Level ACCP in rheumatoid arthritis

ACCP in rheumatoid arthritis – a modern method of examination of patients with suspected disease of the joints. Informative serological marker based on a synthetic citrullinated peptide. TOOOhrough this study, you can obtain complete and accurate information about the patient's condition.

Symptoms rheumatoid arthritis

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The Sensitivity of analysis is greater than 75%, and the properties of the couples of biological substances are equal to 97%. Such data allow the diagnosis at the initial stage of the disease and prevent its development.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease that affects the connective tissue of the joints. Often the disease affects the small articular joints, causing inflammation. The root of affliction are the autoimmune response of the body. Occur destructive processes, cartilage disintegrate under the action of the immune system. In the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis are applied immunological research in the laboratory. A blood test helps to determine the presence of antibodies.

Citrulline – component, which is produced in the process of metabolism in the body. It is formed from aliphatic amino acids (arginine) and is the result of biochemical reactions. In a healthy body this element is not involved in the production of protein and excreted from the body.

Rheumatoid arthritis of the hands

In rheumatoid arthritis changes the composition, quantity and properties of various enzymes. This allows the citrulline to join the peptide (amino acid chain). The body rejects the proteins containing citrulline, mistaking them for alien antibodies. This provoked the response of the immune system which produces specific antibodies in addition to citrullinemia cyclic peptide (ACCP).

A Precursor test for antibodies to cyclic peptide is citrullinemia analysis for rheumatoid factor. The latest study does not allow accurate diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to the fact that rheumatoid factor can be insidious.

This method of examination is suitable for diagnosis of some diseases in orthopedics. Using ACCP can determine the presence of antibodies at an early stage, when x-rays are not visible signs of the disease. Timely treatment can prevent the destruction of cartilage.

HACCP-analysis only detects rheumatoid arthritis, as this study is administered after a blood test. Indicators of antibodies changed only in the course of the disease. Rheumatoid factor can be caused by liver disease, tuberculosis, cancerous diseases. In 6% of healthy people rheumatoid factor, which can lead to various pathologies.

ACCP blood for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

The Level ACCP in rheumatoid arthritis is increased to 30%. The review process is considered a complicated procedure. ACCP test is conducted on an empty stomach, no earlier than 10 hours after eating. 24 hours before the diagnosis it is necessary to limit itself in Smoking and consumption of sugary drinks (tea, coffee, juices).


The Diagnosis is as follows: the person with suspected rheumatoid arthritis take blood from a vein. Then it is sent to a centrifuge to obtain the serum. A blood sample can be stored about a week at a temperature (+2°C to 8°C). It can store an unlimited amount of time after freezing (-200°C). Sample thawed only 1 time.

The Process is conducted in vitro, where scattered laser beams. The results of the analysis of blood the patient receives the next day. The rate of antibodies to cyclic peptide citrullinaemia is 3 U/ml. higher ACCP, the faster disease develops.

With the help of obtained results, the doctors determine the level of inflammation of the cartilage in the joints. ACCP gives a complete picture of the disease. His descriptiveness makes it unique. Specialists can prescribe the right treatment, which significantly increases the patient's chances of recovery. In some cases there is complete recovery of joint tissues.

ACCP Level in the blood indicates the degree of the disease. After a successful treatment course this figure is not normal. Therefore, the patient's health must be maintained throughout life. In the course of therapy the patient can appoint additional research:

  • x-ray
  • stool sample.

If necessary, you will need to consult a urologist. The most accurate result when testing for antibody gives MCV. When considering the method of diagnosis is the norm for women is 5 IU/ml antibody level in the blood is affected by the following diseases:

  • lupus
  • scleroderma
  • the thyroidine.

In 30% of cases in this disease the antibodies don't change their composition and properties. Tests for rheumatoid arthritis do not define them. Based on all the data, the rheumatologist makes a diagnosis, prescribes treatment.