How effective is osteopathy and manual therapy in osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis – degenerative disease, based on genetic predisposition, metabolic disorders. To cure it completely impossible. The goal of therapy is to remove the negative symptoms (pain), to improve the patient's quality of life.

is There an alternative to the traditional pills and injections

Neck – movable division of the body, so often, it affects the primary. Persistent pain, numbness, weakness in the hands is a cervical osteochondrosis.

osteopathy in osteochondrosis

Exhausted by the pain, patients take a variety of courses not always harmless therapeutic drugs. Eventually become ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract, decreased immunity.

Osteoporosis and back pain – the consequence and the causes each other, as both diseases are degenerative, and in the treatment of osteoporosis corticosteroids to avoid reducing bone density.

Manual therapy, osteopathy – areas of modern alternative medicine. Involves the use of hands of a doctor as the main therapeutic effects. With the right effects adverse reactions are limited to short-term unpleasant sensations of varying intensity.

Manual therapy

The Effects of manual therapy directed at bone structure of the body, joints, ligaments, cartilage. The cause of the chondrosis chiropractors see in the disruption of the structure of the intervertebral disc, protrusion and deformation. This leads to compression of vessels and nerves, causing pain, numbness, sensitivity disorders.

The Procedure for therapeutic manipulation of the individual, but the average algorithm is as follows:

  • Introductory stage. Breathing exercises, exercise for total relaxation.
  • muscle Relaxation of specific muscle groups and their subsequent stretching, traction. This stage is achieved by the release of muscle protection, allows the manipulation of the maximum possible amplitude.
  • direct manipulation ("reposition"). May be simultaneously or stepwise with intermittent locking effect of the fastening body parts (for manual therapy in cervical osteochondrosis – heads) into position.
  • Rest. After the manipulation you need short (5-10 minutes) when the patient is in a horizontal position. It helps to relax the cervical spine,shoulder girdle and to fix the effect.


The osteopath understands the problem of chondrosis from another point of view. Anatomical changes of the spine and discs are not paramount. Substrate pain is the restructuring of the whole organism, which occurs to compensate the protective-adaptive forces.

When radiographically small bone structure (osteoporosis and osteoarthritis early stages) often are recorded persistent pain associated with muscle tension and, as a consequence, compression of vessels and nerves, edema.

Osteopathy is aimed at the overall impact on the body. The doctor palpates the patient's back, the cervical spine. The movements of his fingers are smooth, consistent, directed along the spinal column. So are the zones of local stresses.

remove stress from the muscles by using massage. As a result, decreases swelling, decreases tissue density. Vessels, nerves are no longer compressed – improves blood circulation, decreases pain.

The manipulations of the osteopath aims to restore the proper positioning and condition not only of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs, vascular-nervous bundles.

application methods

The Treatment of degenerative disc disease in the acute stage should begin with an anti-inflammatory drug therapy. Osteopathic treatments are allowed that do not have significant contraindications and age restrictions.

Manual therapy is applied only in remission, as it implies a somewhat aggressive acts directly on bone block or the indirect method of linkage (with use of limbs). Thus, pain can escalate.

You should Not use manual osteopathic techniques during fever, cancer pathology, mental disorders, epilepsy, severe concomitant pathology of organs and systems.