Types of arthritis of the ankle joint, the main symptoms and treatment

Today common and complex disease is arthritis of the ankle joint, the symptoms and treatment which should only be done under the supervision of a qualified physician.

Symptoms of arthritis of the ankle joint

It has Long been known that the ankle joints are in constant motion and therefore they are obliged every day to withstand the load in the form of our body mass. However, not all the joints are 100% doing your job well, and developing such disease as arthritis of the ankle joint, which is in the list of classification of diseases ICD 10, made by specialists of the world health organization.

the Discomfort and discomfort that had appeared in his ankle and limiting the ability to walk normally, are very serious and significant problem for humans. that is why the problem associated with the development of a complex inflammatory disease, is not only medical, but social.

main Causes and symptoms

The Main causes of such severe disability:

  • trauma
  • infection
  • genetic predisposition
  • a metabolic substance in the human body;
  • hypothermia
  • overweight.

Hypothermia is the cause of arthritis of the ankle joint

we Must remember that for the appearance of arthritis is sufficient only one of these factors. In addition, such a heavy disease involves the presence of a variety of symptoms that are quite typical for all types of arthritis:

  • increased temperature
  • pain;
  • a feeling of stiffness in the joint for a long time;
  • swelling
  • redness
  • weakness.

Almost all the symptoms of the disease is increasing gradually. In the beginning, you can highlight the emergence of so painful sensations after changing the amplitude of flexion of the leg. The patient may feel pain while wearing even the most comfortable shoes, because of ankle edema.

Classification of arthritis

Today we know that the classification of arthritis most often is dependent on the symptoms and nature of its occurrence. Among the most common types of serious illness it should be noted reactive arthritis ankle joint, which often develops on the background of previously transferred skin infection or disease of the mucous membranes.

overweight is the cause of arthritis of the ankle joint

Often found so-called periarthritis. The disease is characterized by painful inflammation of the tissues that are near the affected joint. Because of damage to the ankle may develop traumatic arthritis. A fairly common gouty arthritis is starting to bother the person after the growth of uric acid which is deposited in the joints and tissues.

But the most serious and severe in the treatment of arthrose-arthritis of the ankle joint can be diagnosed during almost 100% destruction of cartilage. However, the most unpredictable of all types of diseases of the joints is known as rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is an inflammation of the joint, in which a person because of the presence of genetic predisposition very often can feel not too pleasant weather.

In medicine there are two forms of arthritis of the ankle that can be successfully treated at home, using not only pharmacy drugs, but also common folk remedies. The acute form of the disease is often accompanied by symptoms such as, for example, prolonged pain and deterioration of the General condition of the patient.

As the most common chronic form of the disease, it may, under the influence of certain factors be exacerbated by poor functioning of the joints, which almost completely destroyed. If the disease for a long time does not respond to treatment, may develop thickening of the ankle, whereby the foot will be in an unnatural position. And if the patient will not pay attention to it, in the near future he faces the atrophy of the leg muscles and difficulty in flexing the foot and walking.

Swelling ankle joint arthritis

To Diagnose arthritis of the ankle using the most common methods:

  • modern computed tomography
  • General analysis of blood and urine;
  • ultrasound
  • immunological examination;
  • magnetic resonance imaging
  • biochemical analysis
  • arthroscopy
  • radiography.

clinical management of patient

Effective andearly treatment of arthritis in almost all cases, depends on its form. For example, in the presence of acute forms of this disease should ensure that the joints warm and at rest.

To do this, doctors recommend that patients be followed for a certain time of bed rest. As the most appropriate assistive devices should be used convenient crutches or canes. The inflammatory process and the development of further infection can be suppressed with the right mix of antibiotics. Most modern anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can very quickly eliminate discomfort, pain and reduce body temperature. If the doctor finds an unsatisfactory condition of the patient, he can recommend him to use a General tonic.

Elevated temperature with arthritis of the ankle joint

In the chronic form of arthritis ankle treatment involves a comprehensive approach. Along with the above activities must adhere to the diet. Every day you should pick up the products, taking into account the needs of the human body in unsaturated fatty acids, which can, for example, can be found in red fish.

You Need to regularly get useful vitamins for the body, which is filled with fresh greens, vegetables and fruits. Special attention is recommended to be given to the presence in the ration of poultry, because it contains the necessary for joint tissue collagen. In addition, a healthy diet should include the elimination of the consumption of large amounts of sugar, salt, fatty foods and various spices.


The Most effective medication of the disease begin only after examination of the patient and final diagnosis. In order to relieve the inflammation, most commonly used non-steroidal drugs:

  • Ketoprofen
  • diflunisal;
  • aspirin
  • ibuprofen.

All of these medications are able to eliminate many of the symptoms of the disease. However, in this case, we should not forget about the presence of some side effects from the gastrointestinal tract.

Tomography for the diagnosis of arthritis of the ankle joint

Chondroprotectors and their effectiveness

For the normalization of metabolic processes in cartilaginous tissue, the physician may recommend the patient regular intake of chondroprotectors. They will help to saturate the nutrients the cartilage will slow down its further destruction and will contribute to its recovery.

In an ordinary home can be quite successful medications that contain chondroitin sulfate. This substance is the main building material for joints, which significantly reduces pain, prevents the destruction of joints and perfectly stimulates the production of the required number of interarticular fluid.

The Most effective drugs:

  • “Artron”;
  • “hondroksid”;
  • “Artron Flex”;
  • “hondrolon”;
  • “Artrodar”;
  • “Mucosal”;
  • “teraflex”;
  • “Alflutop”;
  • “Arteparon”;
  • “Rumalon”.

arthritis Treatment ankle medication

physical therapy and physiotherapy

If you have a serious and severe illness, the patient should not neglect such long-proven methods of treatment, like massages and medical gymnastics. Through these procedures, you can gradually improve the performance and condition of the joints. The most effective is santorno resort treatment, which in most cases prevents the occurrence of re-development of the disease. In profile sanatoria under the supervision of specialists in patient warming and patient mud therapy foot. In addition, to restore mobility in spas you can use the whirlpool and therapeutic baths.

how to treat a serious ailment, it can tell a qualified physician. For example, if too severe forms of the disease, the specialist recommends the surgery. Such a measure is fully justified and used only if the patient threatens deformity of the ankle. Such operations in most cases is aimed at providing further mobility of the affected joints. As the most acceptable variants of surgical intervention in complicated cases may be considered urgent prosthetic joint. This procedure could save the health of not only children but also adult patient.

Methods and techniques of traditional medicine

using the recipes of traditional medicine for arthritis aims to gradually improve the immune system and resistance of the human body disease. The natural medicines to reduce severe inflammation and localize unpleasant sensation of pain. Traditional methods should be combined with the admission of drugs, which are prescribed in outpatient clinics.

For example, professionals who deal with folk medicine, it is recommended to treat arthritis of the ankle with the help of turpentine. Itit is necessary to add water during hot baths. In addition, the turpentine can be rubbed into the affected area and pain that will help to eliminate the discomfort.

for a Long time to clear away the various symptoms of the disease will help dosage of tincture that can be made from herbs and plants. This treatment will help to normalize metabolism in the body of the patient. Long-known folk remedies that are readily available for every person successfully treated arthritis and restore joint health. For example, it is possible to regularly take a cedar tincture, which is sold in any pharmacy. This will help the patient to feel much healthier.

In order to remove the swelling in the home, it is recommended to use the massages and compresses. For example, as the most effective means to compress is best to use cabbage leaves, place on top of the joint. Great effect on the aching joints to provide a valuable honey massage, which is performed after visiting the bath. This procedure eliminates pain and improves circulation.

Should be used in the treatment of arthritis of various essential oils. It has long been established that after evaporation of the useful natural oils from the patient gradually lifted the mood and accelerate the immune processes, and it helps to fight the disease and normalize the circulatory system.