Effective ointment for arthritis and their analogues

To eliminate the painful symptoms will help you a special ointment for arthritis. It is able to deliver nutrients straight to the site of disease. Acute arthritis - this is a serious problem that is accompanied by severe pain and stiffness in the affected joint and swelling. Ointment for arthritis is used for emergency first aid and the complex therapy. There are plenty of drugs that successfully treat a variety of joint pathology. This can be applied not only pharmaceutical ointments, but also those who are preparing at home.

Problem arthritis

Pharmacy tools used for arthritis

There are various ointments that have been used effectively for arthritis and have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and warming effect. It's good for arthritis and osteoarthritis ointment "Voltaren Emulgel", which contains diclofenac. This drug is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it quickly removes even acute pain.

Preparation is a Good and "Fastum gel" that helps to cure inflammation of the difficult and practically not having any side effects. It quickly and deeply penetrates the tissues and helps to relieve symptoms in the shortest time. A similar tool is perfect for getting rid of pain and restoration of motor activity in full.

Gel "deep relief" is a complex action, because this product has high-quality anti-inflammatory effect and relieves pain.

That treatment can be most effective and productive, you need to consult a doctor who will be able to find a suitable remedy.

Fastum-gel for arthritis

Homemade ointment for treatment of the disease

To Treat arthritis can not only pharmaceutical ointments, but also your own.

Well to get rid of knee arthritis balm, made with mustard and honey. It is necessary in equal proportions to mix the honey and mustard and add a little salt and baking soda. Ready mixture must be applied on aching joints, while carefully rubbing them. Means to hold for about an hour after applying and then rinse.

If you have arthritis of the knee joint, it is possible to cope with it using a special ointment made from herbs. To prepare such tools need fresh herbs and butter or clarified fat. In equal proportions should be mixed flowers of clover, St. John's wort and hop cones. All plants are carefully grind and mix, squeeze the juice and then mix it with oil. The resulting mixture RUB into the affected joints, wash it off after it's not needed.

homemade Ointment is perfect for treating knee arthritis, because it helps to quickly remove even the most severe pain.

deep relief for arthritis

Pain in knee joint

The Pain in my knee restricts movement and can practically immobilize a man. To get rid it requires a comprehensive approach:

  • drug therapy;
  • physiotherapy
  • elimination diet, getting rid of bad habits.

If you have arthritis of the knee joint, it is necessary to use hot ointments and cream, which perfectly recover the entire circulatory system. You can apply the different gels with medical bile, because they warm up not only outside, but also affect the lesion focus.

In diseases of the joints shows the use of chondroprotectors, which have a General positive effect. In their composition contains dimexide, which quickly penetrates the skin and removes existing inflammation. In addition, funds on the basis of Dimexidum is able to restore good joints mobility, they can be used for prevention.

giving up bad habits for the prevention of arthritis

Other drugs

Arthritis can occur in various joints. To get rid of arthritis of the fingers will help the ointment to RUB into the joint, during the formation or exacerbation of arthritic nodes. You should use pain medication that will help greatly reduce soreness. It is best to apply ointments, made on the basis of natural components. These drugs have virtually no side effects and contraindications, but you still need to consult the doctor.

Arthritis of the foot well will help not only pain, but also hot money. They are composed of red pepper, and snake or bee venom. These funds are mainly intended to raise the temperature of the skin, expand the blood vessels and to provide high-quality blood circulation. Ointmentfill the joints with nutrients and improves the metabolic processes in all tissues.

Additionally you should use regenerating ointment, which in composition are somewhat reminiscent of the warming means. They basically have a snake or bee venom. Due to the effect of the components is local irritation of the affected area, which affects blood flow not only to the joint but also to the adjacent tissues.

This kind of ointments should not be used on their own, because they are composed of toxins, and when used incorrectly can lead to complications. Before using it, or other means, should consult a doctor.