When you use oils in osteochondrosis: Hypericum, fir, essential

The Incidence of degenerative diseases of the spine is growing every year. As an additional component of therapy for degenerative disc disease well aromatherapy. This science allows us to apply the gifts of nature – essential oils, which our ancestors have long been considered a reliable method for treatment of back and joints.

Their Use in neurology and orthopedics based on anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties. Use fir, eucalyptus, mint essential oil, and balsam, pine and cypress.

Is the Current use of them in the form of rubbing, compresses, massage means, therapeutic baths.

the use of pine oil in osteochondrosis

Fir oil

Has a cool refreshing scent with a spicy touch. It acts as a means of relieving inflammation, sore muscles and joints, strengthens and tones the body. Fir oil also has warming effect and increases stamina. The therapeutic effect has thanks to the included camphor.

Use the fir as follows:

  • In the form of local friction. To do this, add 10 drops in 10 g of a fatty basis. With this mixture RUB affected areas of the back. Then put on a warm sweater and sleeping that way all night. The next morning the pain began to dull. As a fatty basis can be used interior pork fat.
  • When the back massage. Fir oil is added to the base amount in 6-7 drops. Stroking and rubbing, used in the massage help to warm up the skin and improve circulation, and to penetrate the drug into the muscles and inflamed nerve roots.
  • Therapeutic baths. To a quarter Cup of milk add 8-12 drops of the remedy. A bath is recommended to take 30 minutes, maintaining the temperature of the 37-39ºС.
  • Fir venik is used in the bath, will result in tone and will have a curative effect.

The Use of this tool to the lumbar region is contraindicated in inflammation of the kidneys.


Osteoarthritis affects fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc, depriving it of elasticity. The use of St. John's wort oil enriches the body with fatty acids omega-3, which participate in the metabolism of cartilage and regenerate the discs of the spinal column.

Using drugs St. John's wort as an oil compress on the neck or lower back. For its preparation you will need 0.5 liters of sunflower or olive oil and 150 g of flowers of St. John's wort.

Put the oil mixture in a water bath and boil for 30 minutes. Within 3 days the medication should infuse in a dark container and cool place. Then you need to drain and finished product to RUB into my sore back. The course consists of 12 daily procedures.


Cypress is analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. The use of therapeutic cypress based on local irritant action, which leads to vasodilatation and blood flow to the sore spot.

It is Used like this:

  1. In the patch. To make it, add 5 drops per 10 ml sunflower oil and heated on a water bath. The compress is put on the night, pre-insulate the back. The resulting medicine can be used for back massage.
  2. As a therapeutic tub. For dissolving oils of cypress in water mixed with sea salt or honey. Take a bath for 40 minutes.

Cypress cannot be used in pure form, it is contraindicated in people with high vascular pressure, seizures, pregnant.


The Use of pine in the treatment of degenerative disc disease based on its anti-inflammatory, anti-pain properties.

This drug can be used in pure form. For grinding take 30 drops to 30 ml of the Foundation. For compress use 5-7 drops on 10 ml bases.

Preparations on the basis of pines contraindicated with Allergy to conifers, with heart disease, pregnant.

To the medicinal substance better absorbed by the body, for the duration of therapy is recommended to refuse from fatty and fried foods.