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What are the structure and function of the lumbar vertebrae?

The Fifth lumbar vertebra is important for the functioning of the entire spine. The lumbar consists of five vertebrae. Their interconnected intervertebral discs. Disks perform absorb and provide a measured pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. To with age, this pressure is weakened.

Lumbar spineLumbar vertebrae are the largest in the entire spine, with the increase from first to fifth. This suggests that the greatest load is placed on the lower portion of the spine. The vertebrae of the lumbar spine are increased mobility, the vertebrae of the thoracic branch and the sacrum is almost not movable. Turns and movement of the torso provide vertebral-motor segments. If the muscles in your lower back is strong, it can easily be overhead.

Options lumbar

  1. First lumbar vertebra is vulnerable, in most cases it is destroyed. Doctor this place is called "critical point". The most high and a large burden falls on the first, so in case of injuries, it is irritating.
  2. Second damaged not as often as the first. It is also a very high load. Severe damage to the second vertebra may cause the destruction of the entire segment.
  3. Third – not so often damaged, because of its location. It can be hurt only if hit exactly in this area.
  4. Fourth rarely gets damaged, more often in his body are cracked.
  5. Fifth – adjacent to the sacrum and is combined with it. Only with the fall of man on the buttocks, you can see the fractures and cracks, damage to the sacrum.

a spinal Injury when fallingthe Vertebrae of the lumbar spine and the offset. In practice often shifted to the 5 vertebra, with a leg break in two vertebra. This disease is not caused by heredity, it is the result of injury (sports games), in this case, the fifth vertebra is completely fused. When shifting to the fifth vertebra, the joints cease to hold, and it slides. Several years the disease do not like about ourselves, but over the years begin pain. After thirty-five years of pain are more severe and more often.

The Vertebrae of the lumbar receives the offset under these factors:

  • injuries from falls
  • degenerative disc disease
  • operation, as a result of what happened a violation of the support function
  • broken spinal structure,
  • of an accident, falling on his back,
  • great exercise,
  • change the vertebrae associated with age,
  • congenital disease
  • stays at constant temperatures.

The Symptoms of displacement of the vertebrae. The pain of displacement of the vertebrae is not immediately, it may take several years before the pain. The longer a person does not go to the doctor, later this irrational action prevents high-quality and effective treatment.

back Pain is the displacement of the vertebraeAt offset, the vertebrae of the lumbar spine causes acute pain. It is very important, exactly where there was damaged the spine. First, it happens a fracture of a bone, and then moved the disk, this leads to a significant pain in the legs and joints, a person may begin to limp and not be able to move normally. The main symptom is severe pain in the lumbar region, which helps no pain medicine.

the Offset of the fifth vertebra

offset of the fifth vertebra, doctors are faced quite often. the Fifth vertebra and the sacral bone is the most vulnerable place in my spine. 4 vertebrae often suffer from herniation. The disc moves gradually, there are five stages.

When shifted to the fifth lumbar vertebra, alarming pain in lower back, tailbone, feet hurt, these symptoms are observed in adults.

In children sore knees and ankles.

In the initial stages of the disease, whenever the slope or in a sitting position, there is unbearable pain in the lumbar area. The second degree is characterized by chronic pain caused in the process of physical activity. In the third stage changes the posture, the pelvis sags, movements become inhibited. The fourth stage – modified walk, bent the legs around the knees, chest and stomach protrude considerably forward.

the Approximate set of exercises

At the offset vertebra 4 and vertebra 5 require special therapeutic measures are developed strictly personal exercise, consider the level of disease and age of the patient.
Uprazhdeniya for unloading of the spineto Do the exercises need lying, is allowed to stand on all fours. This fully unloads the spine and reduces the pressure in the fourth and fifth vertebra.

In the early stages of the disease classes are aimed to relax the muscles. If it is acute stage, exercise is prohibited. Prohibited lowlean it can cause pressure, removal of the discs and stretching of the muscle tissue.

To lead a normal vertebra 4 and 5, to lock the muscles of the pelvis, assign static lessons. With a slight degree of the disease can gradually add load.

All of these exercises are useful when displacement of the vertebrae of the lumbar.

At a young age is a disease, as the offset of the fifth vertebra in the lumbar spine, can be cured fully, the person becomes employable, but in the older years is very difficult, no matter how much time has passed, to completely cure this disease is impossible, in almost all cases, the patient is assigned to a disability group. The patient with this disease may be registered for three years, and sometimes more.

Surgical intervention is rarely needed, only in cases where the affected nerve endings. The doctor will remove part of the spine, which pinch nerves and spinal cord. Fragments of bone substitute implants.