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The rules for determining the circumference (girth or volume) of the chest

The Measurement of chest circumference for women is a periodic ritual, as the fair sex strive for beauty and perfection. When a lady gains a few extra pounds, she feels discomfort and carefully measures the volume of the hips and waist. However, there are a variety of techniques, allowing to measure parameters of the human body. A single technology does not exist. Only medicine accepted standards to measure the circumference of the chest of a patient in accordance with the unified methodology. And talk about it in the article.

definition chest circumference

Anthropometric calculations

Before you determine the circumference of the chest, we offer our readers to familiarize themselves with such calculations as anthropometric standards and performance.

Anthropometric standards are average by sex and age. From them permitted deviation in 10 see For example, anthropometric standards in athletes deviate from the norms. With the active physical training experience the following features:

  • thoracic cavity wider;
  • waist and hip can be expanded at the expense of muscle mass.

The Measurement of the circumference of the chest must take into account constitutional features of the warehouse person (astenik, normostenik, hyperstenics). If you're going to measure the circle, it should be remembered that the anterior-posterior and transverse dimension of different people in the norm is different.

Anthropometric indices take into account individual peculiarities of the person. People can be different height, so the weight must be calculated for each particular person.

When assessing the degree of obesity doctors pay attention to the national characteristics of the patient. In individuals of Caucasian nationality a broad chest and low growth. Women in most cases, a narrow thorax. Men have less developed bones of the pelvis.

Due to above characteristics to determine the circumference of the chest, it is necessary not only to measure the parameters of the body, but also to correlate them with a number of factors.

what is measurement

Measurement of breast volume is performed by a common algorithm, which is used by doctors and people controlling anthropometric indices.

How to measure volume:

  • stand up straight and bring the breathing back to normal. Separate hands. Ask the people around with measuring tape to measure the parameters of a breast, hips, waist, etc.
  • chest circumference in men of normal is in the range of 85-92 cm Measurement is the angle between the shoulder blades rear and lower edge of the nipples of the breast;
  • should first measure the distance on the inhale, and then exhale to the maximum. During normal excursions of the lungs chest volume is able to expand in size from 5 to 10 cm However, the tour depends on the body structure.

the Algorithm evaluation results

The Algorithm for estimating the chest contains the calculated values in the form of ratios and indexes. With their help it is possible to completely assess the physical development of man.

Which indexes are used for estimates of human development:

  • weight and height
  • life;
  • proportionality.

For weight-growth indices can estimate the excess or deficit of body weight. Doctors to assess the degree of obesity in patients using a simple formula: normal weight is the difference of growth minus 100.

The Proportionality index and timelines for men is in the range of 3-6. It is used to calculate the proportions of one body part against another.

The Fortress of the body is estimated by the formula: the difference between the sum of weight and height and chest circumference. This change is conducted by paediatricians in children. If the result is less than 36 – weak physique. It suggests that the child lacks physical activity.

How to determine the circumference of the chest in children

Thoracic volume in children measured in the supine position. In this case, the child should be at rest. His hands should be omitted. In other respects the algorithm is similar to that used in adults.

Measure the circumference should be between the angle of the blades behind the areola and nipple under the breast glands.

In Pediatrics, there are special tables, allowing to determine the index of the child's age.

Normal chest in children – key indicators:

  • circumference, promote the harmonious development of the child is at the level of up to 10 centiles (determined by the table);
  • if the circumference is in the range from 10 to 25 centiles of the propensity to disharmonious development. For such a child need to observe and adjust physical activity;
  • the circumference is between 75 and 90 centiles indicates the expansion of the chest;
  • severe pathology in children during the measurement of the chest is observed when the indicator is less than 3 or greater than 90 centiles.

The Above algorithm is approximate. By analogy with it there are many other diagrams.

General rules

There are certain rules, used to measure chest wall. We offer you to familiarize yourself with them:

  1. the Measurement is performed in a standing position.
  2. Girth is measured during quiet breathing.
  3. Difference in size on respiration reflects the respiratory mobility of the lungs.
  4. children must be measuring wrist circumference at the wrist joint. If it is not more than 4 cm, it is likely to atrophy or underdevelopment of the muscular system.
  5. Ideal weight by the formula of Brocca (growth minus 100) requires assessment of the peculiarities of the Constitution and nationality of the patient.

First, you need to measure volume, circumference and other anthropometric indices. Then compare them with the average tables, and delete the individual characteristics of the person.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the ideality for each.