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Why headache from the air conditioner?

In recent years the manufacturers of equipment for air cooling in the room complaining about what a headache from the air conditioner. And pain these are of various character: from mild to severe migraine attacks. Some consumers claim that spending the day indoors, where air conditioning is not installed, the headaches are not observed, in contrast to the days spent under the air conditioner. Could it be that my head hurts just from conditioning? In what may be the cause of this condition?

Headache because of the air conditioning

Reason # 1 – a dirty air conditioner filter

Modern air-conditioned excellent job reduction or increase in the temperature of air inside the room, its draining. The cost of such devices is relatively low. Investing a little money in the purchase of equipment, you can completely say goodbye to the sensation of heat and stuffiness in the apartment in the summer and promezhnostju in the period until Central heating is included. However, it should be remembered that air conditioners do not carry fresh air from outside. The air conditioner is designed only for cooling or heating the air, the unit simply run the same air inside the room. During this process, the filter inside the device accumulates a lot of bacteria that begin to proliferate. In businesses where the cleaning of the filters no one does, it often leads to that there is "office disease" in which the device is a source of infection.

To avoid this, you should configure the device and to regularly clean the filters. In settings you should enable to ensure a flow of clean air from the street. When the outdoor air is getting better and people get enough oxygen.

a Dirty air conditioner filter is the cause of your headaches

Cephalalgia and hypothermia

On a hot Sunny day, going into the room where the air conditioner works, many feel a sense of great relief. It becomes easier to breathe, normalizes blood pressure, is fatigue and drowsiness disappear. But no one thinks about how the body tolerates this sudden temperature drop. With a good immune system it adapts easily to the changing conditions of the external environment, but if the body is weakened?

Almost 30% people start to complain of pain in the ears, the neck and neck. Why is this happening? Most of these symptoms appear in people who regularly suffer respiratory diseases, are degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine. Head might start to hurt and because of the close location of the air conditioner, cooled air when a powerful stream is directed at the head area and back.

To avoid this, choose a spot away from the air conditioner.

Noise unit - the cause of your headaches

Make Sure that the air temperature not too different from the temperature inside the room. From time to time turn off the air conditioner and ventilate the room.

Headache and noise of the device

Some people are particularly sensitive to certain sound vibrations. Even if the noise from the air conditioner is not heard, it still exists. Sound signals act on certain areas of the brain, thereby causing a migraine. If no device you can't do, from time to time at least turn it off or go to a walk in the fresh air.

The Negative impact of air conditioning can add the outgoing noise from the computer and other devices. In order not to aggravate the situation, try to spend weekends in the countryside, where there is no roar of cars and other "benefits" of civilization. Don't forget that air conditioners are often installed in places where people are engaged in mental labor. The head can ache from fatigue.

If the headaches are of regular nature or does not go away for a long time, you should consult a doctor.