The symptoms and treatment of allergic arthritis in children and adults

Allergic arthritis – joint inflammation that occurs as a result of infection in the body, metabolic disorders, and prior injury. This disease affects a specific joint, but sometimes applies to a group of joints. Arthritis is acute or chronic. To severe arthritis include polyarthritis, affecting most of the joints. If the lesion occurs in one joint, it monoartrit. What are the reasons in which you receive arthritis? The main cause of allergic arthritis is susceptibility to allergies. With reduced immunity the arthritis quickly. Therefore, allergic arthritis in most of the cases detected in childhood.

allergic arthritis

Often the cause of the disease is a bacterial or viral infection that enters the body in case of serious traumas and surgical intervention. External irritant, provoking arthritis, can be, for example, pollen of flowering plants, animal hair, exotic food.

arthritis Symptoms

Allergic arthritis begins suddenly. Sometimes the symptoms gradually Mature (for some time). With the defeat of the knee joint while walking, the pain occur, prolonged walks appears limping that occurs from overwork. Arthritis often accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting. Over the damaged joint redness appear, often accompanied by itching. Thus there is a constant worry. Visually, allergic arthritis, the symptom of which is swelling, you can determine with the naked eye. Such signs are typical of other diseases, so diagnosis may present some difficulties. To avoid this, you must correctly match all of the causes, symptoms and on this basis to draw conclusions.

fever arthritis

Diagnosis and treatment

To properly diagnose, it is necessary to investigate intra-articular fluid. Is puncture and synovial fluid is produced the sowing. After a certain time for sowing is determined by the type of infection. Further assigned to a blood test that helps to determine the type of inflammation. Effective diagnosis using ultrasound, when it is determined the condition of the joint and the fluid, the swelling of tissues. After the diagnosis treatment.

Treatment allergic arthritis may take a long period (in some cases lasts up to 2 years).

An incorrect treatment of the arthritis becomes chronic. Treatment of arthritis the child should be treated with responsibility and patience, because in the course of treatment includes medications, physical therapy and massage. When the sanitary-resort treatment it is important to ensure that the child's activity was kept to a minimum. During therapy often used special tires designed to restrict movement in certain areas of the body. If integrated treatment is not effective enough, surgery is appointed.

Massage for arthritis

Many parents afraid of the side effects of medication. If arthritis treatment is possible to carry out using other drugs, then the treatment is focused on the use of homeopathy, no side effects. When it is impossible to use medicines for chronic arthritis, the use of folk medicine.


To cure allergic arthritis, you first need to establish the cause of the disease. After examination, the doctor prescribes painkillers anti-inflammatory drugs.

At the initial stage of treatment are assigned non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which reduce pain. These include ibuprofen, diclofenac, Ketorolac. Also prescribe painkillers for external use: voltaren, Fastum gel, phenylbutazone. Usually non-steroidal anti-medication groups prescribed for short term use low doses. In acute manifestations of the disease used antihistamines: diphenhydramine, suprastin. If the first two groups of drugs are not suitable for a number of contraindications, use homeopathic remedies.

Cabbage leaves for arthritis

The Drugs, based on homeopathy, no side effects, so can be used separately or in combination with others.

traditional methods

There are many methods that can get rid of arthritis, but the most efficient are the people. In order not to hurt yourself, before trying traditional medicine, consult the doctor. Here are some of the recipes:

  1. the Compress of cabbage leaves and honey. The cabbage leaf need to make a few cuts and submerge in hot water until hot. When the sheethot, spread a thin layer of honey and apply to the inflamed place. Top wrap woolen scarf. After a few applications the pain will go away and the joint will be restored.
  2. Salt compress. To prepare the solution you need to take 1 tbsp salt, 1 l of pure water, 100 ml of liquid ammonia and 10 ml of camphor alcohol. All components to mix before formation of white flakes. In the received liquid to moisten the cloth and apply to the affected joint, shook his top of the cellophane. Salt compress can be used several times a day.
  3. Potato poultice. Fresh potato grate and heated in water to room temperature. The resulting mass is applied on the affected joint and wrap with polyethylene, and on top – a warm cloth. Leave for the night.

All these tools relieve the pain.