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What to do when headache after alcohol?

If the headache the next morning after the alcohol, what should I do to shift it? Why a hangover has become a common phenomenon in modern society?

the Pain in my head after the alcohol

Yes, indeed, people often genuinely believe that a small dose of alcohol will not harm them, and even to benefit from them. Relieve tension, bring the body of harmful substances that will eliminate the barrier in communication, etc. Especially if there is a reason. Such a view is common even among those who like an alcoholic is not. It is a profound mistake. Even a relatively small dose of alcohol, may attack the body, especially for unaccustomed or fragile. Yes and regulations many do not know, drinking, relying on random, often losing control after the next portion.

Often people rely on the allegedly good quality of alcoholic drinks is a mistake. Any alcoholic drink contains ethyl alcohol that can cause intoxication. According to statistics, fake in the first place, expensive alcohol, and so its quality can be questioned.

causes of headache after drinking alcohol

All because of a hangover. Doctors conventionally divided into two types.

Alcohol as a cause of headacheDifference in symptoms is small, but still there:

  1. an intoxication type. After a heavy drinking occur the next morning all signs of a hangover. These symptoms begin to manifest themselves eight hours after drinking alcohol. The symptoms of a hangover are headache, nausea and vomiting, overwhelming fatigue. Also can appear the tremor in the limbs, the perspiration and sweating. With intense sweating, the body gets rid of alcohol toxins. This feeling lasts for several hours. After a long binge, this period stretches to two or three days. The quality and quantity of the drunk alcohol also directly affects the morning.
  2. Withdrawal type. For the layman the difference is that, in the first case, alcohol will only get worse, whereas withdrawal state alcohol dose brings marked relief. Many people use this property, apoheles in the morning. This should not be done is a direct way to alcoholism. The reason for this situation lies in the protective reaction of the body when the liver begins to produce a specific enzyme that breaks down ethyl alcohol. Split if nothing, then health deteriorates.

In Addition to the standard set of symptoms, for example, after a long period of daily drinking of alcohol (in other words, binge), it is not impossible serious complications. Begins to disturbed emotional state. This is manifested in the form of causeless irritability, hysteria, aggression. Possible temporary mental disorder, loss of self-control. Is sleep disturbance, decreased appetite. Strongly affected the cardiovascular system, his blood pressure. Can walk to hallucinations, so-called delirium tremens, or, as it is affectionately called, “squirrel”. But this is an extreme case, when emergency medical assistance is necessary.

the Use of brine during a hangover

some of that state comes, when the morning dose of alcohol starts a real breakthrough. This is a serious stage of alcoholism. So people need the help of a doctor-psychiatrist. But now the conversation is not about them. How to be ordinary people, if a headache after drinking? What to do in this case?

What to do and how to treat alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Despite the fact that banal hangover certainly goes by itself, would be a good idea to help the body. first you should drink as much liquid as possible, because ethyl alcohol greatly dehydrates the body. TOOOogether with the liquid from the cells leaving healthy minerals and trace elements. The conclusion is simple: it is necessary to fill these losses. That is why it is recommended to drink plenty of mineral water, various juices and fruit drinks.

shouldn't eat sweet soda – from it to sense will not be. Of drugs ideal for those that prescribe in cases of poisoning. They not only retain in the body the necessary moisture, but also help to get rid of the toxic elements of ethyl alcohol.

the Use of mineral water during a hangover

sleep is the best cure for a hangover. If possible, it is better how to sleep. After waking up will be a little easier. To sleep with a hangover sometimes difficult, you can take some roofies, for example, Valerian drops. They might put you to sleep, agitated and nervous system will calm.

This, of course, well, when you can manage to bring myself up. But what if in the morning to work? How to recover quickly and with a normal health to work all day? The following tips and tricks will help. Completely from all symptoms they will not cure, it takes time,but the General condition much easier.

  1. during the day to drink as much liquid as possible. Good brew, brine, buttermilk, sour milk, juices, mineral water. Anything, not only alcohol, however bad it gets.
  2. you Need to eat well, even if you do not want, by force. You can enjoy a hot, oily broth. More to lean on dairy products: they actively neutralize alcohol toxins. From food the best option is oatmeal.

 Alka-Seltzer hangover

This is common advice, but what to take for surgical treatment and speedy effect?

  1. specially designed for Any of these cases remedies: Alka-Seltzer, Alka-Prim, and other antipohmelin well cope with its task.
  2. headache help ordinary painkillers: Analgin, Pentalgin, Take it.
  3. you Can have a couple of pills cetilovy acid or Aspirin.
  4. Ascorbic acid, and any product containing vitamin C, removes alcohol.
  5. If you have problems with a stomach will help activated charcoal (8 tablets), But-shpa.

Multiple shock mixes

  1. Take a large glass of cold water, add a little lemon juice and soda, there will be a reaction. Then take two aspirin, a pill shpy, 10 tablets of activated charcoal, thoroughly chew and wash down with the mixture.
  2. to Take one tablet of Capilla, Baralgina, Lasix, take, sipped a mug of hot, sweet tea.
  3. Take vitamin B6, it is normally sold in ampoules. It will help the condition and will kill the smell of alcohol.

Undoubtedly, all these recipes work, but is it worth it to bring to want to use them? If people are not abusing alcohol, the hangover he practically absent. If the morning without doping it is not complete, it is already disturbing sign. And the problem is not in the hangover, and in the fact of its existence. And even very good facilities, a person urgently need to reconsider their attitude to alcohol.

Pentalgin from headaches

Alcohol addiction comes slowly. One must admit that his hangover indicates the progress of the disease.

If a hangover occurs even if the libations, then this suggests that the body has intolerance to alcohol or an unhealthy liver. In this case it is better to refuse from alcohol. And even better – from stereotypes about it. To get away and have some fun, not necessarily to put the stuff down, and then with the morning to be treated intensively, with an easy feeling shame for the lack of self-control. And the next time to do the same. If this situation repeats itself regularly, it is worth considering whether this is not an alarming sign. Forms of alcohol a great many, they hide behind the innocent mask, always threatening to develop into something bigger.


narcologists argue that even the rare, but systematic use of any alcoholic beverages is a poor form of alcoholism. To verify this, you can try to abstain from alcohol, for example, for two years. Did not work? Why? Happened, but then again, it all went into the old rut? Again, why? Because this greatly contributes to public opinion about what a little drink can and even useful. Long been proven that alcohol negatively affect the brain. This slows down the thinking even in apparently healthy people, not alcoholics apparent.

On Friday, God himself commanded to drink? Why? A healthy person doesn't need it. It is from these stereotypes must be overcome first. Don't you agree? Why?