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Indications and contraindications, the benefits and harms when using magnetic therapy

If a person decided to treat take the advantage of magnetic therapy, indications and contraindications to this method it is necessary to know thoroughly and to read them. This should help the physician who conducts the procedure. Also before application it is necessary to know what is magnetic therapy and how it differs from other procedures in its use.

magnetic therapy for the treatment of diseases

What is magnetic therapy

using this procedure, thanks to the continuous low-frequency impulse magnetic fields or the fields, is the impact on the person. Experts note that due to its influences procedure improves the permeability of membranes of human cells, thus there is acceleration of redox reactions, increasing the activity of enzymes and improves local circulation.

what is the procedure? Magnetic therapy is used in inflammatory processes, releases pain, reduces swelling in inflamed areas. When magnetic therapy reduces the activity in blood coagulation. If a person is observed violating processes in the body magnetic therapy helps to improve the recovery processes and promotes normal nutrition of tissues of the body.

The Use of this therapy and the direction are quite young, so to the end yet not studied. Therefore, before using this procedure, you must know all the indications and contraindications.

degenerative disc disease - indications for magnetic therapy

As for the use of magnetic therapy to human body, it is designed to relieve pain in the inflamed areas and relieve symptoms of the disease, which can cause. All this is done with the help of a special magnetic field.

It is Known that the magnetic field is strong enough to affect the condition and health of the person. Few know that the magnetic field is at its most human, or rather, his body. In each of the bodies magnetic field can be different.

There are two types of magnetic field: internal and external. If a person is in good condition and abnormalities in the body is seen, then these two fields are interconnected in a full equilibrium. For violation of this balance a person begins to feel ill and suffer from various ailments.

Some experts note that the deficit of the magnetic field in the human body leads to various cardiovascular diseases, which are the most common in modern times.

Rheumatoid arthritis - indications for magnetic therapy

Indications for procedures

Now magnetic therapy is being used increasingly for the treatment of various diseases and inflammatory processes that occur in the tissues of the body. This therapy is still being researched in academic institutions and laboratories, so as to be much more useful during treatment compared with many other methods.

Magnetic therapy is used in case of:

  • osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease;
  • for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, which manifests itself in mild and severe;
  • fractures, wounds and trophic ulcers that are slow to heal;
  • burns.

The Main advantage of this method is that the procedure is well tolerated by elderly people or patients with significant complications in the body. It is absolutely safe and does not cause any harm to the human body (if not to take into account contraindications).

the procedure is used in allergic reactions, which can cause painful sensations on the skin (itching and burning). When head problems or atherosclerosis, the procedure is easily tolerated and is fairly painless.

Burn - indications for magnetic therapy

If a person suffers from neurosis, insomnia and fatigue, the procedure is also recommended for the improvement of the human condition.

If people have problems with chronic form of laryngitis, or sinusitis, the procedure can also be recommended.

Under the influence of magnetic fields on the human body improves the mobility of joints and bones, a normalization of the pressure.

As it became noticeable, magnetic therapy can affect most organs in the human body, and this is a major advantage of this therapy. Magnetic therapy does not affect one specific area or one system of the body. In the treatment of magnetotherapy influences the whole human body, improving overall health.

The Procedure differs from the others by its accessibility. For example, if you compare with many magnetotherapy physiotherapy, it is one of the most accessible for all ages. And brings the same benefit as more expensive procedures.

Compression fracture of the spine - indications for magnetic therapy

In most cases, after the application of magnetic therapy, there is no side effects or any complications. It is safe for the human body, internal organ systems, bones and joints. It is believed that magnetic therapy is one of the most gentle to the human body when compared with other procedures.

It is Worth noting the specific effect of this procedure. It is noted that when exposed to a magnetic field on the human body reaction similar to the effects of the application of tonic medicines, such as those that increase the level of adaptability of the organism.

Magnetic therapy is Widely used in osteoarthritis, magnetic field effect on inflamed areas in the body. It is known that osteoarthritis is a widespread disease, which is associated with disruption of the joints. Magnetic therapy in osteoarthritis contributes to the reduction of pain and normalization of metabolic processes. Magnetic therapy in this disease greatly facilitates its course, especially if it is expressed in an acute form.

The Procedure is performed with the help of special equipment and devices, which are designed specifically for treatment of a person with the help of magnetotherapy. The effect and the benefits are noticeable after a few treatments of magnetic therapy.

Trophic ulcer - indications for magnetic therapy


As mentioned above, in addition to readings, there are contraindications to this procedure, although it brings enormous benefits to the human body.

Physical therapy should occur only after the appointment method doctor and under his careful watching.

It so Happens that the body does not perceive the influence of a magnetic field, it happens in the case if it is connected with individual intolerance to this treatment.

In the presence of suppurative infections or diseases associated with purulent secretions, should not be treated by magnetic therapy.

If a person has a bleeding tendency, this treatment should not be done. In this case complications may arise.

In the presence of various malignant tumors in the bodies of magnetic therapy should not be done.

Pregnancy is a contraindication to the magnetic therapy

This can contribute to the development of the disease.

If the patient has a serious mental disorder, magnetic therapy apply in this case is prohibited.

During pregnancy the procedure is done is also prohibited as it may affect the unborn child.

If a person is suffering from endocrine diseases (all diseases of the endocrine system), may be contraindications for use.

the application of the method in gynecology

Magnetic therapy is widely used in the field of gynecology, as it has a good effect in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages. Sometimes therapy is prescribed during exacerbations.

Mainly magnetic therapy in gynecology is used to eliminate the pain in the pelvis and to restore normal operation of the genitals. Often magnetic therapy is used to treat infertility.

If a woman treated the disease with surgery or is in a state after the abortion, it often needs treatment magnetic therapy. It aims to restore the normal functionality of organs that has surgery.

Infertility - indications for magnetic therapy

Treatment of this procedure in the field of gynecology may take the form of internal and external therapy.

There are several contraindications to the use of magnetic therapy in gynecology. For example, if the patient observed diseases associated with cancer, acute form of the disease (renal or hepatic), if there is the presence of acute purulent diseases and genital tuberculosis, there is a risk of harm to human body.

treatment of fractures

Sometimes when fractures complications can occur. For example, some bone fragments can incorrectly grow together or might occur the appearance of a false joint. At fracture the most effective treatment is magnetic therapy. As you know, when the fracture occurs a large amount of pain for the man are very strong. This is because when any severe damage or impact in the area of bone having a fracture, tissue destruction occurs.

Many experts say that magnetic therapy in this case is rather effective and great influences on bone tissue. You can use this method in case when fracture healing is a very long time. Tissue bones heal very slowly, so in some cases, a person finds it difficult to get rid of painfulsymptoms.

Sinusitis - indications for magnetic therapy

As in this case of magnetotherapy, the contraindications to its treatment cover people who have pacemakers or other implanted dosing in the body.

If the fracture occurs in a pregnant woman, it is possible to treat it using magnetic therapy is contraindicated. It can harm the unborn child.


To carry out the treatment with the therapy at home, a person needs to know the rules for the implementation of magnetic therapy, indications and contraindications and to have a strong enough magnet to influence the foci.

With the help of magnetic plates may be applied to the diseases of the nose (sinusitis), applying them to the site of inflammation.

With a magnet can treat injuries of mild to moderate severity. Need to attach the magnet to the point of impact and to massage the area of injury.

If we are talking about a serious illness, the magnetic therapy at home should be done only with the consent of the doctor.