Effective folk remedies and methods at pain in the knee joints

There are many folk remedies from pain in the knee joints, many of them passed down from generation to generation. Such popularity is explained very simply, because you can use traditional methods to reduce pain in the joints of the knees may not be everyone, since medicines are often unaffordable. Traditional methods, in turn, will cost the patient a mere penny, but the result will be no worse than the most expensive drugs are advertised on television. However, it should be recalled that before curing the joints in some people's means, the patient should consult with an experienced professional so you don't accidentally hurt yourself.

the Problem of pain in the knee joints

Compresses for pain in knee joints

To relieve joint pain quite often use natural yellow clay. The dry powder dissolved in warm water a paste and a thick layer applied to the affected part. Clay put on top of plastic wrap and wrap the knee warm woolen cloth such as a handkerchief or scarf. Hold compress to 7-8 hours, so it is recommended to do at night. In the morning the remaining mass is washed with warm water. The procedure is done daily during the week. Subsequently, in order to prevent a relapse, make a clay poultice twice a week for two months.

Excellent warming effect and has the usual compress of unsalted lard. It is cut into thin plates and apply to the inflamed areas, fix bandage or cotton cloth, then warm woolen scarf. Compress, like the previous one, impose on all night. The full course of treatment is one week, if necessary it can be extended.

Compress the pain in the knee joints

As a healing ingredient for a warm compress you can also use alcohol tincture of medicinal plants.

To prepare the medicine in a glass jar in equal proportions put the flowers of chestnut, lilac, and dandelion. The amount of flower mixture is 3/4 the volume of the can, the rest fill with vodka. After that, the tank is closed and removed in 2 weeks in a dark place. Upon expiration of finished tincture strain through cheesecloth or a sieve. Next, take the gauze, impregnated with its tincture and apply to the affected area, put the top polyethylene and insulated woolen cloth. Keep the compress for about 10 hours. This method of treatment in just 2-3 treatments is able to remove even very strong pain.

Rubbing for pain syndrome

In 0,5 l capacity of dark glass, put a piece of camphor about the size of a pea. Next, add an equal amount (approximately 160 ml) of sunflower oil, vodka and turpentine, shaken several times. The resulting emulsion can be stored in the refrigerator and at room temperature, the main thing that it does not fall to direct sunlight. Treatment of this remedy should be done daily, rubbing it into the affected area until such time as it is maximally absorbed. After that, the sore spot is wrapped with a woolen cloth.

the Use of rastirok from pain in the knees

To prepare the following tools take 5 chestnut and rubbed them on the small grater. Prepared mass is mixed with 250 ml of turpentine and insist 2 weeks. Keep the product preferably in the refrigerator or other cool place. Use as the previous tool.

When pain in the knees many herbalists recommend the use of tincture of fly agaric, which will promptly relieve the inflammation. For its preparation take a container of dark glass and half fill it with crushed hats of mushrooms. After, pour vodka and leave in a cool dark place for one month. The finished product is used, if necessary, twice a day.

Herbal infusions

When pain in the joints it is advisable to use an infusion of bilberry. To make it simple: take 2 des. L. dried leaves of cranberries and pour a liter of boiling water. Capacity cover with a lid and insulated. After an hour strain the infusion. Take product it 3-4 times a day for 70-100 ml shortly before meals.

The Decoction of the leaves of strawberries – is another wonderful tool that can help you rid of the pain in the knee joints. For its preparation take 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves and brewed them with 0,5 l of boiling water, then put on the minimum fire and warm up for 10-15 minutes. Ready broth strained and consumed as tea throughout the day.

50 g of Bay leaves pour 250 ml of cold water, put on fire and low fire bring to a boil. Then cooled and filtered. Ready broth divided into 4 equal parts. During the following 4 days drink daily 1 part of the broth. Should drink small SIPS throughout the day between meals. This treatment method can be carried out not more often than once in six months.