What should be the nutrition and diet for gouty arthritis?

Gout is a very serious disease in which along with medication prescribed and special diets. Diet for gouty arthritis necessary to lose extra pounds and maintain the body as a whole. When this disease affects the joints and is a big burden on all the internal organs. In the body is the metabolic disorders of purines that causes increase in uric acid in the blood and the deposition of urates in the joints. In other words, the joints going to the salt that may be wrong with their work. This process is accompanied by pain and inflammation of tissues.

Symptoms gouty arthritis

Doctors insist that diet for gout and arthritis helps prevent the effects of the disease, as obesity and kidney stones.

The diet is the exclusion from the diet of a number of products, which contain high level of purines.

Prohibited products:

  • canned fish
  • salt and salted fish;
  • beef or pork liver, kidneys, tongue;
  • cranberries, raspberries, figs;
  • sorrel, spinach, cauliflower;
  • peanuts
  • mushrooms
  • legumes, peas, beans;
  • chocolate, tea, coffee;
  • soups on meat, fish, mushrooms.

Dairy products in gouty arthritis

Permitted foods:

  • dairy products
  • cereals
  • bread
  • eggs
  • fruit and vegetables
  • melted butter
  • vegetable or olive oil.

Diet and diet prescribed by physicians, given the complexity of the disease. There are many medical diets. Names they have, they are classified by numbers, sometimes to add a letter. When gouty arthritis is mostly prescribed diet No. 6, for more complex flow – No. 8 and No. 5.

Features and the basics of diet №6

first of all, the diet is appointed to facilitate the work of the kidneys and helps to excrete the products of metabolism. Per day should consume 70 g of protein, 400 g carbs, 80 g fat, of 1.52 liters of fluid, 10 g of salt. The calorific value of 2,500 kcal per day. Diet for gout requires every 7 days to do a fasting day, milk-fruit diet.

the Use of water in gouty arthritis

Hungry fasting days are strictly prohibited. To be eaten 4 – 5 times a day in small portions. Between meals you can drink water without gas or other permitted beverages.

a Detailed description of the permitted products

Bread wheat or rye is permitted. It is necessary to abandon the products of puff pastry. Baking is not recommended.

Soups are an integral part of any diet and is included in meals for gout. Soups can be eaten on vegetable broth with different cereals. Welcome dairy and fruit dishes, the beetroot soup and hash. It is not necessary in the diet for gout include spinach and sorrel.


Meat and fish should be lean, we need to consume steamed, stewed or baked form. It is forbidden to eat meat of young birds and animals. Should limit intake of sausages and smoked meats. The portion of meat should be 150 – 160 g

The diet for gout are welcome dairy (low fat cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream) and fermented dairy (yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk) products. You can eat one egg per day in any form.

Grains can be consumed any kind, except peas and oatmeal.

Very good diet for gout use of vegetables. Recommended to eat frequently, in raw and in processed form. Preferably before use, to remove peel. You can not eat pickles, marinades and brines from vegetables. Purslane, rhubarb is also excluded from the diet.

As for fruits, they also can be consumed in any form. You can make fruit salads with yogurt, cottage cheese and nuts, is allowed and milk pudding with berries. Must contain dried fruits: they have a beneficial effect on the General condition of the body, removes salt, toxins, as well as promote good kidney functionality.

the Use of briar with gouty arthritis

sweet you can eat the marmalade, candy without chocolate and with less sugar and food coloring. Honey to eat small meals, with milk or 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach. Honey is very useful for immunity.Sauces should be prepared vegetable broths. Allowed sour cream dairy and tomato sauces. The seasoning in the dishes should be used with caution. Too sharp seasonings and spices such as horseradish, mustard, pepper, associated with gout. You can use dried parsley and dill, Bay leaf. Vanilla, cinnamon, and citric acid to be consumed in small amounts. Meat and fish seasoning to add to food is strictly prohibited. Pickle dishes have as little as possible. Salt promotes water retention, which can lead to kidney stones.

drinks great benefits of a decoction of rose hips and dried fruit (dried apples andpears). Strong drinks such as coffee and tea, it is better to replace a chicory. It is advisable to drink fruit drinks and juices are only homemade and freshly prepared. Milk and fermented milk drinks should be low in fat percentage. Water should be purified and without gas.

The diet for gout is necessary to consider the quantity and quality of fat in cooking. You may only use dairy fat and vegetable origin. Animal fat eaten is prohibited.

Basic rules of the diet №8

The diet for gout people with more weight adds more stringent diet number 8. The basics are the same as diet No. 6. The difference is that restricted fluid intake, prohibit the products, stimulating the appetite. Thus, expanding the list of prohibited products.

the Use of potatoes for at gouty arthritisProhibited:

  • products made from wheat flour
  • potatoes
  • pasta
  • semolina, rice cereal
  • fruits high in sugar.

Principles of group No. 5

This diet is appointed, if there are problems with the liver and gallbladder, when recovering from chronic diseases. Diet include products with normal content of protein and carbohydrate, restriction are foods with high fat mass. Based on diet No. 6. Forbidden sour, salty, spicy and fried foods.

With any diet need is exercise and physical activity. Inactivity slows down the healing process.