What is called multiple scoliosis

Multiple scoliosis – diagnosis in medicine does not exist. However, some Internet users try to find its definition. When a Clinician sees this term, subconsciously he POPs the assumption that people looking for information about multiple sclerosis, but getting tangled in the Latin definition, gaining a "scoliosis". However, it is by this term readers come to the site, so try to provide them with detailed information.

what is multiple scoliosis

What are the features of pathology

The Definition of "multiple" is translated as "distant, existing in several places". This prefix is used by doctors in respect of sclerosis. The disease is characterized by lesions membranes of nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord, causing them to "close" to each other.

These changes change the position of the spine is offset by an angle exceeding 10 degrees (2-4 degree), limited joint mobility. Perhaps as a result, people coined the term "multiple scoliosis". It means lateral deformation axis in one or more parts of the spine on the background of lesions of the membranes of nerves.

Pathogenetically in scoliosis observed deformation of the vertebral bodies, the redistribution of muscle tone on one half of the body to another, damage to the articular-ligamentous apparatus of the vertebral column.

If the cause of the disease is the sclerosis, first changed the tone of the skeletal muscles of the back due to disorders of innervation, then the curvature of the vertebral axis. Nerve fibers, lacking myelin protective sheath (which is what happens when the disease), "behave" inappropriately. When the contact with each other nerve fibers formed by the effect of "short circuit" like electricity. As a result, you experience the following symptoms:

  • Short-term sensitivity in certain areas;
  • Pathology of vision with the appearance before the eyes dark spots, blurred vision, doubling objects;
  • a sense of weakness in arm or leg;
  • Frequent urge to urinate, a feeling of weakness in arm or leg.

myelin sheath of nerves

Against this background, possible symptoms of multiple scoliosis (of course, if you accept the existence of this definition in fact). They are formed due to imbalance of the skeletal musculature in which the muscle frame of one half begins to "drag on" vertebral column.

Pain in the pathology appears not only due to infringement of spinal nerves, but also due to destruction of the pain center in the brain. By the way, with multiple sclerosis predominantly affects young adults (19-25 years). While they often have pain in the projection of the cervical vertebral column (5-6 cm below the neck). As a rule, the pains are transitory, and therefore not cause a person to seek medical advice.

The Cause of this pain syndrome is destruction of the myelin sheath of the nerve in brachial plexus and not the scoliosis of the neck. In the latter case, the pain syndrome is characterized by a certain duration and regularity. It increases in the morning after sleep and when lifting heavy objects.

What is multiple sclerosis

It is a disease of the nervous system that affects the brain and spinal cord. Accompanied by a violation of transmission of nerve impulses between these anatomical structures due to the destruction of the upper protective sheath of nerve fibers – myelin. It is overgrown by connective tissue (sclerosis).

The Early stage of pathology is characterized by acute symptoms. Consequently, it is difficult to diagnose the disease. The symptoms of pathology are variable, making it more difficult detection of the disease. Sometimes the symptoms of scoliosis that formed its background, are observed before the manifestation of multiple sclerosis.

Etiological treatment of the disease does not exist. Pathogenetic link in the formation of immune complexes against the membranes of your nerves doctors also can not eliminate. They can only apply supportive therapy. However, manifestations of disease in people are various, so you need to develop an individual program in each case.

Thus, the term "multiple sclerosis" has a right to exist, if a lateral curvature of the vertebral column is formed on the background of violations of the conduction of impulses along the nerve fibers of brain and spinal cord. And method of diagnosis of both diseases one is magnetic resonance imaging.