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What kind of doctor treats arthritis and who to call for medical help?

Often the question is, what kind of doctor treats arthritis, concerned about those who at least once in their life faced with this difficult disease. His treatment is purely individual basis and requires a detailed examination. That is why patients ought not lightly to trust their fate to the first medical professional to with a dubious reputation. Choose a doctor with appropriate qualifications must only be carried out after a thorough scan. After all, who cures the disease directly depends on the speed of recovery of the patient.

Problem arthritis

What kind of doctor treats osteoarthritis and arthritis?

A Definite answer to this difficult question exists only if the medical establishment is specialist in doctor-arthrology. He is able to conduct a survey to appoint the necessary tests and treatment. However, such a specialist is a rarity, found only in large Metropolitan medical centers. In small provincial towns it is unlikely to be found.

In this case to investigate the arthritis and arthrosis, as well as prescribe medication can the following experts:

  1. the Rheumatologist. Appeal to the rheumatologist – the surest solution for those who seek once and for all get rid of arthrosis. A doctor with these qualifications will not only be able to carry out a detailed survey, but will constantly monitor the condition of the patient. Generally, patients who applied for assistance to the rheumatologist, get quite good results.
  2. the Surgeon. A specialist task is to investigate the condition of the tissues and give recommendations for their recovery. This approach in most cases has a preventive nature, designed to slow down destructive processes. The arthritis affected areas to restore him is unlikely.
  3. Trauma. Arthritis is a disease that has a quite multifaceted nature, and to exclude in this case a negative echo of previous injuries. Experienced the same trauma will not only be able to accurately identify the cause of osteoarthritis, but will probably prescribe you an effective treatment.

the spread of the arthritis

Comprehensive therapy involves the participation of several specialists, each of which carefully explores a private industry. For best results, they join forces and prescribed a complex of drugs.

But this approach is not practiced in every medical facility. The patient is unsure in the opinion of the attending physician, must refer to other experts, because at stake is his health.

Primary diagnosis

The Mistake most patients is that they are almost 100% confident in their knowledge about all existing diseases. Actually, this position is the greatest misconception that needs to go as quickly as possible.

he Felt some stiffness in the joints, do not delay going to the doctor on the back burner. Timely access to hospital – this is a guarantee that treatment will be quick and almost painless.

At the initial stage it is advisable to enroll to a primary care physician and tell him the whole story of the disease: when did the pain start, what preceded them and what way of life leads people.

After Hearing all the complaints, the therapist will advise, to what doctor to address, or give direction to the tests. To neglect this step is not necessary, because the primary selection is the most important.

It is not necessary to expect from the treatment of very quick results. Sometimes it happens that you first need to install and eliminate the cause of osteoarthritis, and then be taken for the elimination of unpleasant symptoms. However, this practice applies only to those cases where the osteoarthritis is not an independent disease, but a consequence of another disease.

It all takes time and patience, which the patient should be reserved for future use.