Arthritis of the foot: causes, symptoms, treatment, folk remedies effective

Arthritis of the foot – an inflammatory disease of the joints, accompanied by pain and deformity of the joint. Arthritis affects both small and large joints. Arthritis of the foot – a very common phenomenon. It used to be that it is a disease of old age. But the disease affects all age groups. Its symptoms and treatment are interrelated, so the fight against disease should be comprehensive. The foot consists of three dozen bones, which, in turn, connected by eight joints. This is the main point of support when walking. If you do not assign the correct treatment in time, will affect the entire musculoskeletal system from the knees and ending in a spine.

Symptoms of arthritis of the foot

Causes of arthritis of the foot

The Reasons are divided into primary, which arose due to direct damage of the joint, and secondary – from complications related somatic diseases. The primary causes of arthritis of the foot include:

  • trauma
  • anatomical foot deformity, an example could be a disease such as flat feet;
  • weakened immune system
  • heavy physical work;
  • pregnancy
  • hypothermia.

The Last four reasons are not only provided grounds for the emergence of arthritis. But the factors that contribute to its flow, contributing to the development of complications. Secondary causes of arthritis of the foot:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis. The disease is systemic, with the highest frequency affects the small joints. Is autoimmune nature.
  2. Infection. May be specific (tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea), which are characterized by damage of the joints by microorganisms, and nonspecific (Streptococcus, pneumococcus), the occurrence of purulent arthritis.
  3. Gout. Also called the disease of kings. Because of impaired metabolism of uric acid is deposited in joints, causing acute arthritis.
  4. in case of psoriasis lesions. One of the stages of the manifestations of this chronic disease is psoriatic arthritis, affects joints of the hands and the small joints of the foot.

Hypothermia is the cause of the arthritis

Many factors can be avoided by properly treating your health and leading a healthy lifestyle. Timely treatment to the doctor you can avoid developing the disease.

the Main symptoms and signs of disease

Arthritis of the joints of the foot is a disease contributing to the destruction of joint structure, already in the early stages there are characteristic signs:

  • pain when walking;
  • swelling and increased local temperature in the area of the affected joint;
  • restriction of normal mobility;
  • deformity of the foot;
  • malaise.

The Early signs are associated with accumulation of fluid in the joint cavity, resulting in the observed damage of the surrounding soft tissues. First a serous liquid will be, upon accession of infection or trauma it is possible to have accumulations of pus or blood. The defeat distinguish between mono - and polyarthritis. The cause of the destruction of several joints is rheumatism. In this case, the disease are exposed right and the left feet.

Trauma is the cause of the arthritis

Diagnosis, possible complications

When the wrong treatment or delayed treatment to the doctor arthritis can cause the development of osteoarthritis – degenerative diseases, which are destruction of cartilage of the joint. The consequences of this disease are extremely serious. Often restore normal mobility in the affected limb is possible only by surgery. In this case the destroyed cartilage is replaced by artificial.

Arthrose-arthritis is also a complication, is characterized by inflammatory process, combined with mechanical lesions of sustiva-ligamentous apparatus. Manifests itself as a dull pain that occurs first in the load on the affected limb. With the further deterioration of the pain occurs at rest.

To Identify arthritis of the foot is not difficult in the analysis of complaints and examination of the patient. For instrumental confirmation using x-rays and MRI. The study clearly shows the presence of fluid in the joint cavity. X-ray study using contrast method.

In order to clarify the causes of such a disease, carry out a blood test for determination of C-reactive protein (rheumatism), uric acid (gout). Also conduct the collection of data on chronic and infectious diseases and possible injuries.

Weak immune system is the cause of the arthritis

What is the treatment?

How to treat arthritis of the foot, must decide only a doctor. Do not self-medicate, it can worsen their condition and course of the disease.

The treatment helps by removing inflammation,elimination of pain and restoration of affected tissues.

Treatment of arthritis of the foot is divided into several stages:

  1. the Use of anti-inflammatory and pain medication.
  2. Puncture of the affected joint. This method is used both for diagnostic purposes (to determine the nature of the fluid, presence of microorganisms), and treatment and decreases the pressure inside the cavity. Medication delivery can be made directly at the articular bag.
  3. exercise therapy.
  4. physical Therapy.
  5. Reducing mechanical stress by the use of orthopedic designs.
  6. Surgery.

As a medicinal treatment using a combination of these medications: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, painkillers, antibiotics and tools that restore the affected areas of the joint.

Physical activity is the cause of the arthritis

The Decision to appoint medicines are taken only by the doctor based on the symptoms, the severity of the disease and are hypersensitive to particular funds.

Puncture is used in a sufficiently large volume of fluid in the joint capsule. When the deterioration inside the injected steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, and if there is infection, antibiotics. Needling greatly improves, pain and swelling reduced.

These types of therapy used in the treatment of "inside." To consolidate the results of treatment of arthritis of the feet apply therapeutic exercise and physiotherapy, acupuncture. In fiziolechenie carry out heating, magnetic therapy, massage and electrophoresis.

To reduce the load on the joint it is recommended to use special orthopedic shoes, arch supports. When severe pain or damage it is better to use a cane.

In the case of strong deformation and destruction of the cartilage of the hip replacement is used.

You Need to take into account all the symptoms, and then treatment will be matched correctly.

exercising with arthritis

Diet therapy

The diet for arthritis is to reduce the acidity of the body. Recommend daily to consume a lot of vegetables. In advanced cases or aggravation of arthritis of the foot it is recommended to completely switch to raw vegetables.

The First thing to stop Smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine. For diet for gout should refuse products that contain substances, synthesizing uric acid. It's offal, fried, beans and cauliflower.

for all types of arthritis need to increase the amount of calcium in the diet. This is accomplished by taking in dairy products. To restore the cartilage should be added to the diet of fatty fish and seafood. The menu should be varied, including the basic vitamins and minerals.

Promote the excretion of excess fluid fasting days on boiled rice. Effectively removes synovial fluid and salt.

Diet for arthritis is a good Supplement to the basic treatment.

Surgical treatment of arthritis

Folk remedies

To relieve the disease, you can use folk remedies. Should warm aching joints with baths with salt. Also for these purposes you can use the sand. Is strictly prohibited the use of warming procedures, if you suppurative arthritis. A decoction of chamomile and Linden will help from chronic inflammation.

Take It on a teaspoon before meals the course of one month. You can drink a decoction of elderberry, nettle, yarrow, to help with the pain and relieve inflammation, they also have bactericidal action.

Well established paraffin bath, which relieves the pain in the symptoms of arthritis, reduce swelling. All traditional methods in any case should not replace conventional treatment. This adjuvant therapy.

For the prevention of illness needs to follow the rules:

  1. diet.
  2. Protecting the joints from excessive impact, use a special orthopedic design. Do not overwork in daily life and during exercise.
  3. to Avoid hypothermia, for patients joint use of hot water bottles, hot compresses.
  4. to Perform gymnastics. Need to walk a course of physical therapy to familiarize yourself with the techniques. Later exercises can be repeated at home.
  5. If you have symptoms of arthritis, watch the weight of your body. The presence of excess weight will increase the load on aching joints.

Especially for children

The Most frequent cause of arthritis of the feet in children are systemic polyborate joints or post-traumatic arthritis. There are several types of this disease in children with juvenile chronic arthritis (can affect one joint, so much), systemic juvenile arthritis and juvenile spondyloarthritis. Is the characteristic lesion of the small joints of the foot.

Is used For the treatment of steroid anti-inflammatories. The disease runs hard, affecting many organs and systems.

For the rehabilitation of such patients using physiotherapy and exercise therapy. At home herbal teas are used, paraffin baths and wraps, hot compress. During remissions should send the child in sanatorium-resort treatment.