How to make the elongation (stretching) of the spine osteochondrosis

The spine in osteochondrosis can occur in the walls of the medical institution or at home using exercise equipment or without them.

It is used in the later stages of the disease. By this method the approach of the doctors is inconsistent.

With one hand stretching contributes to the expansion of vertebrate slits, where are the intervertebral discs. While the human pain disappears.

On the other hand, simultaneously with the increase in the size of the spinal segment of the stretched muscle and fascia, which leads to the formation of tears and cracks. There are several ways of stretching for inclined plane: under the water, goods, with the use of a loop Glisson.

Stretching of the spine when degenerative disc disease

Methods have a significant disadvantage – they are passive. When a person does not take active exercise. In addition, procedures are performed only in specialized medical institutions.

Active stretching is more Effective based on natural movements. In practice it was found that if a person, tired after a hard day's work, stretches, straightens his back and reaches up prevent pain.

The Effect of the procedure is noticed by ancient warriors before the battle and was actively engaged in stretching the spinal column. Over the years the technique has improved, so in traditional recipes there are many ways to physically eliminate back pain. Below is the list of exercises that you can apply at home traction to the vertebral segments.

The Exercises are designed to stretch, require alternate relaxation and tension of skeletal muscle that allows a person to rest for a long period of time.

Under the action of stretching increases physical activity, improves joint mobility and rejuvenates the musculo-fascial system. When you stretch the muscles, tendons and joint capsules irritated mechanical receptors on which the impulses enters the brain. Thus, stimulates the skin, improves blood circulation and work the tendon-ligamentous apparatus.

Stretching contributes to the formation of the skill of deep relaxation. It has a positive effect on the emotional sphere and reduces the intensity of the pain. Physical exercise performed in an isometric or static modes, intense effect on the body and provide skeletal muscle relaxation.

Purpose and methods of procedure

Stretching of the spine in osteochondrosis includes a complex of physical exercises performed in isometric mode. To relieve pain in the spinal column stretching is used.

The Technique involves the gradual increase in the distance between the vertebrae, removing pressure from the nerve fibers, relaxation of the longitudinal ligaments of the spine. Before the procedure you need to fully relax. It is better to take a relaxing bath and focus on the next set of exercises.

Traction stretching of the spine may be dry or underwater. The methods are widely used in medicine, in rehabilitation period after operations on intervertebral hernia.

stretching, Traction applied in osteochondrosis for the following purposes:

  • abnormal muscle tension;
  • unload the vertebral column;
  • reduction of pressure within the intervertebral disc;
  • removal of pressure from nerve root;
  • removal of subluxation in the facet joints of the spine.

doctors do Not always support the opinion on the safety traction, but that traction is effective, no doubt.

To Enhance the therapeutic effect of the procedure allows the use of modern simulators. When applied by horizontal stretching of the spine with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue. To protect themselves from negative consequences, it is necessary to perfectly adjust the simulator under weight and height.

nevertheless, even without equipment you can do stretching at home. We offer a few exercises designed for this purpose.

sample list of traction exercises

  1. Take original position on his back. Extend your arms behind your head. Connect the Shin together. Squeeze the neck to the floor and your chin to your chest. Feel that the body rests on a horizontal surface, and relax. Pull the heel forward, and toe of the left foot back. Repeat for the other leg. Further pull on the spine segments gradually and arch you back, but don't strain her a lot. 2-3 times repeat the exercise.
  2. Lie on your back, pull socks. Keep the leg and heel were located together. Hands pull along the scalp. Push to floor lumbar. At the same time the maximum zoom in the cervical spine to the horizontal surface. Gently press your chin to your chest. Repeat 4 times. Arch your cervical and lumbar, but not much strain.
  3. Standing against the wall, most have anything to do with the vertical plane of the shoulders, buttocks and heels.Slowly inhale and hold your breath. Stretch up the body. On the exhale lower your arms down and relax. The number of repetitions – 3-4.
  4. Take the starting position, standing against the wall. Inhale through the nose and hold your breath. Move hands to yourself and lift one of them up. Look at the outer side of the brush, and the other hand pull along the trunk. Hold the brush horizontally, but so that the fingers pointed to the side. On the exhale return to the starting position. Relax and repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Thus effective stretching osteochondrosis of the spine can be performed at home with fitness equipment or without them. Most importantly, properly and thoroughly to make traction, so as not to damage muscle tissue and ligaments.