What is osteoarthritis of the joints of the spine: types, symptoms, treatment and diagnosis

The Process of degeneration and degeneration of the vertebrae leads to such diseases as osteoarthritis of the spine, the symptoms, the treatment of which should be determined comprehensively, so that one medical therapy is not enough.

the Problem of osteoarthritis of the spine

Symptoms and diagnosis

The Most pronounced symptom of cervical osteoarthritis is a painful sensation when cornering and head tilt. Occipital and neck pain too often are symptoms of this disease. The patient suffering from both osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis, complains on decreased vision, dizziness, and the presence of restless sensations in the ears and chest.

Pain between the shoulder blades during turns and tilts – the first symptom of osteoarthritis of the thoracic. After the appearance of bony growths (osteophytes) violated the sensitivity of the thoracic segment. there is a feeling of morning muscle stiffness.

Symptoms of disorders of the lumbar spine are aching pain in sacral region. The initial phase of the disease manifests as pain with prolonged sitting, sudden movements and exercise. Gradually these symptoms are intensified. Pain starts to disturb at night. In the presence of osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine and degenerative disc disease at the same time the patient has increased muscle tone in the lumbar gluteal region. The hip joints are bad, there is a restriction of their movements. In the thighs there is a feeling of muscle weakness, combined with tingling and numbness.

So what causes osteoarthritis of the spine? Osteoarthritis is idiopathic (primary) and secondary. Idiopathic spondylarthrosis reasons yet to be revealed. However, many affect the development of the disease genetic predisposition, congenital dysplasia and other factors.


Prolonged exposure in an upright position can contribute to pain in the ribs. So there is an origination of costal-vertebral arthrosis. This form of the ailment women are affected more than men. In addition to the painful feelings, the symptom rib-vertebral osteoarthritis can be stiffness after waking up. Advanced forms of the disease becomes a cause of problematic breathing, patients with this form of the rib-vertebral osteoarthritis are often unable to work. It is a disease which develops over several years with a complete lack of symptoms. It is often detected during the procedure magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, radioisotope scanning or radiography on diagnosis of a disease.

What causes illness?

The pathological process Begins with the deterioration of blood supply Podhradie layer of the periosteum. There is thinning and loss of elasticity of cartilage tissue. Further, the disease develops when the ordinary overloads and the occurrences of injuries and microtrauma, causing stretching of the joints, cartilage destruction, reducing the amount of synovial fluid, appear the roughness of the surfaces of the joints. Progressive bony growths (osteophytes). The affected joints are subjected to subluxation. The danger of this disease lies in the fact that when it progression of the cartilage may be subjected to total destruction. Because it treated at the chiropractor without the participation of a neurosurgeon or neurologist is not recommended, as there can be serious complications.

Scheme of osteoarthritis of the spine

The Causes of secondary osteoarthritis are:

  • spondylitis, necrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • trauma of the spine and mechanical damage during the operation;
  • obesity
  • autosomal, vascular and endocrine diseases.

Disastros and arthritis joints

Bootroom joint call connection processes of the vertebrae. Frequent case is bootastic arthrosis of the joints of the spine that develops in patients over the age of 50 years and causes tissue in the bone tissue, disrupting the structure of cartilage and affecting the cervical spine.

Classification of osteoarthritis depending on place of occurrence:

  • with the defeat of the cervical spine there is serviceorders;
  • disastros factor lesions of the thoracic;
  • rib-vertebral arthrosis is localized in the region of 9-10 ribs, contributes to the mass disorders in the body;
  • abnormalities in the lumbar region arise due to the impact of Lumberton.

The Most common form of the disease is osteoarthritis of the cervical spine. This disease appears most often due to elevated or lack of exercise. Prolonged work in a sitting position can also lead to this type of osteoarthritis. Uncovertebral kind of arthrosis of the cervical spine becomes the cause of acute pain in the neck andthe limited movements in the form of manipulation of the hands, pan and tilt head.

Disastros causes destruction of joints and the spaces between them. Symptoms of mild disease, the disease itself is rare. The factors of the emergence and development of disastrosa include the presence of flatfoot, degenerative disc disease, excess weight, congenital anomalies, trauma, microtrauma, aging, significant physical activity. Osteoarthritis of the intervertebral joints of the lumbar-lumbosacral – more "young" and common disease.

Factors of occurrence and development are excessive physical exercise, excess weight, congenital abnormalities, flat feet, injuries and microtraumas.

Appears costal-vertebral arthrosis due to disturbed metabolism and structural abnormalities of drives, infectious diseases. Localization of the rib-vertebral arthrosis – 9-10 ribs. The disease spread most often in older patients.


What kind of treatment can be limited? Without consistency and persistence from the disease not get rid of. Therapy should be comprehensive, i.e. Include not only medicines, but also manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy. The most effective treatment is radiofrequency denervation. When performing this technique electromagnetic waves act on the affected joint. It is minimally invasive, so complications after using it almost does not occur. If all above methods does not improve the condition of the patient, the only treatment will be surgery (facetectomy, laminectomy, and others) with stabilization of the spine with the help of specially designed structures.

Manual therapy in osteoarthritis are effective only in unstarted condition of the disease and in combination with physical therapy, medication, homeopathic treatment and conducting medical physical culture. If time to go to the doctor with the first symptoms, treatment by means of this manipulation improves joint mobility and elimination of muscle spasm and pain. The more developed osteoarthritis, the more the attending physician assigns the session (usually their number does not exceed 10).

This type of manipulation has a number of contraindications: arthritis, osteoporosis, the presence of cancer tumors, vitamin deficiencies, calcium deficiency, myelopathy and other disks. Undesirable conduct method of manual manipulation of pregnant women for a period of 12 weeks. To yourself no harm, not to self-medicate and to expose yourself to manual therapy without a prescription.