Massage lumbosacral and thoracic spine osteochondrosis

It's No secret that such diseases as osteochondrosis, are increasingly common at a young age. This is due to both low physical activity and with prolonged stay in a forced posture (sedentary lifestyle).

Undoubtedly, the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine is effective only when a holistic approach with physiotherapy, drug therapy and physical therapy. But the main method of pain relief, restoration of motor activity and improve the well-being of the patient can be considered massage. Moreover, it greatly enhances the effect of other procedures.

massage in osteochondrosis of the lumbar

Rules of procedure

be aware that to massage the most effective in the subacute stage of the disease. Important for it has the patient. It is best to use a massage table, as it allows you to conveniently position the head and give the body the desired angle. But in the absence of enough solid the couch. To make the scope of massage did not cave in under it (chest or lower back) enclose a small cushion or rolled-up blanket.

The First sessions may seem very painful, especially when using a point method. On average, the pain goes away already on the fourth or fifth session, which indicates a positive trend. The massage session usually takes no more than 20 minutes, but it depends largely on the condition of the muscles of the patient.

To achieve long-term effect of massage conduct courses for 10-15 procedures 2-3 times a year. Massage need definitely be combined with other treatments, or the effectiveness will be minimal.

Massaging the thoracic