Physical therapy for degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine

Physiotherapy exercises with cervical osteochondrosis is the most affordable and highly effective method of treatment. Physical activity contributes to the elimination of violations in the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine and prevents the development of osteoarthritis in its early stages after the appearance of overt symptoms of the disease.

PCP is a set of physical therapy, considering the individual characteristics of the patient and the stage of development of pathology in the cervical-thoracic spine. For example, patients with disorders of the vestibular apparatus cannot perform regular physiotherapy exercises (LFK) in cervical osteochondrosis.

physical therapy for cervical degenerative disc disease

With frequent attacks of vertigo such patients are assigned exercises from a sitting or lying position.

performance Rules

Before moving on to physical therapy from osteoarthritis, it is necessary to know certain rules for its implementation. These must be followed without fail, otherwise LFC will not help in the fight against the disease.

  • Excluded to perform the exercises during the acute degenerative disc disease of the cervical-thoracic spine. Physical therapy at this point may greatly aggravate the patient's condition.
  • In the process of exercise the patient should not feel pain or any discomfort. In the case of their appearance should take a quick break. If you repeat exercises again the pain appears, discontinue and consult a doctor.
  • Posture during the execution of exercises should be smooth. This condition greatly will increase the effect of exercise therapy and prevent injury of the cervical-thoracic spine.
  • Exercise in cervical osteochondrosis consists of a set of smooth movements, which cannot be performed smoothly. In case of carelessness of the patient pathology of the cervical-thoracic section of the ridge may be exacerbated.

Compiled by doctor set of exercises will be the best treatment of different disorders in the joints. Using physical therapy to cure degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, but also considerably to strengthen muscles, develop flexibility that makes it possible for the ridge. Most of the exercises designed to accomplish at home or in the open air.

The exercise Treatment is the least costly and at the same time one of the most effective ways of rehabilitation after cervical degenerative disc disease.

Examples of exercises

The First exercise is performed as follows. Starting position: lying on your back, left hand is on his chest, right on his stomach. Make an even breath, then hold your breath for about 10 seconds, then exhale slowly and relax your muscles. This exercise should be repeated three to five times a day for 3-5 minutes at a time.

For the next exercise you need to lie on his stomach. To execute everything correctly, watch the straightness of the legs in the knee joint. Arms along the body. Slowly raise the head and upper half of the body and also slowly lower. Do upgrades every 20 sec. The complex is performed during 3-5 minutes, five times a day.

Once Again, roll over on your back, but now you need to bend the legs. Arms along the body. Slowly make turns the body into right and left sides with a 20-second break. To perform the complex should be about 5 minutes at a time.

If you suffer chronic degenerative disc disease of the cervical-thoracic spine, then the above set of exercises can be added as such:

  1. starting position: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, or sit on a chair, keeping your back straight. Place the chin on the chest on the exhale, and then gradually return it to normal position inhaling. Do at least 10 repetitions.
  2. starting position is the same. The palm of one hand push on the forehead for 10 seconds. The torso should remain stationary.
  3. Lie on your stomach and relax your body, hands press to the torso, palms up. Do smoothly turning his head to the side, after each rotation returning to the starting position. Make at least 10 times.

If you systematically perform complex physical therapy from cervical degenerative disc disease, a positive result will not keep itself waiting long, and you will feel relief in the whole spine in the near future. About the peculiarities of physical therapy, consult your doctor.