Does reflexology osteochondrosis

It is Known that in the basis of degenerative disc disease is a progressive degeneration of the intervertebral discs of cartilage changing to bone. While traditional therapy helps to suspend the process temporarily eliminate the symptoms. Fully to eliminate the pathology is considered impossible. Therefore, the earlier you notice and begin the correction, the less harm osteochondrosis will bring its owner.

One of the ways of correction is reflex therapy in osteochondrosis, taking roots from ancient Tibetan medicine.

Reflexotherapy for degenerative disc disease

Mechanism of action of reflexology

Osteochondrosis due to growth of the intervertebral discs there is a pinched nerve roots and blood vessels. As a result, the authorities lose power and lose contact with the Central nervous system, leading to problems and pain syndrome. For example, in lesions of the cervical spine, frequent headaches, and in osteochondrosis of the thoracic observed cardiac arrhythmia.

The skin has a set of dot areas, each corresponding to a particular organ. Reflexology involves indirect influence on the internal organs by irritation of these points. When exposed to a nerve impulse enters the brain via ascending nerves. There it is parsed down to an appropriate body by descending nerves. This is the reflex, a view to normalizing blood flow and metabolism in the internal structures.

Types of reflex action

The Most popular form of irritation of the peripheral receptors is acupuncture (acupuncture). By inserting needles under the skin at specific points specialist selectively stimulates specific systems.

Also applies acupressure is a noninvasive method in which the impact on bioactive zone is carried out by means of acupressure. To stimulate the receptors with the help of high temperature, vacuum, electric pulse, injection under the skin medications or even bee stings (apipuncture).

Training session

In order to achieve the desired effect, for the duration of the patient's body should be as accessible as possible and to be in equilibrium. To do this, you should not eat right before the procedure, but hunger also should not be.

Precluded admission of alcohol and Smoking during the course of acupuncture osteochondrosis, as it has a pronounced negative effect on blood vessels and can cause pressure drop until he lost consciousness.

Because the session lasts about an hour, it is recommended to go to the toilet.

acupuncture osteochondrosis

what is acupuncture

Acupuncture relates to invasive techniques, so it is essential to ensure sterility and hypoallergenic needles. They are made of inert steel or silver and go through a full cycle sterilization after each patient. To prevent infection, the skin is carefully cleansed with antiseptic.

During the procedure the patient may feel itching, tingling or warmth in the affected area. There should be intense pain and dizziness. Crucial localization, depth and duration of insertion of the needle. Therefore, do not experiment with this at home. It is better to entrust the carrying out of acupuncture by qualified craftsmen.