Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint with gelatin

The Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint with gelatin – known method of alternative medicine. But gelatin is not a medicine, it can only be a complement to traditional medicine techniques, plus nutrition, Wellness gymnastics.

Symptoms of gonarthrosis

What is osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the breakdown of cartilage. It becomes thinner, exfoliates, cracks, a result of the bone under the cartilage is exposed, there are seals that will eventually grow, turning into spikes. The deformation of the joint. A person suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, every step brings pain.

Treatment is aimed to relieve the inflammation in the knee joint. To do this, in joint injections of hydrocortisone, diprospan, flosteron and other anti-inflammatory agents.

To replace the synovial fluid injected hyaluronic acid, which slows the development of osteoarthritis. To prevent the destruction of cartilage appoint protective agents that improve the metabolic processes in the knee joint and slow down the destruction of tissues of the joint. The course of treatment can last from 3 to 4 months. You need to understand the seriousness of the disease and in time to see a doctor. And treatment of the gelatin will not cure osteoarthritis, but can only give temporary relief. The treatment of the gelatin may be an addition to already prescribed by the doctor treatment.

Scientifically proven that the gelatin has a positive effect on the joints. It is used externally and internally. In the latter embodiment, the gelling agent works better and faster than its external application. Inside it is taken in the form of fruit jelly, meat broth, jellied minced meat.

Gelatin for the treatment of osteoarthritis

Another option in the morning to drink on an empty stomach gelatin. Take a tea spoon of gelatin and pour a Cup of warm water. Wait until the gelatin swell, and fluids will thicken. To make it more palatable, you can add a spoonful of honey or a little lemon acid.

The ingestion of such drugs for three months will make the joints and cartilages stronger. And if this is supplemented with a proper diet – oat cereals, fish, vitamins and minerals, control your weight, you will get a positive result.

Topically applied thickener in the form of rastirok, compresses and ointments. For the treatment of gonarthrosis dry gelatin is applied on the sore knee wrapped in gauze, soaked in hot water. Wet gauze is needed for the soaking of the dry gelatin. With this pack you can walk all day, but easier to do at night.

what is the secret of gelatin

In the gelatin there are many amino acids that increase the elasticity of cartilage and inhibiting destructive processes in them. Gelatin is almost 90% protein, the rest is minerals and water. No preservatives.


The composition of gelatin is collagen, positively affecting the cartilage, as it is needed by the body. Although it is not a cure, still gives a good therapeutic effect. Frequent intake of foods containing gelatin, prevents diseases of the joints. There were also positive effects of gelatin on the body – better hair, slows the aging process, improves memory. According to the above recipe to treat arthritis, arthrosis, sprains. Gelatin treatment is carried out courses. Poprinimat it 10 days, do a ten-day pause. Then the treatment continues.

The Time of treatment is determined by the personal health of the patient and the complexity of the disease. For example, for healing diseases of the spine to drink gelatin to the specified recipe should not be less than three months.

But not all can be treated gelatin.

It is contraindicated to those who have thrombosis, hemorrhoids who suffer from kidney disease, there are kidney stones.

Some recipes medications from thickener

Tincture gelatin. 100 gr. water add 2 tea spoons of gelatin and leave overnight to swell. In the morning, pour 100 gr. Of warm water, stir well and take 30 minutes before meals. Be consumed daily for a month.

Jelly milk. In warm milk (150 gr.) dilute 2 spoons of thickener, add to taste honey, to leave the gelatine to swell, then heat the mixture to the thickener is completely dissolved. Cool the jelly and put in refrigerator. Take 3 times a week.

Aqueous solution of gelatin. In a glass of warm water to dissolve incomplete tablespoon of gelatin, stir and drink. Drink 2 times a day for three months. Strict rules how to treat the joints with gelatin no. But some councils need to adhere to, otherwise there will be constipation, weight gain, can worsen hemorrhoids, gallstones and kidney stones. Patients with diseases of the digestive tract or vascular disease it is better not to drink gelatin.

To avoid side effects, you should follow some rules. So there is no constipation during the treatment the gelatin should be consumed yogurt, cabbage, beets, spinach, nuts, vegetable oils. In order to reduceunwanted effects from consuming gelatin, you should eat dried fruit or drink tea with Senna grass and dried apricots. Tea the ingredients you chopped, pour boiling water and infuse. Drink to drink for the night.

For better absorption of protein gelatin is necessary to suck in your mouth. So the result of taking jelly will manifest faster. The one who fears unwanted effects from taking gelatin, you may apply it topically. If crack joints at night to problem areas can be applied compress:

  1. Take the cloth, fold it several times.
  2. Soak cheesecloth in hot water and wring out.
  3. With cheesecloth pour the gelatin and fold it so that the thickener was inside.
  4. the Bandage is applied to the joint, insulated with polyethylene and a scarf, fix bandage. The compress should be applied during the week.

Given that drugs that completely could cure diseases of the joints yet, but the drugs available in pharmacies are very expensive, the treatment of the gelatin may be an alternative.