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Causes, symptoms and features of treatment of congenital multiple arthrogryposis in children

Congenital arthrogryposis, a disease whose causes are still poorly understood, is a pathological disorders of the joints. They appear in the background of certain disorders of intrauterine development of the fetus. This illness has no relation to influenza, and in Greek "arthrogryposis" – "curve joint". Indeed, due to the unnatural joints of the child resemble curved in different directions hooks. To reduce the risk of such ailments a baby, every woman should strictly monitor their health and to be monitored by a doctor during pregnancy.

Symptoms of arthrogryposis

Background to the development of pathology

Not every woman is systematically examined by a gynecologist to identify and timely treatment of some infectious diseases that occur in the genitourinary system. So, become pregnant, hopes that all will pass by itself and will not affect the child's health. This is a big mistake! After all, it is pathological microflora subsequently affects the amniotic fluid in which the child is placed, and many times reduces their number, and appear in the uterus septum or banners that violate the vital functions of the fetus. These changes are among the first and main reasons that cause congenital multiple arthrogryposis in children.

no wonder Nature has created conditions for the development of the fetus, so he had moved about freely in amniotic fluid. They serve as a shock absorber and help the natural mobility of the baby. Undertreated genital infections contribute to the occurrence of inflammatory processes and changes in qualitative composition of water. Their number decreases sharply. The child can move freely and the joints become static state. Subsequently instead of muscle tissue joint capsule formed of connective. Such changes lead to the fact that the child is born with multiple abnormalities of the joints, which are very difficult to fix.

Massage for the treatment of arthrogryposis

For the development of arthrogryposis in children the causes may be of another nature. These include:

  • placental insufficiency
  • anomalies in the development of cancer;
  • viral and bacterial infections;
  • pathological effects of drugs and chemicals.

Some experts call and the influence of teratogenic factors of nature, when there is intrauterine damage to the spinal cord. This disease leads to abnormalities in the development of muscle fibers and their subsequent denervation. Such changes do not allow the joint to develop with his mobility.

treatment of arthrogryposis in newborn

Treatment of disease should begin immediately after birth. Not to say that arthrogryposis is completely curable, but with early diagnosis and application of all available methods of therapy, the child can go to regular school, and his life will become complete.

Conservative treatment aims the primary task is to correct the contracture, or reduce the severity. For this podiatrists using plaster do special styling, which serve to prevent deformation of the foot or the knee joint.

Salt water bottle to treat arthrogryposis

Wearing these devices alternates with physical therapy that caring parents must make at least 7-8 times a day. During these sessions the limb fixed with a splint or splints. After a while after consulting a doctor orthotic products are replaced with new ones, with different angle adjustment.

Great value with arthrogryposis has massage. From 3 weeks of age in the medical school doctor or parents house sessions stroking and vibrating massage, using reflexes Moro and Robinson. Thus, increased tone, flexion movements of the limbs returning to normal. These procedures are for 15-20 sessions. Physiotherapy and massage are interspersed with mandatory physiotherapy. These include:

  • salt water bottle;
  • paraffin or ozocerite appliques;
  • chromotherapy
  • electrophoresis with drugs that improve the microcirculation tissues (Pentoxifylline, Aminophylline, Neostigmine);
  • procedure-pulse and electrostimulation;
  • sessions of phonophoresis (Bishofit gel Contractubex).

Pentoxifylline for the treatment of arthrogryposis

Orthopedic methods of therapy accompanied by drugs neurological effects in the use of which has improved conductivity, blood circulation and trophic tissue.

Using the techniques described above should be conducted within the first 6 months. If the result is negative, then performed surgery aimed at correction of contracture, and subsequently the methods of orthotics.

As preventive measures assign wearing orthopedic shoes, splints, corsets.A necessary step in the treatment is the selection of a specialized health resort that your child must attend each year.

Arthrogryposis is a complex disease, but with proper treatment and patience of the parents, the forecast is positive.