The symptoms and treatment of arthritis of the hands

Among the numerous diseases of joints arthritis of the hands is the most common ailment. The inflammatory process affects the joints of fingers, elbows and wrists. Pathological processes in the joint capsule, leading to thinning of cartilage and deterioration of the functionality of the upper limb. Pain during physical activity significantly limit the performance of the patient.

Pain with arthritis of the hands

The Wrist and fingers are very complex and delicate biological mechanism. Exposure to infection leads to loss of functionality of the nerve endings and the emergence of purulent process. Next, you will learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment specific to the disease.

Causes of arthritis

Preconditions for the emergence of arthritis of the joints quite a lot. They are very diverse in nature.

The Main causes of arthritis of the hands such:

  1. Genetic factor. Very often this disease is inherited. Inflammation can begin suddenly, for no reason whatsoever.
  2. Infectious disease. Pathogens infect almost all organs and systems of the body. Prerequisites for the appearance of arthritis of the joints of the hands can be a chronic disease type of tuberculosis, syphilis or diabetes.
  3. Trauma or injury. Mechanical damage not only destroys components of the joint, but also opens the way to infection.
  4. bad habits. An addiction to alcohol, drugs and Smoking leads to the weakening of the immune system, poor blood circulation and metabolism. It affects the joints of the fingers and wrist.
  5. a poor diet. Lack of required amount of minerals, proteins and vitamins leads to disruption of tissue structure and destruction of the joints.
  6. Heavy physical labor or professional sports. Increased load leads to premature abrasion of the moving parts of the joints and their destruction.
  7. Age. The weakening of all vital functions and normal wear and tear of all the organs directly affect the joints in the hands.
  8. cold hands. Intense cold disrupts the circulation in the joints. This leads to necrosis of individual tissues and inflammation.

Age as a cause of arthritis of the handsArthritis of the joints of the upper extremities may be triggered by working conditions. The cold, high temperature or vibration can cause this ailment.


the Signs of arthritis very pronounced. TOOOhey are difficult to confuse with the manifestation of another disease.

The Symptoms have been the following:

  1. the Appearance of tumor in the area of the affected joint. It is extensive in nature, spreading to the entire limb. The skin reddens and becomes hot.
  2. pain that increases with movement. At rest it is of a pulsating character.
  3. Increased body temperature. This suggests that there is a suppuration.
  4. Loss of mobility of the upper limb. Swelling and pain prevent the person to carry out various manipulations.
  5. malaise, headache. This condition suggests that there is an intoxication due to suppurative processes.
  6. Nervousness a patient caused constant discomfort and disability.

High temperature is the result of arthritisIn the chronic form of arthritis symptoms are much weaker. Less worried about the pain, the tumor is not so large. Increased temperature constantly, but the heat is not observed. This may introduce the patient to be confused about the seriousness of the situation. Inflammatory processes in the joints, can cause their complete destruction. The destruction of cartilage can lead to immobility of the upper limb and disability.

Medical aid in all forms of the disease is required.

How to treat arthritis?

If timely treatment to the medical care of the patient quite a lot of chances for complete healing. Time taken inflammation helps to maintain the integrity of the cartilage. The correct treatment contributes to a comprehensive diagnosis.

Is it in these ways:

  1. External examination. It will allow you to set the degree of damage of the limb. During the conversation, the attending physician can determine the cause of the illness and the approximate time of its occurrence.
  2. Conduct all types of tests. The results indicate that all the pathological processes occurring in the body.
  3. x-rays. Picture give accurate information about the condition of the joint.
  4. Consultation with experts. Identifying indirect cause of arthritis, can be faster and easier to cure.

Radiography in the diagnosis of arthritisOn test results, the patient is given recommendations on how to treat arthritis.

On the basis of these recommendations can be used such methodstreatment:

  1. Medical. The patient is prescribed and taking anti-inflammatory painkillers. For cartilage protective agents are accepted. What medicine to take, determined by the rheumatologist, who oversees the treatment. The patient may be administered the pills, injections and ointments.
  2. physical Therapy. On the inflamed part may be the impact of electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, vibration and heat. It can improve the metabolism, eliminate congestion and return the tissues to their natural structure.
  3. Manual therapy. An experienced therapist will be able to reduce pain and return mobility to the joints. Massage you can do yourself. The methodology prescribes a specialist-a rheumatologist.
  4. the Use of mud. It is based on the sulfide. The course of treatment should be not less than 10 procedures. Mud treatment can take place in specialized clinics or at home.
  5. physiotherapy exercises. A set of exercises with a light load helps to restore the joints mobility.
  6. Therapeutic diet. Eating a diet rich in vitamin E, restores the structure of damaged tissue. The patient is recommended to eat sea fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes.

In case of irreversible processes is having surgery. Its size depends on the degree of destruction of joint.

Prevention of disease

This disease requires compliance with certain rules and restrictions. If arthritis is chronic, it is possible to perform preventive measures need throughout life.

At the slightest hint of the appearance of arthritis you should immediately consult a doctor.

Here's what to do:

  • to limit the load on the upper extremities;
  • to regularly take chondroprotectors;
  • to finish the treatment of any disease;
  • to constantly monitor their own weight;
  • to spend more time outdoors, walking and swimming
  • to get rid of bad habits, to limit yourself to sugary and salty foods
  • right and regular meals, giving the body the necessary vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates
  • to avoid hypothermia.

This will help to provide treatment quickly, effectively and to avoid unwanted consequences. Even with the disease can live long and full.