How to treat purulent bursitis of the elbow joint?

Purulent bursitis of the elbow is an inflammatory process occurring in the cavity of the Bursa around the joint. TOOOhe Fluid that is in there, hit it with a bacterial infection, it becomes purulent. The most common cause is Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, which can enter the cavity of the bag after mechanical injury in the elbow area.

Tennis elbow

A Cause can be even a minor abrasion, which damages the synovial bag, if she took too long to cure. Often this disease affects people who in their profession are forced during the day to lean on the elbow, for example, engravers, watchmakers, and athletes.

Symptoms of purulent bursitis

With this disease the person feels pain in the elbow joint. The skin in this area becomes red and hot, body temperature may exceed 37,5°C. There is also swelling on top of the elbow which may spread to adjacent tissue. If the bursitis is caused by injury, it may ooze pus. The patient feels throbbing in the elbow, often feverish state.

The Disease is provoked by such diseases as tuberculosis, syphilis, or Brucella. The microbes in the cavity of the Bursa can get and lymphatic system, if the patient has purulent inflammation, such as carbuncles or boils. With flu or flu germs get into the region of the elbow joint through the blood vessels.

the Appearance of bursitis in infectious diseases

Sometimes develops acute bursitis, in which there is severe swelling of the elbow joint. Body temperature may rise in this case to 40 º C. Patient feels very weak and feels a headache, he has a disturbed appetite. Acute bursitis is very dangerous to health. Accumulated pus can cause infection the blood and destroy joint tissue. In this case, should be timely treatment.

If you encounter these symptoms the patient should consult a surgeon. For confirmation of purulent bursitis it needs to give blood and urine samples. Appointed ultrasound of the elbow joint, if you need to establish the composition of the liquid can be assigned to a puncture. To determine the type of microbes in the patient purulent fluid administered in the form of injections broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Particular treatment

In this disease sometimes is assigned to the operation to open the abscess. Perhaps a partial excision of the walls of the bag, which has undergone an inflammatory process. The cavity is cleared of pus, treated with antiseptic solutions. For quality of healing after the operation is applied to the splint is removed after about 5 days. In severe case of a synovial bag are removed completely. The wound after surgery is healing slowly, so this procedure is given in a particularly serious situation.

Operation permanently deprives a person of full ability to work, so sometimes instead used puncture, in which by means of a catheter from the cavity to remove the purulent contents. After this procedure, articular bag washed, antibiotics administered, and impose a sterile bandage. Then the doctor prescribes antibiotics, physiotherapy and analgesia. Can be used anti-inflammatories, such as Ibuprofen or Diclofenac. Appointed special ointments and compresses.

Ibuprofen in the treatment of purulent bursitis

For a speedy recovery of the patient after surgical treatment suggest specific exercises that he can perform at home. Importantly, during treatment and rehabilitation to protect the hand from loads.

folk medicine for the treatment of septic bursitis offers this recipe. To connect in the vessel 1 tablespoon grated onions and Laundry soap and 1 tablespoon each of honey. All components mix thoroughly, put on gauze, folded in several layers, and apply to the affected elbow. Secure the wrap with polyethylene and a warm scarf or shawl to keep about 2 hours.

To prevent suppurative bursitis of the elbow joint, you should avoid elbow injury. The wound must be immediately treated. If you were unable to avoid injuries, you should promptly be treated to prevent complications.

If the production activity is connected with constant stress on your elbow joint, you need to wear protective bandages.

It Should be remembered that self-medication in this case is unacceptable, better to ask for help in a medical institution.