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Structure, functions and injuries of the first cervical vertebra-Atlanta, GA

The Most important part of the cervical vertebra is considered to be Atlanta, GA, often referred to in reference books also C1. Since the main vertebra in the system, its damage may lead to serious problems.

Structure of the first vertebra

Building Atlanta, GA

the Atlas Vertebra is at the base of the neck, connecting the spine with the skull. Atlanta, GA the Structure differs from the structure of other vertebrae of the cervical spine.

The C1 Vertebra has no body, because at the stage of fetal development it is connected with the second cervical vertebra. For this reason, has a very short anterior arch and the vertebral foramen is significantly expanded. Front and rear arc are joined together by lateral masses posterior arch. On the back of Atlanta there is a pole intended for the connection with the tubercle of a cervical vertebra C2. The rear arch there is a groove from the artery and the tubercle – spinous process.

lateral mass of a first vertebra, both from below and from above, are the articular surfaces – the top and bottom. The top has an oval shape. Bonded with the occipital bone it forms the occipital joint. Round bottom surfaces form atlantoosevoy joint.

The First and the second vertebra are atlantoaxial joint. It is of great importance, as it provides the circular mobility of the patient's neck. When head rotation of the first and second vertebrae with the skull move on the axis the second vertebra (C2).

diseases of the C1 vertebra

for all its importance, the cervical spine of a person is considered to be one of the weakest areas. The pain in the neck at Atlanta, GA may occur because one of the vertebrae atlantoaxial joint is moved, whereby the second is under stress.

Injury of the cervical spine in the accident

The Damage caused by the provision of a high load.

Thus the more load, the higher the likelihood of injury to the vertebrae. Most newborns are prone to damage, however the disease can be caused and other reasons:

  • accident
  • mechanical shock,
  • too sharp of a turn of the head;
  • birth injury
  • anomalies in the development.

Injuries in preschool children occur more frequently due to a rare turning of the head: they actively learn about the world and seeing something interesting or during the game, can be excessively rotated. Violation of the C1 vertebra can happen because of too sudden release from dormancy. The main reason is the spine of the child has not had time to Mature. Therefore, this cause of injuries in adults is extremely rare.

Damage to the cervical spine often seen in children as a result of birth trauma. When you go outside, the child may slightly deviate, which may lead to violations of the vertebra.

Common anomaly is the assimilation of the first vertebra, that is, its connection with the occipital bone. This anomaly may lead to the development of cystic clefts of the cervical – myelomeningocele.

In adults the main cause of injury of the cervical spine is negligence. Often the Atlas vertebra shifts if properly executed somersault or jump into the water, as people incorrectly calculated the trajectory, and the burden fell on the neck. In some cases, for the development of the disease is quite sudden rotation or flexion of the neck.

sleep disturbance due to rupture of a vertebra C1

the Symptoms and effects of displacement

Damage to vertebra C1, characterized by symptoms:

  • swelling in the area of damage;
  • sleep disturbance
  • turn of the head accompanied by pain;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • palpation there is a feeling of discomfort.

symptom of a subluxation of the Atlas vertebra rotating type can be considered a strong pain, you have to turn your head becomes almost impossible.

To Distinguish from subluxation of the Atlas subluxation of other cervical vertebrae can temporary numbness or swelling of the tongue, difficulties in swallowing. This symptom says about the subluxation of the second or third vertebra with subluxation of C1 such symptoms do not appear.

for violation of C1, due to birth trauma, the first time have no symptoms. Subluxation of the vertebra becomes noticeable only when the child learns to sit and walk. The consequence of trauma is the violation of a child's gait, and eventually the loss of vision, worsening memory and attention. Children are very capricious, you experience fatigue and frequent headaches.

violation of the C1 vertebra due to birth trauma

Methods and ways of treating subluxation

The problems caused by the violation of the provisions of the first vertebra Atlas, dare return to the place. But self-treatment can lead to undesirable consequences likesprains and joints, so such a treatment will do more harm.

In the treatment of the patient assist in 3 ways:

  • help after the injury;
  • lumbar vertebrae
  • recovery after subluxation.

rendered Correctly after the dislocation first aid can greatly facilitate further treatment. You need to fix the neck in the correct position and put it in a splint, so that when the rotation of the head injured spine. We must act accurately, but quickly, as over time the discomfort intensifies.

To the damaged site need to apply ice or soaked in cold water cloth. Only then can you take the victim to hospital. To delay this is not necessary, as you could have a pinched surrounding tissues, which adversely affect the victim's body. To cure the effects of the subluxation becomes very difficult, often surgical intervention is necessary.

To reposition Atlanta, GA using the method of Vichuga. First the doctor determines the injury site and brings back the drug to relieve pain and relax the muscles. After relaxation of body vertebrae often return to the correct position. In the case when the vertebra are not taking the right position, the doctor returns manually. Then the patient wears the collar of a Trench to fix the damaged area.