Types, features symptoms and treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

Bursitis of the shoulder joint mostly happens in people who engage in intensive physical activity: athletes, business companies, movers, etc. In this disease becomes inflamed a fragment of the shoulder joint called periarticular bag. It accumulates mixed with blood or purulent fluid. This is the primary feature of the disease.

Symptoms of bursitis of the shoulder joint

Symptoms pathology

finally, bursitis can develop either due to the effects of mechanical damage (trauma) or due to the penetration of germs. As a result, in the joint leads to inflammation, which provokes the accumulation of fluid (called an exudate) in periarticular bag. If the disease happened because of an injury, the fluid is mixed with blood, and if the reasons for the penetration of germs, then the exudate is purulent with impurities. Further, as a result of inflammatory processes usually happens concomitant disease, arthritis. Usually both these diseases are inextricably linked, i.e. without arthritis bursitis does not happen.

The Main symptoms and signs of the disease are as follows:

  • shoulder pain that gets worse when the person moves
  • joint becomes restricted in his movements;
  • swollen soft tissues around a patient space;
  • if the bursitis was the result of trauma, there have been physical changes in the shoulder (it changes shape)
  • significantly reduced sensitivity in the shoulder, numb forearm and hand.

Trauma is the cause of bursitis shoulder joint


The causes of the disease are some:

  • injuries
  • is the result of excessive and regular physical activity (sports, heavy physical work)
  • the result of the gout;
  • impaired metabolism, Allergy, infection, poisoning, lack of immune defense of the body;
  • in addition, the disease sometimes occurs because of unspecified reasons.

The disease occurs mainly in young (usually no older than 35-40 years) men. Mostly it's not too dangerous for health, however if time does not seek medical help, the disease may become chronic, and then healing it much harder.

type of disease

Varieties of bursitis there are several, and each has its own characteristics and features.

Allergy - a cause of bursitis of the shoulder joint

  1. Podkrovelnye bursitis of the shoulder (it is also called modeltoview bursitis).

This type of bursitis is characterized by severe pain in the hand, it is also very hard to take your arm to the side. But the back and forth hand is usually given easily and painlessly.

  1. Subarachnoidally bursitis.

This species is characterized as secondary (that is, it accompanies any other subtype of the disease). It develops when constantly (chronically) injured periarticular bag or when because of an injury can sometimes be excessive deposition of calcium salts in periarticular bag. For this reason such a type of bursitis called bursitis calcinated.

kaltsinirovannoj When bursitis occurs a sharp pain, when a person tries to take the shoulder. for long-term development of the disease process movement of the shoulder more skuybeda – so that it is almost impossible to even move my shoulder. Develops acute inflammation, there is a throbbing pain that spreads to the neck and hands. Furthermore, with the variety of bursitis of the shoulder may occur of the tumor, may increase body temperature. These pains are paroxysmal in nature. One attack usually lasts from several days to several weeks, then subside, then appear again.


  1. Lime (stone bursitis of the shoulder joint).

This variety is one of the easiest and at the same time the most common. Mostly it happens for the same reasons, and bursitis. People played sports or even playing for fun, then there was a dislocated shoulder. It starts to hurt, it may be redness or swelling. All these symptoms may pass by themselves, but can lead to bad consequences. Therefore, you should not tempt fate, he should consult a doctor.

  1. Subdeltoidal.

This kind is expressed so vaguely that only an experienced doctor can for sure say that this is subdeltoid bursitis. Mainly subdeltoidal when bursitis starts to hurt the shoulder and arm. The pain can be so strong that it can't handle any pain medications. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Calculous bursitis.

basically this kind of in their symptoms almost completely likeanother variation of on – subdeltoid bursitis. The same almost unbearable pain, the same swelling, same redness of the skin around the sore spot. The only difference that in this case, the shoulder hurts much more than the hand. Yet accurate description of one sort or another with a doctor.

to consult a doctor for treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

  1. Podkrovelnye bursitis.

This kind occurs when the shoulder is dislocated. When there is a dislocation, the bone in the shoulder joint out of her place and begins to move back and forth. In other words, the bone begins to stretch and compress a part of the shoulder joint – podkrovelnye bag. The symptoms of bursitis podkrovelnogo be expressed as follows:

  • the shoulder is red and sore;
  • when a man raises his hand, the pain becomes stronger;
  • when tap on the shoulder, the pain increases;
  • shoulder swells;
  • can be very hard to increase the temperature.

How to treat bursitis of the shoulder joint traditionally

How to treat bursitis of the shoulder joint? To treat it is necessary, otherwise it could cause all sorts of unpleasant consequences including disability. And remember the rule that the treatment of this disease (in all its subspecies) are comprehensive, and there must be a local, conservative and surgical.

Massage for the treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

  1. If the disease is acute and severe pain, the patient (especially in the early stages) required rest, the sore spot smeared with ointment Vishnevsky and imposed tight bandage.
  2. If chronic bursitis, the shoulder is pierced to remove the fluid. After removal of the site of the surgery washed with a special solution.
  3. When purulent bursitis is treated with LPS. Can also surgically remove the accumulated pus. However, this method of treatment has its disadvantages: opening the wound usually heals very long time.

with regard to surgical treatment, in addition to LPS applied those methods:

  • bag (synovial) partially to fully opened, then processed by special structures;
  • the upper part of the bag is removed and the remaining portion is treated with alcohol and iodine;
  • in severe cases, the bag is removed together with the liquid accumulated there.

However, you can do without surgical intervention. Bursitis of the shoulder joint can be cured with therapy. Therapeutic ways of healing aims to accelerate the process of resorption of malignant fluid in the shoulder joint. To this end, traditional medicine uses a variety of physiotherapy: UHF, dry heat, etc.

deep relief to treat bursitis shoulder joint

To eliminate the inflammatory process, is also used massage and therapeutic exercise.

In addition, enjoyed great success of this method of treatment, microwave treatment and UV-irradiation, especially at the initial stage of the disease.

Very important, sometimes even decisive role provides treatment of bursitis of the shoulder using the ointments. Ointment to relieve pain and inflammation, help restore function of the shoulder and arm. Are usually prescribed ointments Collagen Ultra, Kanatal.

In Addition to these kinds of ointments are applied every nonsteroidal funds, a variety of creams with the content of hormones:

  • voltaren Emulgel: it helps to cure pain and inflammation in the shoulder;
  • Deep relief: he, too, quickly and effectively relieves pain;
  • NUYS-gel: it is a very effective means of relieving pain;
  • ointment Ortofen-2%: reduces pain, eliminates tumors;
  • ointment Fastum gel: relieves inflammation;
  • methyl salicylate liniment, chloroform liniment, substance aliment – all these ointments are successful anti-inflammatory agents;
  • gymnastical, finalgon, Millionen (all of these ointments is well known to athletes, as well warm up the muscles and make them elastic)
  • various pepper ointments, which are also excellent razogrevaem.

Fastum gel for the treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint

Method of application of all these ointments are the same: they are applied on the damaged shoulder joint and to the skin adjacent to the sore joint. They can be applied several times a day, depending on the complexity of the disease.

An Important role, as has been said, in healing bursitis of the shoulder joint play a specially selected physical exercises. A list of such exercises for each individual subtype of the disease. Initially, it is recommended to do simple exercises, then these exercises should be difficult to complete restoration of capacity of the shoulder.

These are All traditional treatment of bursitis of the shoulder joint. And what can offer traditional medicine? Is it possible to heal bursitis at home?

Home remedies

Yes, it is possible to heal this disease and folk remedies. In any case, significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease. There are many sorts of means and methods. Here are just some of them.

the Use of cabbage to treat bursitis shoulder joint

  1. Treatment at home a piece of cabbage.

Takes a fresh cabbage leaf, it removes all the solid cores, the leaf is pounded with a rolling pin until the juice. Sore shoulder grease with oil, and placed on top cabbage leaf with the resultant juice. The sheet is coated with polyethylene and a soft wool bandage. After 4 hour old leaf need to clean up, and in exactly the same way to make a new one. After 3-4 days pain in the shoulder, is a tumor.

  1. Treatment of sugar (instead of sugar you can use flax seeds).

A Glass of warm sugar sand you need to pour in a cloth bag and this bag to fix on a sore shoulder. The procedure is best done at night.

  1. Treatment with needles.

Take 1,5-2 kg of pine, spruce or fir young shoots, needles and cones. They are then boiled and allowed to infuse for 10-12 hours. After that infused liquid was poured into a bath of warm water. These baths should be taken regularly, until the complete disappearance of the disease.

Practice and treatment through the rhizome of burdock.

One tablespoon of crushed rhizomes is filled with one and a half liters of hot water. Insist broth for 20-25 minutes, let it cool, then moisten with the broth of the gauze and put a tight bandage on the sore shoulder. Two hours later, the compress can be removed, as the pain and swelling will disappear.

Follow all recommendations of the attending physician, properly use a variety of ointments and folk remedies. And only after a really competent approach to treatment you defeat any disease. Be healthy!