What should be diet and nutrition in multiple sclerosis?

The Most effective diet for multiple sclerosis was developed in 1996 a scientist Ashton Embry. Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which immune cells are in conflict with myelin and adipose membrane, they are located near nerve endings of the brain and spinal cord. Diet in this disease is of great importance, since its failure could affect the health and development of disease. The whole point of the diet is to avoid foods containing proteins, resembling the myelin that attacks the immune system.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Diet in multiple sclerosis

For the compilation of nutrition in multiple sclerosis to consult a physician. As practice shows, in the diet of the patient should include:

  1. chicken (white meat) and meat of other birds.
  2. Fish and seafood – they contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
  3. lettuce, and parsley, Basil, etc.
  4. the Consumption of vegetables, fruits and food with lots of vitamins and minerals.
  5. Products with unsaturated acids include nuts, vegetable oils and margarine, cereal grains.
  6. To improve the patency of the bowel to add to the diet foods with fiber and fiber.
  7. With the permission of the doctor in moderate amounts can be consumed cognac or dry red wine, it helps to improve blood circulation.

If the patient adheres to the diet, are a vegetarian, you can give up meat, but eating with sufficient protein. When choosing between canned or frozen seafood, make your choice in favor of those products, no preservatives. Even with fast freeze all the useful vitamins and minerals will be preserved.

Breast of chicken in multiple sclerosis

What foods to exclude from the diet

The Use of many products will be excluded from the diet of the patient. First of all you need to avoid foods containing cholesterol. The excess of cholesterol affects the degree of passage of blood vessels. This can lead to deterioration of the patient, reducing the level of physical and mental activity, violation of coordination of movements. From the diet is necessary to remove such products as:

  1. Foods that cause an allergic reaction.
  2. Carbonated soft drinks and other products with high sugar content.
  3. Dairy products (sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, etc.).
  4. Products containing gluten (especially wheat, rye and barley).
  5. Peanuts, peas, and soy products.
  6. Beer.

The Products which can not be excluded from the diet, but to use that need in limited quantities:

  1. to Limit the amount of corn and oats. You can replace rice, but to eat in large quantities is not recommended.
  2. provided that no allergies, in moderation you can eat eggs and yeast.
  3. Food that contains saturated fat.
  4. Margarine, oil for salads and butter, which is added into the cakes.

the dangers of alcohol in multiple sclerosis

bad habits

multiple sclerosis need to take a cautious approach to bad habits.

When Smoking in the body disrupts the circulatory system, in the case of this patient are compounded by functional disorders. Need to get rid of this habit, however, if the patient is not able, it is permissible to not smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day. Drinking coffee to exclude or limit. Not to perevozbuzdenie the body, coffee you can drink in the morning.

From the use of alcohol should be abandoned better. The minimum amount of alcohol increases the symptoms of the disease. Alcohol is very well-breaks down fats and affects the fatty matter and the myelin sheath. The patient with this disease should maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

healthy food

In this disease the body needs vitamins such as B12, D3, omega 3, magnesium and calcium.

Sea fish contains large amounts of omega-3, as mentioned above, it can be taken in multiple sclerosis. However suitable only fish that was caught in the sea.

Mackerel, herring, salmon – these fish species include a lot of necessary vitamins. Omega-3 found in vegetable oils, walnuts, or almond nuts, vegetables.

The Problem with products containing vitamin B12, is that they are not recommended to take patients with this disease. This vitamin can be obtained from seafood, albeit in smaller amounts.

Seafood contain large amounts of calcium and vitamin D, phosphorus for assimilation in the body of the patient. The calcium in the sesame seeds, nuts and dried fruits.

Make the following conclusions. The basis of the diet in multiple sclerosis based on fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits. In addition to diet, doctors recommend taking vitamins and supplements.We should not forget about fluid intake: per day you need to drink at least 2 liters. Useful for temporary exclusion of some products, especially if you are allergic.

A Diet based on technologies developed by Ashton Embry, have helped many patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis. At observance of this diet have improved the condition of patients. The health of patient is the first sign of the effectiveness of the diet, you need to continue to observe. Should, moreover, be remembered that the diet in multiple sclerosis should be balanced. But in any case before you start dieting, consult with a qualified physician.