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You can receive and how effective the Dipyrone for headache treatment?

No person who at least once in my life had a headache. And get rid of the pain helps pain pill, for example, Analgin headache was popular in the middle of the last century. Now there are a huge number of various pain medications, but some prefer the old fashioned way analgin. What are its advantages and disadvantages compared to the more modern medications? Pain is a natural reaction to irritants, warning us about the problems in his work. To deal with it, you need to resolve these problems. But not always it is possible quickly, or there is a problem with determining the cause of the problem. Headache may be caused by serious brain lesions such as tumor or stroke, and reaction to the lack of rest, stress or weather changes.

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And then the pain associated with a protective factor itself becomes a problem, affecting normal life. Get rid of the pain mankind has tried various ways using a vegetable substance with narcotic effect, alcohol-containing products, then the chemical substances with soporific effects, such as ether or nitrous oxide. Artificial chemical compounds that provide analgesic effects, inhibiting the passage of pain impulses along nerve fibres, but does not affect the psyche, were synthesized in the early twentieth century analgin, aspirin and paracetamol. All modern analgesics in the basis containing these substances. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In our country it is freely sold in pharmacies and still is popular due to its low cost and rapid analgesic effect.

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Can I use Aspirin for a headache, will it cause irreversible health effects?

Analgin quickly helps to relieve the pain, has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects, but is contraindicated in diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, lungs, kidneys and liver, reduced pressure and pregnancy

Aspirin is a medicine no less popular than the analgin, used for colds and other inflammatory diseases, accompanied by severe fever, but is contraindicated for people with bad coagulability of blood, with the threat of internal bleeding. Paracetamol is considered worldwide to be the most appropriate to treat the same ailments, but it helps less effective, so use higher concentrations, which is also not always secure. Currently in many countries prohibits the sale of pharmaceutical preparations containing analgin. At the end of last century, there have been medical studies that on a large statistical material have confirmed the connection of this drug with such a dangerous blood disease, agranulocytosis.

Ban of Dipyrone during pregnancy

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  1. This medicine one time use, i.e., adults may take 1-2 tablets for pain attack. The effect occurs in 20-30 minutes and lasts for several hours. If the pain after the effects came back, so you need to use a different pain medication and see a doctor to ascertain the reasons for its occurrence. To cure the disease, even catarrhal nature, use of Dipyrone is impossible.
  2. do Not use this medicine to pregnant women, mothers, nursing mothers and children under 3 years. Yes and at that age it is better to use a special children's drugs as Analgin can cause allergic reactions. If you are unable to use other medicines to reduce the pain, fever and inflammation for colds, doctors advise combining Dipyrone with Aspirin half a tablet at a time, not more than 3 times a day.
  3. More effective medications containing combinations of dipyrone with other drugs, for example, Baralgin – Analgin in combination with antispasmodics, or Pentalgin, which includes, in addition to dipyrone, caffeine, codeine and phenobarbital.

In any case, drugs to treat the disease, be it neuralgia, colds, spasms of the blood vessels caused by fluctuations in blood pressure, should choose a doctor based on tests and a thorough examination of your body condition.