How to do exercises with osteochondrosis sick people

Osteoarthritis is a complex degenerative violation of the cartilage in the joints. Most often the disease affects the intervertebral discs. Depending on in which the spine arises osteochondrosis, secrete cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral osteochondrosis.

Typically, osteoarthritis develops in older people, but there are exceptions. In order to prevent and treat the disease, doctors strongly recommend to perform special exercises with osteochondrosis, which promotes the strengthening of muscles and partial unloading of the spinal column.

charging by degenerative disc disease

General guidelines and rules of execution

During the acute phase of the disease, experts advise patients to sleep on a firm mattress. Under the knees is desirable to put a small pillow or cushion, this will help to relieve muscle spasm.

relief and rest for the acute stage gives you the opportunity to begin the process of scarring deformations of fibrous tissue. This may contribute to long-term relief and relief from back pain.

Charging in osteochondrosis is one of the most effective ways of recovery. Doctors prescribe patients a special set of exercises at an early stage of the disease, to relax muscles, to relieve irritation with nerve endings that communicate with the intervertebral cartilages.

In the period of acute diseases of the spine do not carry out such exercises, which involve flexion and extension of the trunk. In this case the patient may feel severe pain as nerve endings are pressed against a while.

On the Contrary, help to stabilize the patient exercises involving the straightening of the spinal column along its own axis. In this state, between the intervertebral disk increases the gap that relieves strain on the blood vessels and nerve endings in the problem area.