Exercise (gymnastics, exercises, etc.) in cervical, thoracic and lumbar chondrosis

exercising with a cervical chondrosis is the basic Foundation of therapy. They help to strengthen the skeletal muscles of the neck, which supports the spinal column in the correct position. If the muscles are strong, they will prevent further curvature of the vertebrae in the lateral plane.

Gymnastics normalizes blood circulation and reduces the severity of pain. Entrapment of the nerve root appears on the 2nd or 3rd stage of the disease, when highly reduced height of intervertebral disks and a shift in the vertebral segments.

Exercises in cervical chondrosis

Many patients with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine appear herniated discs. They lead not only to a radicular syndrome, but spinal cord compression.

Only physical therapy helps to rectify the situation, but it must begin at early stages of the disease when it is still possible to eliminate the hypertonicity of the muscular system.

Somewhat less likely to have thoracic degenerative disc disease. Reduced the frequency of its appearance is explained by anatomical structure of the body. Thoracic vertebrae are firmly fixed fins, which reduces their mobility.

Degenerative diseases of the spine affecting all the departments. When they get dehydration of the cartilaginous disc on many levels simultaneously. If an abnormal condition continues for a long time, there has been destruction of nucleus pulposus of the disc. It appears many cracks. In such a situation over time is observed compression syndrome.

It would Seem, what good does it do treatment of the disease physical exercise or gymnastics. In fact, the most direct.

The degeneration of the discs there is a violation of mobility in the facet joints and vertebral instability. To normalize the data links of the pathological process, it is necessary to perform daily exercises and exercises or physical therapy recommended by your doctor.

exercise some doctors prescribed for lumbar degenerative disc disease. They will not cure degenerative-dystrophic changes, but will increase the endurance of the back muscles. A strong muscular system will support the lumbar spine when walking or lifting heavy objects.

principles of charging

set of exercises for the thoracic spine

The Complex is charging when chondrosis of the thoracic spine, which is reproduced below, helps to strengthen the core muscles and intercostal muscles. When performing charging will be facilitated pain.

Before the procedure is carried out warm-up. It involves a constant walk on flat foot with smooth shoulders and head location. Perform fluid and simultaneously turning the torso to the side until you feel warmth in the body. Then proceed to relaxing.

The Principles of relaxation of the thoracic spine:

  1. stand up straight and put your hands down along the body;
  2. hold your breath and tense your hands;
  3. lower your shoulders and straighten your back;
  4. relax your body so that both hands were shaking.

Twisting the torso when chondrosis thoracic:

  • Lower your head down and perform twisting of the trunk.
  • Imagine how the spinal axis rotates in a circle.
  • Do the exercise until you feel heat.

Try to do the exercises so that the body was parallel to the floor. Blade with a physical therapy are pulled apart. The upper limb needs to work on inertia.

strengthening the lower back

Treatment of the lumbar spine gymnastics when chondrosis is as follows:

  1. spend smooth turns of the waist left and right 10 times a day. The purpose of the procedure – achieving the maximum level of mobility of the vertebrae;
  2. sit on a chair and touch the chest with the chin. Try to spin when performing gymnastics is not bent;
  3. sit on a chair with your back straight and move your neck back while simultaneously pulling the chin. Duration of treatment – 10-12 times. When you perform a manipulation check to vertebral axis was always smooth;
  4. support yourself with your elbow on the table and put his hand on the small of your back. Try to act on the hand by the rotation of the waist. Repeat the procedure for 10 seconds each side
  5. standing with your back straight, try to lift up the shoulder girdle. Relax your upper body and back muscles;
  6. lie on your back and RUB the area between the shoulders with his hands. To kneading skeletal muscles was not painful, should first improve the blood supply. For these purposes it is possible to take a bath, have a massage or apply manual therapy.

Attention! When chondrosis of the vertebral column any exercise must be performed slowly. Especially dangerous sharp movements in degenerative changes of the neck.