Physiotherapy exercises (LFK) for the spine and back

Physical therapy Treatment for the spine is a very important event not only for the treatment and rehabilitation of back, but also as prevention of diseases. Very often even in childhood, the person develops scoliosis. This curvature of the spine. May develop degenerative disc disease. Sometimes there are intervertebral hernia and other diseases of the back. If you leave them unattended, they will progress, bringing the patient not only uncomfortable, but also painful. To stop the progression of the disease, you need each day to do special exercises for your back. Special exercises will help to develop every joint, bone and muscle. Charging for the spine allows you to avoid many problems.

Therapeutic exercises for the spine

If the time to begin exercise for the back, you can stop the development of scoliosis, hernia and other diseases. Each of these diseases has serious consequences. For example, for scoliosis, the patient gradually begins to feel pain in the thoracic region. The muscles around the spine, which act as a special corset that support the spine, begin gradually to lose its functionality.

because Of this posture is lost. Begin to suffer internal organs located in the chest area. This affect the lungs, heart, stomach and other organs. At first suspected back problems, you will undergo a medical check-up and start doing a specially designed exercise program.

Features exercises for back

Physical therapy for the back must be selected, taking into account several factors. First, you should pay attention to physical preparation of the patient. There are people who belong to the active group. Also there are patients who are used to doing exercises in the morning. And there is a third group of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and don't exercise. Each group developed their complexes in various diseases. Secondly, you need to pay attention to the condition of the spine after injury or illness. Especially need to pay attention to those cases, when the patient begins aggravation after illness or operation.

to consult a physician before beginning exercises

The Doctors are conventionally divided into several stages, all. The first stage is escalation, which takes 3-4 days. Then comes the rehabilitation period, which lasts up to 1 month. After that comes health and prophylactic period. It can take several months, but doctors recommend to do a set every day throughout life.

systems for spine help to solve some problems. First, they eliminate back pain. Secondly, they reduce the pressure on the intervertebral discs. By the way, largely because of this and disappear pain and discomfort. Thirdly, the job help make the back muscles stronger, so they can support the spine. In addition, thanks to daily exercises will accelerate the growth of cells, so that bone and cartilage will recover faster. In addition, blood circulation is accelerated. In the cells supplied with oxygen. It also leads to cleanse the body of toxic and harmful substances. be aware that all exercises are not one-off act treatment, so it should be performed every day. Even a few days there will be noticeable results. The effect can be obtained only through at least 2-4 weeks.

It is Best to do exercise not 1, but several times a day. This is especially true for people who have a sedentary job. Hurry up while it is charging is not worth it. You want to exclude all the jerks and sudden impacts. It is forbidden to do the job quickly. Movement should be smooth. The load must be increased gradually.

Sedentary work is the reason for charging

At First the amplitude increases. Then you can do more approaches. It depends on the health of a person. When the patient does exercise, you need to try to feel every inch of muscle. Most importantly during the execution of complex – to improve the blood flow in the area of the back.

Exercise in the standing position

First, you just walk around a little. Allowed to slowly walk down the street or, if this is not possible, then just do the walk in one place in the home. During this task it is necessary to watch your posture. Your back must be straight. Shoulders should be lowered. The muscles should not be clamping. Head need to keep straight. It is best to try to raise the knees higher. Then the effect will be better.

Then you need to be in one place. Patient tries to climb higher on toes. The provision further need to linger, and then start to gradually descend to its original position. When a person rises on the toes, it is recommended to raise his hands above his head. They should besmooth, but not very intense. When lifting the arms, you need to take a deep breath, and when lowering – breath. After that you need to do another exercise for the back. Feet should be shoulder width apart. People have to stand on foot. The hands simply go over your head. The head should also tilt back.

standing Exercises

This job is very suitable for the development of the neck. Then just lower the hands to the feet. All movements should be done very smoothly. At the end of all the exercises you need to stand back and lean against the wall.

The Back should be level.

The back of your Head you need to hug the wall so that the eyes will look forward. Shoulders and hips should touch the wall. Shoulder blades should be pressed, but the chest is strongly forbidden to bulge. In this position you need to stand for 5-7 minutes.

What to do lying on your back?

Physical therapy can be performed in the supine position. The patient should lie on her back. Now my right elbow him we need to try to stretch the opposite knee. Then the sides change. The arms are also need to change.

You Then need to go straight, all in the same position on the back. Knee you want to slowly pull up to his chest. When the knee pulled to the chest then you need to count to 5 -10, and then slowly return the leg to its original position. The job is done and the second leg. The legs should be alternated. Exercise is very important not only for your back, but leg press.

Exercises on the back

The Next job is suitable for back, legs, belly and arms. People need to stretch my legs and squeeze them. They should slowly off the floor a small distance. Your arms do not lift. They should be attached to the floor. Need to hold his feet raised and then slowly lower. When a job is already not so heavy, the legs need to hold at an angle to the floor and begins to drive them around – first to the right then to the left.

Now, another job that you can do after the operation, but only with the permission of the doctor. The patient should lie. Leg bent at the knee and reach the thoracic. Hands should be off the floor and make cotton under the foot. Then the leg needs to return to its original position.

Another good exercise is a kind of potyagushki, what children often do in the morning. You should try to prolong the benefits of stretching at least half a minute. Then again allowed to relax. With the high job strain all the muscles of the body, so it is useful not only for the spine.

After all the exercises you just need to lie flat against the back and relax. Lie can 5 minutes. Before you can start the hand to the neck. The elbow should be locked near the floor. At first you will feel pain in the back, arms and neck, but gradually the patient gets used.

Exercises on all fours

the Complex operated on the stomach

First, you need to gently lie on her stomach. Such exercises will help not only the muscles but also the muscles of the abdomen, arms, legs. The hands necessary to bring it forward and look at them. Exercise is often called a boat.

You Must lift the hands and feet. They should be smooth. In this position, you must be at least a few minutes. All the muscles have to strain. If possible, it should start to wobble a bit back and forth. Hence the name of the complex.

Then you can take a break for half a minute. Now the hand retracted. The legs should be raised and bent at the knees. Now the hand required to grasp the feet. The head can be folded back. In this position you need to hold out as long as possible. If so, we can again start to swing. This job not only helps your back, legs and arms, but also for the neck. Is to perform a few approaches.

Now again it takes just to lie on her stomach. His hands slid behind her head and fixed in position. You need to pre-bend them at the elbows. It is best to weave your fingers together. Now head slowly tilts back. In this position you need to be for a while, and then lowered his head. The patient must take several approaches for your back.

Exercises on the stomach

Now you need to go exactly. Each leg takes off the floor and raise. The leg is fixed in this position for a few seconds, and then it should be lowered.

This therapy can be done only after permission of the doctor because some exercises will be more challenging for the patient. Gradually, however, they can be entered.

Run on all fours

This set of tasks well suited to thoracic spine, neck and lower back. All jobs are considered a little harder than previous, so they need to be introduced gradually in the preparation of the patient.

besides the need to monitor the state of his health. Some exercises will help to improve coordination.

The Most known exercise is the "cat". You need to become on all fours and start to arch your back rounding it up, and then lower it, moving the head back. You can make 10 approaches.

Then you can stand in the same position, but with a straight back. The left hand should be stretched forward. The opposite leg needs to straighten, too. The body must be locked in this position. Then you have to return the limb to the starting position. Nowneed to do the opposite – right arm and left leg.

Physical therapy for the spine is a very important element of rehabilitation of patients after various diseases and injuries of the back. Experts have developed a special set for each spine. Thanks to these sessions to prevent diseases back. If the time to start doing exercises and a long time to do, the illness will recede, and spin will be restored.

But all the exercises must be done systematically every day morning or evening. It will not hurt any kind of sport 2-3 times a week in addition to daily charge. It is charging is the key to successful treatment of the back.