Osteoarthritis of the knee: effective treatment of folk remedies

When there is arthrosis of the knee joint, treatment of folk remedies is an effective measure in the fight against the disease. But all assets should be used only after consultation with your doctor.

Symptoms of gonarthrosis

As you know, osteoarthritis is called articular disease that leads to slow destruction of cartilage in the joint. This is because there is a change of endings in the bones, leading to their inflammation. The disease has a very high percentage distribution worldwide and ranks 3rd, behind cancer and diseases of cardiovascular nature.

The disease equally affected both men and women. The disease occurs around the age of 30 years, and the percentage of its existence is increasing every year.

According to experts, the main reasons when you have osteoarthritis of the knee are: metabolic disorders, disorders of hormonal nature, reduction of blood flow to the joint, hereditary factors, aging, injuries and even psoriasis.

Also the factors influencing the development of this disease may be:

  • the fullness of the person giving additional load to the joints;
  • inflammatory processes in the joint (e.g., acute purulent arthritis)
  • poor diet
  • hemophilia, syphilis, tuberculosis, etc. diseases;
  • diseases associated with the thyroid gland, the constant cold, the extensive toxicity of the body.


The Main symptoms of this disease are: pain when stress on joints, reducing their mobility, the emergence of crunch and feelings of tension muscle tissue in the joints, swelling.

Treatment of knee OA should be undertaken as soon as symptoms of disease, it is complex and pathogenetically. In the complex treatment applied anti-inflammatory and pain relievers, alternating with physiotherapy, you can use curative mud and mineral water. The main goal of treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee is to eliminate the factors contributing to its development.

Popular folk remedies in osteoarthritis of the knee

Along with medical ways to cure arthritis possible at home using folk methods. A lot of them.

Dandelion for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Consider some of them.

  1. Treatment flowers of dandelion. Every day you need to eat 5 dandelion flowers, rinsed with boiled water. you Can do the infusion. For these purposes, to take 5 bottles with dark glass and half-fill with flowers, and the remaining space to fill in a triple Cologne. To insist in a dark place for 1 month and RUB at bedtime knees. Even for the treatment you need to dry the leaves, which are subsequently filled with boiling water. Every day 1 tbsp of this mixture must be chewed for as long as need to commit 3 thousand steps. Such treatment folk remedies quite effectively.
  2. How to treat with the help of hydrogen peroxide. This way you can get rid of pain and cramps. You should drink hydrogen peroxide on the following principle: every day add 1 drop, and, bringing their number to 20, start to decrease, until you reach the minimum, i.e. up to 1 drops. Then a month break.
  3. Horseradish poultice helper in the fight with pain. Folk treatment of osteoarthritis through the hell many know, it is distinguished by its efficiency and are very cheap. The horseradish root is crushed with the help of a grater and steams in the pot of water, which is placed on a slow fire. The resulting mixture is placed on pre-moistened in the infusion piece of canvas, which is applied to the sore spot.
  4. traditional methods involve and compress with iodine. Under the statement of the elderly, folk remedies for osteoarthritis of the knee more effective than the methods of traditional medicine. This remedy is a mixture of 5% iodine solution, 10% solution of ammonia, honey, medical bile and glycerine. All the ingredients are taken in equal parts, are mixed and infused over a decade in a dark place. After this time the mixture is shaken and the required amount is heated in a water bath. Before bedtime to the affected area is applied moistened with a broth cloth and insulated with cellophane and woolen fabrics.

Horseradish for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

How to cure the disease with the help of cabbage?

Good helper in the fight against pain in this disease is cabbage, to a greater extent its leaves, which are used both in fresh form and in the form of compresses. Both methods are very effective and remarkably contribute to the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Cabbage juice reduces pain. It is obtainedas follows. A medium-sized loaf is cut into pieces and transfer them in a bowl of enamel, because metal can oxidize and make juice harmful substances. Then cabbage is kneaded with the help of pusher and passed through a juicer. The obtained juice is wetted wool until complete impregnation. Then this fabric is superimposed on the damaged joint. The procedure is done before bedtime. The shelf life of juice for up to 3 days, and it is necessary to store in a dark place.

Used and cabbage leaves. In order to make a compress, with a large cabbage removed the first large leaves, which have the highest richness. The inner part of the leaves are lubricated with floral honey and this side are superimposed on aching joints. All of this is insulated using polyethylene film and woolen fabrics and is left overnight. In the morning remove the mask, and the remnants of honey are removed by means of heated water. A compress applied every day for months.

Cabbage for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

What else is used in the treatment?

To Relieve pain in the joints will help balm with Valerian. For its preparation you need to thoroughly mix 50 g of root of this plant with 125 ml of vodka. The resulting solution is left to infuse in a dark place for two weeks. After this period, the product is applied to the affected area. Rubbing out every day until complete disappearance of pain.

Very effective in the treatment of this disease flakes of oatmeal that are available in almost every home.

A Poultice of oatmeal is quite easy to prepare, and this process takes very little time. What you need to do? 4-5 tbsp of oatmeal filled with water, brought beforehand to the boiling point. Then put the porridge on the stove and boil for 6-8 minutes on low heat. Oatmeal is supposed to be viscous. Then she laid on wool, cotton or linen fabric, which subsequently is applied on the affected area overnight. Compress wrap up with polyethylene and is attached to the body with a bandage. Be sure to cook porridge in front of each poultice, as on the end of the day it loses its medicinal properties.

Yogurt for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Simple but effective methods

Treatment of osteoarthritis with the help of yogurt and eggshells. This compress normalizes the functioning of the diseased joint. For him, the shell of the egg is pounded into powder and mixed with yogurt. The amount of yogurt should be such to make a thick substance. It is put on cloth from flax, which then minimizes "envelope", is superimposed on a diseased joint that is insulated by plastic film and fixed on the leg. The compress is applied each day, the time of use – 2-2. 5 hours.

Packs of chalk and sour milk. The same healing properties as an eggshell, and has ordinary chalk, which is also pounded into powder. To it is added either yogurt or any fermented milk product (e.g., sour cream or yogurt). All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to the affected area. All of this is insulated using polyethylene film or plastic bag and is left overnight. After removing the compress the remains are cleaned with a damp cloth. This Cretaceous compress relieves pain, has a positive effect on the circulation in the diseased joint, removes puffiness.

Treatment of pine. Pine contains a lot of useful substances, including oil esters, which are able to soothe aching feet and reduce pain. For the treatment of osteoarthritis of the used needles of plants, which is used for bathing. In order to obtain a therapeutic tub, you will need a certain number of pine branches with the needles, as well as a few Jerusalem artichoke, cut into small pieces. Components are lowered into a bath of hot water. There also added the turpentine (1 tsp), sea salt (1 kg), honey (2 tbsp). The time spent in the bath is about 20 minutes. Then the skin is carefully wiped with a towel and in the area of the diseased joint is drawn a grid of iodine, and the place smeared with honey. There is applied steamed mesh interior fat pig. Course of treatment: every day for 2 weeks.

The Decoction of onions. The use of this tool will always help you to say goodbye with arthrosis and osteochondrosis, arthritis and gout. 2 large size onions cleaned from the husk and milled. Then the components are boiled in 1 l of distilled water until full of cooking onions. The decoction is taken 1 glass 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Hay baths. These baths are made with severe pain. Taken a hay dust (3-5 handfuls) and filled with water with a temperature of 100oC, the capacity is covered with a lid and cooled to 30oC. Then the solution is poured into the bath. Procedure time: 0.5 h. The Course of treatment: every day for 2 weeks.

All of the above recipes and tips will help you in the fight against such unpleasant disease as osteoarthritis of the knee.