Podatocite for men's and women's shoes

Few people know that this podatocite for shoes.

heel spur

With the uncomfortable feelings associated with pain and various degrees of scuffs, a great deal of special design – tab. Orthopedic podatocite represent a device in which correction of anatomical forms. The main purpose – the treatment of diseases and their prevention relative to the heel area. These devices are used to reduce mechanical loads inflicted on the heel of the foot during walking and in the presence of heel spurs, very painful events. Podatocite for shoes is used to compensate the difference of length of the legs.

Simple design, used for shoes, helps to relieve pain. Applying podatocite with calcaneal spur in the process of walking, it is possible to reduce the mechanical load on the affected part of the foot.


The Glides resemble the design of the insole, which is used for shoes. If you cut off the upper part of the insole it will have a configuration that protects the toe during walking and other mechanical loads. Sometimes long standing in one place for many people causes serious pain, feel heels. Different thickness of fixtures allows you to choose the right option that will provide the highest level of comfort the heel when walking. Popular are the four main types of fixtures.

Slim orthopedic podatocite

  1. Use basis, contributing to the depreciation, which is formed of latex with consideration of the anatomical disorders and is packaged in a case made of leather.
  2. Inside leather heel placed shock-absorbing parts, made of latex.
  3. Using the properties of balsa wood to form a shock-absorbing Foundation.
  4. the Use of silicone and gel that protects the heel with cushioning properties of the material during walking.

Indications for use

Very often doctors prescribe to patients of fixtures for the following indications:

  1. As a preventative measure to correct the flatfoot.
  2. In the presence of heel spurs.
  3. Damage to the heels of a traumatic nature.
  4. compensates for differences in leg length.
  5. Anatomical abnormalities of the hip bone.
  6. In rare cases, when heavy pregnant.
  7. As a device for rehabilitation after damage to the ankles.

Effective silicone podatocite with a side

For the proper treatment and prevention of diseases in production use different material. Varying degrees of defects, the development process require special solutions. Gel podatocite softest. Experts recommend to use them in the early stages of disease development.

very popular silicone , similar to gel devices. Silicone podatocite use, as in the first case, early detection of diseases and for their prevention. A more rigid structure, made of leather, used in the presence of diseases in advanced stage of development. Hard podatocite are made of balsa wood. This material is mainly used for corrective purposes.


Independent solution can cause the device efficiency to be used, may not meet the requirements, so the correct solution will be preliminary consultation with the doctor. Best practices will help you understand the hundreds of types of fixtures, the correct choice will provide the most benefit when applying podatocite.

tough pregnancy - indications for the use of podatocite

Choosing the right instrument should be guided by the tasks that are entrusted to it, to determine the shape and the material from which it is made. Prevention and correction are completely different medical terms, this fact calls for a careful examination of the goods used in the future.

Specific material

From the material and quality of workmanship determines the price of the product, its durability and efficiency.

  1. Leather sacks are the most expensive to purchase, but this does not mean that the product is significantly different in use. According to experts, ear of the skin is the most significant benefit to the owner, which requires adjustment of the length of the legs when walking, to removal of physical flaws. Damping properties of leather products is weak, but the operational period with a certain quality of the product.
  2. Gel podatocite generally apply to preventive measures. Soft, subtle, they are perfect foruse in open models of women's shoes. Can be used in the presence of heel spurs and early-stage existence.
  3. Balsa wood. The most reliable devices for orthopedic use. Correct flat feet and prevent diseases of the spine. The design of the most complicated to manufacture: can be used in various form of product.
  4. Silicone podpaliny reduce pain while walking, have good shock absorbing properties which help to fight early fatigue.

Fixtures are best to purchase in places where they specialize in the implementation of such a product, it is also possible simultaneously to obtain a consultation or make an individual order.