Effective treatment of tennis elbow traditional methods at home

Such diseases as bursitis of the elbow joint, treatment at home be. However, folk remedies should always be combined with classical methods, which prescribes by your doctor.

the Problem of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is an inflammatory process of the bursae. It contains a liquid, its volume can increase or change the composition, leading to bursitis. Synovial fluid is necessary for adequate functioning of the joint, to prevent deformation of the rubbing surfaces.

General concepts about pathology

The composition of the fluid from the Bursa may be purulent, hemorrhagic, serous, fibrous. Hemorrhagic: contains blood, pus contains large numbers of leukocytes, bacteria, fibrin contains strands of fibrin, serous and the least dangerous.

Bursitis divided into acute, subacute, chronic.

Often precedes the development of the disease arthritis, gouty, rheumatoid or psoriatic.

To Lead by the elbow bursitis can trauma professional. This type of injury is prolonged or frequent pressure on the outermost part of the elbow.

The Ulnar bursitis is exposed to different categories of people irrespective of sex and age.

Elbow bursitis

Symptoms of elbow bursitis

The First signs of bursitis is swelling of the elbow and pain. Limited mobility of the joint. In some cases pain is expressed subtly. Sometimes around the protruding part of the elbow forms a swollen red ring.

The Complexity in the treatment of bursitis lies in the fact that many patients turn to a specialist only if you experience severe pain in the joint. It is crucial to identify the disease and prevent its development. After diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment. Most often recommend joint puncture with extraction of accumulated fluid.

In modern medicine is the total cross section of the joint for removal of exudate using a special rubber tube with a balloon on the end. The balloon fills the cavity. The contents are removed using suction needle. After surgery impose some stitches and prescribe physiotherapeutic treatment.

the Treatment of bursitis elbow invasive way

Folk remedies and methods

If you decide to treat tennis elbow at home, notify physician. Only a specialist will tell you how traditional medicines are combined with traditional methods. Not cured in time elbow bursitis can lead to serious consequences including loss of joint mobility.

At home bursitis is treated with compresses and decoctions of herbs.

Effective wraps

The simplest wrap – potato. You will need to take a few raw potatoes, peel them from the peel, cut into thin slices and apply to the affected elbow. Compress secure using a gauze and bandage and leave overnight. Do it carefully, avoid too tight bandaging. Repeat the procedure should be within a month or until recovery.

a Poultice of potatoes for bursitis

There are also more complex way to treat bursitis at home. For its preparation you will need the Golden mustache is a plant from South America that adorn the window sills in Russia. Golden mustache is very effective in the treatment of bursitis. Decoctions, poultices, tinctures from this plant helps to fight different diseases. It's called "home ginseng".

Take 5 grams of powdered mustache Golden mustache, pour the resulting powder with 250 ml of boiling water, let it boil, and then steep for 1 hour. After a time, when the broth has cooled slightly, strain it. You can now dip in warm liquid to the cloth and make a compress on the affected elbow. On top of the napkins should wear moisture-proof layer, and then a warm cap. As the warm cap you can use a wool scarf or other warm fabric. The procedure is recommended to repeat three weeks.

Excellent folk remedy for the treatment of elbow bursitis is flax seed. On the whole course you will need about 100 g of seeds. They should be warm, wrap in cheesecloth and apply to the affected joint. Keep the compress until it cools and repeat the procedure two weeks

flax Seeds when bursitis

A Similar effect occurs when you use sea or table salt instead of flax seed.

Treatment of tennis elbow includes immobilization of the elbow joint. Prolonged immobilization should be avoided. The rapid recovery of the functions of the joint contribute to physiotherapy, such as electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, etc. After 12-14 days, you can try to make movement in the joint, although the feeling may beunpleasant.

As anesthesia are advised to make Kalanchoe, but not freshly picked and frozen. Before freezing the leaves cut lengthwise that would have made drops of juice. Then placed in a freezer and frozen through cheesecloth cut make place to a sore elbow. Remember that directly to the skin to make frozen leaves is not necessary, as this may cause frostbite. The maximum duration of treatment the compress from Kalanchoe – 7 days.

burdock Root – known folk remedy against various inflammations. The plant helps with skin diseases, baldness, acts as a diuretic, diaphoretic and cholagogue.

To prepare the poultice of the burdock you will need 10 g of dry crushed root. It can be purchased at the pharmacy or dig their own. Best suited for the treatment of bunions burdock root two years ago,collected in may and April. The root of young plants is useful if you dig it in September or October.

Dry root pour 500 ml of boiling water and leave for 20 minutes Then soak gauze in the infusion and apply it to the elbow. This tool is indispensable if there is a threat of transition of acute into chronic bursitis. To do procedure advise three weeks. The infusion of burdock root store. If you feel sorry to throw it away, use it for rinsing hair.

Another folk remedy for the treatment of bursitis is a very ancient and effective, but has a characteristic pungent odor. To prepare the compress, you need the chestnut, aloe, bile and vodka. The bile is sold in the pharmacy. To her interfering milled into flour three fruit of the chestnut tree, and three leaves of aloe ground. The resulting mixture was added 500 ml of vodka and insist 10 days. Store the tincture in dark glass vial in a cool place. A poultice of it applied to the aching elbow 1.5 weeks. Be careful with the use of bile, it has rezkoperemennymi peculiar smell.

Recipes for use inside

In the case of joint disease is a very useful grapefruit juice. It should drink 100 g three times a day. It is not advisable to take grapefruit juice on an empty stomach – it can cause irritation to the digestive tract. Drinking fresh juices in General should be limited.

When treating bursitis at home using honey and Apple cider vinegar. In a glass of warm water add a few drops of Apple cider vinegar and put a teaspoon of honey. You should take this drink up to two cups a day after meals during the week.

Ideal for the treatment of bursitis propolis with butter. You will need 15 g of propolis and half a pack of butter. All you need thoroughly and take before a meal 1 teaspoon for 10 days. Means unsafe with increased content in the body of cholesterol.

To Help the bursitis of the elbow may be a prayer to the mother of God of health.