release the nerve roots from the infringement;
  • elimination of soft tissue swelling.

A Magnet is used most often in medical physiotherapy room. Attempt at home to repeat the procedure is unsuccessful. In the medical devices field is variable frequency with the intensity of 50 Hz. The main points of application are local reflex zones.

Magnet can be used for home therapy. Portable model for this purpose can be purchased in pharmacies. They are composed of rubberized plate (magnitoforami). The data plate applied to the area of pain and fixed with an elastic bandage.

Homemade magnet can be used for the treatment of pathology or be used in conjunction with other methods of treatment of the disease.

The Most effective way of magnetic therapy is the use of microscopic magnets, which are distributed over a large area along the cervical spine. Again be warned that to use the method at home use a need not an ordinary magnet, and a special device.

Thus, magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis is a qualitative method of treatment of the disease, but its efficacy is considerably increased in combination with other medical methods.