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Is it possible to treat intervertebral hernia in the first month of pregnancy

Question from Svetlana:

Hello! I'm 26 years old, I have herniated discs of the lumbosacral and I'm in the first month of pregnancy... Is it Possible in my position to cure this problem?

To physician:

Good day. Glad that drew attention to our website. To answer your question, note that the majority of doctors recommends not to use NSAIDs during pregnancy, as they may have serious side effects, including those on the fetus. These drugs are used for elimination of inflammatory changes and pain. Unfortunately, they do not cure intervertebral hernia.

picture: herniated disc

During pregnancy is not recommended and physical therapy, which is the basic method of conservative treatment of intervertebral hernia in combination with the wearing orthopedic corset.

Limitation of therapy in this situation is the inability of dynamic monitoring of the course of pathology with the use of x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging.

Answering the question, I would like to know the direction of the protrusion and its dimensions, to assess the feasibility of surgical treatment and the threat of pathology for the fetus and the mother.

In your situation we would advise you to ask the doctor about the likelihood of compression of the nerve roots bulging. If the danger in respect to the occurrence of attacks of lumbago (pain in lower back restricting the extension) and mobility impairments of the lower extremities does not exist, it is better to start treatment pathology after delivery.

At the present time recommend wearing a special bandage for pregnant and slimming lingerie with the aim of preventing progression of the disease under the influence of increasing load on the sacrum during pregnancy.